The Implementer!

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This week’s column. [Mark Mirko photo]


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2 thoughts on “The Implementer!

  1. peter brush

    This session, the toddler broke a few things and made a few messes (Keno, crazy budgeting).
    What? Can’t we get our hands around the toddler’s neck? Make him fly right, stay on the straight and narrow, stop being selfish and stupid?
    Ned Lamont: Budget contains even more promises and gimmicks
    The state website boasts that the Governor is cutting spending (next budget is up 5.6%); that the budget is balanced (OPM shows budget deficits as far as the eye can see), and GAAP-certified (only if GAAP stands for God Awful Political Pandering).

  2. richard

    Best story is at the Junkie. Legislate the funding of a DEP related department in one piece of legislation and then move 85% of it to the general fund in The Implementor. Just enough funding left to keep all the employees in zombie meetings conducting zombie business while waiting for the next biannual budget to fund the goods and services that are now spoken about in hushed zombie talk. Complain and personnel cuts might be next. Oops. No layoffs on Planet Z. Disembowelment yes. Layoffs, no.

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