The rude mechanical

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Meet Eugene.

Eugene is a mentally retarded WWE character who is, unmistakably, played for laughs. In the link above, we see him strolling a stadium corner, ogling a skin mag and sporting a huge “my name is Eugene” name tag.  He walks into the women’s locker room and “hilarity” ensues. Entirely at his expense. In its latest “how dare you” letter to a Connecticut newspaper, the WWE argues that Eugene is an underdog who repeatedly triumphs.  Maybe. That does not change the fact that his mental retardation is essentially a comic device.

If a video like the one above-linked or the one below surfaced in connection with any other campaign, the candidate would have some serious ‘splainin’ to do. Somehow, because she is associated with so many hundreds of dehumanizing videos, Linda McMahon is inoculated against the shame of any one of them. The thing to remember is that, solely on the strength of a career of spewing out this boorish dross,  she claims to deserve one of this nation’s 100 Senate seats.

More Eugene:

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46 thoughts on “The rude mechanical

  1. Richard

    If Ted Mann wrote a 20-part bio essay title “The Battles oF Eugene” and Eugene ran for office then the GOP would create a level playing field and possibly retake the Governor’s office.

    Eugene wouldn’t the the first state official claiming “The doctors told my parents I was mentally retarded” and then hilarity ensues as The new Governor closes prisons to relieve overcrowding and throws prisoners on the street; eliminates the death penalty; extolls transgender rights; decriminalizes pot; legalizes Sunday alcohol sales; and proposes expanding gambling. Had he proposed legalized prostitution at Adrien’s Landing I’d say it was a first-term home run Eugene could envy. Until then we can leave the skin mag wannabe George Clooney girlfriends to Eugene,

  2. Brian Flinn

    Dear Mr. McEnroe,

    It is clear you do not understand that WWE programming, like Hollywood movies and Broadway shows, is an exciting blend of action, characters and fictional storylines of good versus evil that entertains millions every week. Your assertion that the character Eugene was “essentially a comic device” is inaccurate and lacks perspective. Rather than posting links to video footage on YouTube that takes WWE content completely out of context, a truthful portrayal of Eugene can be seen here:

    Moving forward, we would appreciate more accurate descriptions of our characters and storylines versus continuing to take sound bites, scenes and footage out of context that mischaracterizes WWE content.


    Brian Flinn
    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

    1. ap

      nothing anyone does is wrong if someone else on the other side of the political spectrum does it too. If you disagree with me, I will blame, avoid, and… and… whats the third one? oops

    2. AndersonScooper

      Dear Mr. Flinn,

      Fwiw, a lot of people think racist jokes are just a form of entertainment. So please feel free to defend your content all you want.

      This clip of Vince McMahon bullying Eugene is simply offensive, and anti-family:

      The sad fact is that Linda McMahon has made a small fortune peddling this crap to America’s children, and the media is just doing their job by making her own it.

      Looking forward to hearing from WWE’s lawyers…

      1. Landen Swain

        Dear AndersonScooper, WWE is an entertainment buisness and if you get offended by something that is said on it that dont watch it, and do you realize that Eugene has not been on WWE in years?! If you do not like it than dont watch it no one is forcing you to watch it. The McMahon’s are all people of buisness and so yes they have made a profit from it. WWE is a great organization that helps the supports the military and is a big part of the make-a-wish foundation. Like i said you dont have to watch it. Honestly, WWE at one time was a little innappriote in how they did some things but then they fixed it and is much more safer for younger eyes to see. The man who is Eugene in real life agreed to play this role and is fine with it and if the man who is playing a mentally handicapped person is fine with it than you should be to. WWE is now really “family safe” and even if it wasnt, it is parents say on whether they allow children to watch more M rated shows. I stand up for WWE i think its a great “entertainment” company and it has changed the world being just that. Its not like they are trying to promote bullying in that video it was just part of a storyline.

        1. WWEfanation#1

          Exactlyy….WWE promotes ENTERTAINMENT. It is a buisness so obviously the McMahons make a profit. I think you are ttempt to incorrectly potray WWE was a cheap, and low blow. Is that all you can say. That makes you a coward and a bully yourself. You havent even done half of what WWE has done for America’s Children.

  3. LauraC629

    I just wonder if Linda McMahon was a Democrat, if she would receive the same treatment from the liberal media and other D’s…we all know about the millions of dollars Hollywood gives to Democrats, including the president, and the sex it sells to the masses (including kids). I do not read or hear about the media criticizing Democrats for accepting money from actors playing characters in a movie, and oh my God, showed skin or even had sex on the screen. Actresses like Olivia Wilde, Susan Sarandon and Scarlett Johansson have all played characters that have done some awful and crazy things on TV as a work of fiction. We all knew at the time they were acting and there was a point to the story. Yet, no one says a word criticizing Democrats for eagerly taking their money and proudly accepting their foolish endorsements after playing sometimes raunchy, crude and sexually charged characters for the world to see.

    The bottom line is McMahon created and ran an entertainment company with “actors” that were and are all paid well to put smiles on millions of faces. The company became a successful global juggernaut that has employed thousands through the years to simply entertain audiences. Certainly not everyone likes wrestling and whether you like it or not, it has been a part of pop culture for years. Almost everyone has some sort of fun story to share regarding his or her experience with wrestling. I know I certainly remember the epic battles of Andre the Giant and Big John Stud or Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III.

    It is interesting that the media attacks McMahon on the fictional side of her business but never acknowledges the jobs she created or the businesses in CT that have worked with WWE as a result of it being headquartered here. It is also funny that they are quick to point to story line videos on You Tube but never point to the work WWE does for communities:


    Time for the media to start telling a balanced story!

      1. LauraC629

        If I recall, this lawsuit was dismissed…it is America Colin, people file lawsuits for just about anything–you should know this being a liberal and the close ties liberals have with trial lawyers. Way to give people the complete story and not point out the fact that the lawsuit was dismissed. Very typical! As far as I can tell, all of these wrestlers went into the business willingly.

        As far as shockingly low-life expectancy: do you blame Warner Brothers for young actors passing away at a young age like so many have-Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Brittany Murphy? How about the record labels for Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc? People are responsible for their own actions and the harm they do to their bodies. I choose not to drink, do drugs or smoke and others do one, two or all three–it is a personal choice and responsibility.

        1. Cynical Susan

          “do you blame Warner Brothers for young actors passing away at a young age like so many have-Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Brittany Murphy? ”

          If I’m not mistaken, none of these deaths were work-related.

          1. Shawn Ryu

            Neither were any deaths in pro wrestling. Wrestlers chose to use drugs like actors and actresses chose to use drugs. Try again

  4. peter brush

    solely on the strength of a career of spewing out this boorish dross
    Count me as a tea-bagger for Shays in August. In November it’ll be anyone but Murphy. If and when I vote for Mrs. McM it will be in spite of her “career.” How will she vote on Obamacare, entitlement reform, and tax reform? While she is associated with “boorish dross,” Murphy has voted for Obamacare, with its monstrous bureaucracy, its distortion, if not destruction, of the medical and medical insurance markets, its increases in premiums, and its unaffordable expansion of medicaid. Go to his web-site. He seems to be unaware that we have $16billion in debt, that the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years, that Obama projects $1trillion deficits as far as the eye can see. In short, not a word about what is obviously the biggest immediate issue; the country’s fiscal mess related to unaffordable government programs. Nor does Atty. Murphy have anything to say about the lawlessness of our current Executive. The WWE is not my cup of tea, but Obama/Murphy have shipped assault weapons to Mexican drug gangs, unilaterally dropped immigration law, unilaterally expanded regulation of CO2, and unilaterally dropped enforcement of welfare reform’s work requirement. Boorish dross preferable to charming despotism.

  5. peter brush

    unaware that we have $16billion
    I’m aware, but not awake. $16trillion

  6. Todd Zaino

    I like the comments from LauraC629
    A fair and balanced media would be fine
    Obama can do no wrong
    He used to smoke from a bong
    Conservative victories will be healthy good sign

  7. equality 7-2521

    To truly understand someone, just excavate their outhouse pit or rumage through their trash. Any privy archeologist knows this and we should have more of them.

  8. George

    Mr. McEnroe, could you please cite the reference for your statement, “… she claims to deserve one of this nation’s 100 Senate seats.”

    I am unaware of any public statement where Mrs. McMahon says she “deserves” a U.S. Senate seat. Thank you.

  9. Todd Zaino

    Mrs. McMahon as our senator what a treat
    Jobs instead of SNAP for the food that we eat
    Here’s my take
    Republicans never get a fair shake
    Linda’s happy, successful, and nice…so she must be beat

  10. Ken Krayeske

    To me, the question is one of taste and tact. Note that Brian Flinn does not respond directly to the clip that Colin posted – because he cannot. There is no defense for misogyny or the laughs at the expense of the developmentally disabled. And I’m not sure how Eugene asking to see mammary glands is out of context. That is WWE. One wonders how the exciting storyline of good v. evil plays out in the head of Mr. Flinn when he goes home at night. God, I’m getting paid well. Yes, but I’m defending the indefensible. Pathetic. The entire way that the rich like McMahon can force us to debate this schlock instead of real issues like restoring social mobility with medicare for all, an end to student loans and skyrocketing college tuition and jobs for all. Instead of talking issues, we are talking about fiction masquerading as reality. It sucks, really. I want medicare for all, and I want it now. But Linda doesn’t, so she’s happier to defend charges against WWE than she is having to repel common sense policies with GOP nonsense.

    1. Richard

      I have to give colin some blame here Ken.

      I think there are compelling reason to not vote for Linda McMahon.

      None of the reasons have anything to do with WWE vaudeville.

      None of them have anything to do with Chris Murphy—the real problem here.

      The post-mortem will read $100 million if Murphy loses when it should be something more insightful..

    2. WWEfanation#1

      Excuse Me, but I believe Mr.McEnroe brought the WWE. WWE is Entertainment and this politics , two very different things and should not be brought into this campaigne. Mrs.McMahon is respectable woman, on the other Mr.McEnroe is not. What does WWE have to do with Mrs.McMahon’s political possibilites. As you may know WWE does a lot when it comes to giving back. I think it was very ingonerent on your behalf to bring Eugene/WWE up if you want to go there can you say that you have a television show that has aired 1000 times…no, a television show that millions tune in weekly to see…no. It is is Mrs.McMahon that does. Stop, if you want to debate, debate on relevant things to th political aspect of Mrs.Mcmahon not the Buissness aspect of Mrs.McMahon. If this is all you can come up with you are deffinitly not fit for the job,

  11. Joe Visconti

    What Moxie WWE and Linda have. She made millions of dollars in promting violence and she wants apass? Linda knows her millions move voters through ads and content and yet her and the WWE wants us to believe the content of their/her programming didn’t move young viewers to act out from what they watched and cheered for? Nice try Linda/Vince/WWE but CT voters will reject Linda again if she gets past Shays. As for CTGOP voters you all will kill our brand in CT for a decade if you put Linda on the ballot in November!

    1. WWEfanation#1

      its called ENTERTAINMENT…..It is a choice that I along with the WWE universe make to watch every week and we are not stupid enugh to try at home…hint”DONT TRY THIS AT HOME”… WWE is a program that entertains us weekly dont have to be a coward to bring wwe into this…..I never heard of someone getting arrested and say well, I saw it on WWE these are professionally trained atheletes its not violence it is ENTERTAINMENT…!!!!!!!!!!! RETARD..!!!!!

  12. John R. McCommas

    BAD TASTE! No question about that.

    But really, so what? Aren’t you among the types who want to show 12 year old school children how to put a condom using a banana?

    What about the slutty ads that your newspaper puts on your very blog here? Are you realty one to talk? Don’t you think it is a little hypocritical of you to adopt this holier than thou attitude when your employer has ads on male enhancement? Your newspaper advertises that it can make my “little man” bigger. Should that be in a family newspaper?

    You are a Harper Valley Hypocrite Mr. McEnroe.

    And on that note:

  13. John R. McCommas

    One more thing: McMahon never said she “deserved to be in the Senate”. I think you betray your own twisted belief that this is the Democrat’s seat and that McMahon’s attempt to get elected is stealing it.

    To paraphrase the junior Senator from Mass, it is not the Democrat seat, it’s the people’s seat. Whoever fills it next will be decided at the next election like it always is.

  14. MrLogical

    Just curious: Would Colin have any objections if that paragon of civility and good parenting – Alec Baldwin – was running for mayor of NYC, or senator of NY? He’s talked of the possibility of both.

    Just asking.

  15. MrLogical

    Hey Colin, do you know how to spell hypocrite?

    It’s H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.

    An alternate spelling: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

    In blogs like yours, they can frequently be used interchangably.

  16. Spanky Lee Spanks

    Wow. Looks like a Eugene wrote this “blog”. Also looks like a bunch of Eugenes commented on this “blog”. If you think Eugene is offensive then you’re a total Eugene. Go support your lawyer politics who lie, cheat and steal their way into office. People are so worried about how Linda entertained millions and are blind to see that she made her own money, she created jobs. I really think people are afraid to allow businessmen into office because they might actually do something good and/or right. Eugene would be much better off in office rather than Malloy and Obama. Are you offended? Good! Because it offends me how some of you people and most of these politicians think you’re right.

  17. Todd Zaino


    Correct me if I am wrong…but isn’t Mr. Baldwin a citizen of Canada? I think he said if Bush won re-election that he was heading to Canada. I know that we don’t have to follow the rules since Barry Obama has been in office (see Black Panthers at election venues, see guns run down to Mexico)but don’t you have to actually live in America to run for one of its public offices? Mayor Baldwin, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? If I lived in NYC I for one would have a difficult time voting for a “man” who once called his own 12 year old daughter a “greedy pig” on his ex-wife’s answering machine. Baldwin should stick to acting.
    I enjoyed your hypocrite comment. Just last week one member of Team Obama tried (unsuccessfully) to pin a total lie on Mitt. It seems that Bain Capital has a company that actually will pick up dead babies that have been aborted. Isn’t that sweet, abortion is near and dear to most leftist Democrats, yet they wanted to make the messy business of cleaning up the abortion a pro-lifer’s problem. Thankfully it was discovered that Mitt was busy running the Salt Lake City games. This election is going to get nasty and dirty. Team Obama knows the polls don’t look good for Barry, and his economic numbers look worse. The run up to November sixth should be interesting!
    This election I am voting for the American.

  18. Mitch Mitchell

    Wait, this is a new commentary, right? Written on a character that’s been gone, what, 5 years? Not sure how long you’ve watched wrestling but I’ve been watching for over 40 years. They’ve had many types of characters come and go; heck, if you’re looking for other demented characters you could have pulled out George “The Animal” Steele or Kamala or a host of others.

    Does the WWE push boundaries? Yes they do. Is it harmless? Yes it is. In all the years with Vince McMahon I only remember one character that not only the public didn’t like, but that a TV network absolutely said they wouldn’t put the show on if this guy was going to be a part of it. I’m thinking that’s a pretty good record.

    Sorry, weak argument.

  19. Bob

    I can’t believe the basis of this current article is a character we haven’t seen on TV in years. And given that the “Mr McMahon” character is usually a “bad guy” on the show, yes, him belittling Eugene would make sense. It’s meant to invoke sympathy for Eugene. The audience is meant to sympathize with him and support him. Which, by the way, they did. You sir, missed the point entirely, if you don’t see that Eugene was portrayed a “hero”, a “good guy” and the fans enjoyed him. Your reaction to the character is offensive since you clearly can’t see how a character like that could possibly be the hero.

    Please stick to what you know and try not to comment on WWE programming. You look foolish. Writing about a character that has not been on TV in years is like ranting about a plot on the TV show Friends. It just makes absolutely no sense.

  20. sophie

    well for starters if you dont know wwe as well as the fans stop making up fake accusations so we will never back down STAND UP FOR WWE!!

  21. EJ

    I happen to know both handcap and none handcap people who see Eugene as a hero who stand up for handcap people.

  22. Mike Polivka

    This is just another politcal crock of b.s. put fourth by another political nutcase. I support the WWE and freedom to do any type of script you want without political crooks like COLIN MCENROE telling them what to do. WWE is entertainment, and if you want to do something boring look at what these lame-os in Washington and politics are preaching. Who knows, maybe LINDA MCMAHON will give U.S. POLITICS the KICK IN THE ASS it DESERVES!

  23. Joseph ReinA

    This writer of course hates WWE because he is mad that WWE has more viewers then his blogs Colin you are a complete moron WWE is like a mens soap opera it potrays exactly what women soap opera does on T.V there is a soap opera on T.v that an actor plays a mentally challenged person its for actin the same goes with WWE Colin SHUT UP and get a real life and start writing about what really matters like how our Government is screwing up this country Good luck good by


    My name is Amanda Thomas and I am 25 going on 26 in October. I find your so-called ‘article” rude and unrelated to anything that Linda McMahon does. I have been watching WWE since I was 3 years old and I have been a HUGE fan. You fail to even recognise the good things they have done outside of the ring such as BAStar or even their work with the millitary wounded soldiers and veterans. Instead of belittleing Linda how about you write an article on things that ACTUALLY matters for once?

  25. Todd Zaino

    Amanda, Linda could donate her entire fortune to charity and the Courant, and most of the readers here would cynically state…she’s only looking for a tax shelter. Linda McMahon will never get a fair from the Courant.

  26. mike

    your an idiot it’s 2012 not 1999ish! it’s the same as forest gump

    which party are you with that you attack the WWE eh

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