The train f—ing crashed.

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So how do we feel about the Rampage Skater Bros?

Are they the modern equivalent of, say, some of the great wartime photographers who documented — without involving themselves — scenes of mayhem?

Or are they oddly detached, profanity-spewing punks who didn’t help anyone?

Or something else?

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5 thoughts on “The train f—ing crashed.

  1. Mark O'Brien

    Since they entitled their footage RAW, I assume they’re affiliated with WWE and Monday Night RAW. In their next post, Vince McMahon and Big Show will be tossing rail cars at each other, right before John Cena defeats 14 dudes for whatever title they’ve invented next.

  2. John R. McCommas

    Why do you call them punks? Did they hurt anyone? Did they refuse helping someone who asked for it?

  3. Bill Yo

    Colin, can I use the word “fuck” in my comments? As I watched the digital stream, I wondered about the origins of this word, “fuck.” Is it 20th century or does it go further back? I thought ‘yo” was no longer used but hey yo, I’m good.

    The kids almost reminded me of an old story from kidhood that we came to laugh at. A friend, John, was watching a friend of his struggle to survive in a river and John refused to jump in to save him because he didn’t want to get the money in his pocket wet. No one drowned that day but the story sure got a lot of laughs. John was a singer in a rock & roll band but he had an acute stuttering problem in which he sometimes contorted his face when he spoke or tried to speak. Unless he sang or chatted with the girls. It always beat the fuck out of me why, but he lives, yo.

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