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I’ve been needling the Malloy administration a little bit lately, but here I want to tip my hat to them. They don’t waste any time in cleaning up a mess. I think we know what the Schrag situation would have looked like in the Bad Old Days, and, if we’ve forgotten, we can read this. Rowland, as Jacklin wrote, packed his DEP and other key agencies with hacks and cronies and then weathered scandal after scandal well before the culminating conspiracy that brought him down. Malloy has inherited that government, still swarming with people whose first instinct is to stonewall and distort. Maybe I would have given Schrag a second chance, but “no second chances” is not a bad policy for governor trying to clean an engine gummed up from 16 years of sleaze.

 Broom (PSF)By Pearson Scott Foresman, via Wikimedia Commons

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11 thoughts on “The New Broom

  1. Richard

    The “Blame it on Rowland” schtick in 2012 is pretty good butt nuzzling. I grade it a B+. Were you afraid of falling out of favor?

    You can pull down a DERP org chart from off the internet and find out just how many are Rowland appointed hacks and which ones are career SEBAC screw ups.

    The charts are here:

    PURA is a new addition — the last chart. Outside of that and Energy there’s little carried over from Rowland that could be considered ‘appointee’. Gina MCCarthy and Amy Marella are gone. No, the top line screw ups are Malloy’s hand picked screw ups. Or career screw ups promoted under the union’s Peter Principle mandate. But they aren’t Rowland hand picked screw ups.

    These Jack Donaghy knock offs are all Dan Malloy’s doing.

  2. Linda Dwyer

    I was under the impression that Schrag was only there for 7 months – which means he was hired under the Malloy administration!!! Come on, Colin, give us a break.

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      You misunderstand my point. I’ll go slow this time. The Malloy Administration realized they had a bad apple. They got rid of him. In the Rowland years, the bad apples just sat there in the barrel. Got it? I’ll do it again. Malloy fired his guy because he realized his guy was a wrong guy. Rowland tended not to fire his guys, no matter what they did.

      1. Linda Dwyer

        No, Mr. McEnroe, he fired this guy because this fellow was exposed. Moreover, it is better to quickly move the spotlight from what the DEEP is attempting with their bill.

        1. Steve J.

          Yes Linda, he was exposed. Exposed as a man whose character did not fit the office he occupied. And the administration wasn’t gonna let him drag out his lies for weeks until he ‘leaves for the sake of DEEP’. Colin McEnroe made the point clearly it was a resignation (albeit forced) for a man unfit to serve.

        2. cmcenroe Post author

          But Linda did you read my link to Jacklin’s column? There was a time when exposing stuff like that meant nothing because the administration had no shame about scandal.

          1. Richard

            One question remains through all this: Is maladministration of millions more serious than scandals over bathroom vanities and snow mobiles and harassment threats?

            Is systemic incompetence worse than greed and envy?

            I did come to one conclusion over the years: the politicians who get caught and go to jail are generally stupid. Malloy’s administration has a much better handle on the opportunities for family members and spouses in local non-profits, political office, consulting, books, and public appearance fees.

            I’m pretty sure I would vet appointees using that question. “Are you a stupid b@st@rd who would get arrested over $5,000 worth of bathroom fixtures or would you explore the legal opportunities to rape and pillage while holding elective office and indeed set yourself and your family up for lucrative post-political careers”?

  3. Richard

    The DEEP storage tank clean up fund is getting much deserved flak at the Hartford Business Journal.

    Some of the appointees on the board do date back to the Rowland administration. Here’s the big but–3 members are appointed by the Majority Party Leader of the Senate, Assembly, and Speaker. The Governor appoints 2. The Minority Party appoints 3. 3 others are administrative agency appointments of existing line staff.

    Blaming what’s going on there on Rowland when the board is up for reappointment every two years is a bit disingenuous. If it gets ugly some heads will roll, someone will get blamed. Successfully blaming Rowland? Malloy’s flack won’t be able to make it stick.

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