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MONDAY: WHO’S AFRAID OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN? To some of you, they’re a lot of fun. The music is pretty, the lyrics are funny, and you don’t have to think about any of it too much. To others of you, it’s inscrutable. What is all that Yeoman and Pinafore and Mikado  stuff about?  To a smaller group of music cognoscenti, they’re an actual  irritant: silly words set to the music of a “bad” composer.  Other music scholars think Sullivan came within a hair’s breadth of being “the English Mozart” or at least the nation’s greatest musical talent since Purcell.  So, for the untutored, G&S 101. For the fans, a discussion of what makes this music great or not great. Featured: The G&S version of “Baby Got Back.”

TUESDAY: A Streetcar Named Sookie – He’s a hunky werewolf who roars for Stella. She’s a southern belle looking to forget her past. He’s a radio host, radiating bare-chested masculinity. Colin McEnroe heads down to The Study in New Haven for a live conversation with René Augesen and Joe Manganiello of HBO’s True Blood. The pair star in the Yale Rep’s staging of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire (running Sept. 20 through Oct. 12). Join us for this live show!

WEDNESDAY: All God’s Chillun Got Racebaiting! Eric Deggans is the new TV critic for NPR, and his book is “Race-Baiter, How The Media Wields Dangerous Words To Divide A Nation.”

Deganns will join us in studio as part of our new autumn series: “People who, if their plane flights are even a little bit late, will screw up our show.”

THURSDAY: Infinity On A Hot Tin Truth – Infinity is an idea that has baffled mathematicians for thousands of years. It’s neither odd nor even. Heck, it’s not even a number. Infinity is a symbol used to explain concepts we can’t fully explain – sequences that don’t end, or massive gravitational forces tearing apart the fabric of space and time. We’ll explore the concept of that which never ends with mathematician Steve Strogatz and astrophysicist Ron Mallett.
FRIDAY: The Nose Tattoo. Actually, Colin is having a tooth pulled on this day. So the Nose, as we knows it, will not happen. Something else will.

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One thought on “The Week Ahead on the CMS

  1. Richard

    Deggans was quick to point out the linguistic and psychological tools of Rush Limbaugh and his bastard child Fox News and not nearly as insightful when speaking of the Internet and its mongrel pups — Huffpo, the blogosphere, and MSNBC.

    2006 was a tipping point. The use of the war dead here in CT as media props at Democratic anti-war rallies sponsored by SEIU took the cake for bad taste. Maddow started hosting Countdown and the words Islamaphobia and homophobia entered the mainstream media. By 2007 Hartford’s United Church of Christ general synod and Conference was under IRS investigation for doubling as an Obama campaign rally complete with campaign speech from the future President. Such complaints were labeled racist in nature as was supporting Hillary Clinton or the GOP.

    And today? Only racists point out that the war on poverty in CT was lost by the Democrats. Toni Harp is the pride of CTs Black community. A slumlord and the state’s leading tax scofflaw and soon to be New Haven’s next Mayor. Ask Toni how State General Assistance decreased during her tenure and she will reply “I can’t make money off of SAGA cash. Housing programs that go straight to the landlord? That’s the ticket. And I support eliminating the property tax too! Then I won’t pay any taxes!”

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