The Noise

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7 thoughts on “The Noise

  1. Jennifer Cooper, yes: a real name.

    The noise was the audible consternation from Lehrer’s head. He knew he should have been taking control but his honorable humility and his deep respect for/ trust in the candidates silenced him. The result was a din that both candidates bloviated over. But we heard it.

  2. Richard

    I liked that Lehrer allowed the candidates plenty of space and didn’t try to frame the questions the way MSNBC talking heads suggested. Lehrer chose to make himself as small as possible instead of intrusive. It takes a mature moderator to step aside and let personal dynamics take over.

    1. Cynical Susan

      That’s a generous way of looking at it. I was listening on radio and found it confusing and frustrating to hear three adamant voices all trying to be heard.

  3. Jim

    Saw this yesterday:

    “Outside the debate last night in Colorado, two well-meaning progressive presidential candidates spoke with Amy Goodman in a mock debate format. Their points were made clearly and articulately. Jill Stein of the Green Party, as well as Mr. Independent Rocky Anderson, the former Mayor of Salt Lake City, were full of concerns (dismantle the big banks and end the wars, for starters) that need to be heard but never will as long as Jim Lehrer and the Commission on Presidential Debates conspire to exclude reasonable dissent.”

    And people proudly say we live in a Democracy…………………what a joke!

  4. Bartleby45

    In a real debate with real rules and real scoring, both candidates would have been disqualified and Lehrer dismissed. Honestly, the sportswriters on “Around the Horn” stay on topic better and when they don’t, or when they self-promote, or when they contradict a previous statement, Tony Reali has a mute button. Maybe ESPN should sponsor the next two “debates.”

  5. Jennifer Cooper, yes: a real name.

    Interesting perspectives on how a debate sould be run. And fought. And decided. Todd, c’mon. If you want to talk at the adults’ table with Richard, Cynical,and the other thoughtful commenters, put some big boy pants on and have a normal conversation.I think many of us, regardless of which candidate we favor(ed), felt that Romney did a better job at articualting his points the other night.
    I, for one, am interested in how the debate’s trajectory (out of control?) will affect future debates. Will they come down to who has greater facility with “interuptus?”

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