There are so few cool pictures ever taken of me

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This is Myself and my three Forum panelists last Saturday.  (John Hodgman, Baratunde Thurston and Carrie Brownstein.) Baratunde calls it our Reservoir Dogs walk. Here’s his vine-laden account.forumwalk

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15 thoughts on “There are so few cool pictures ever taken of me

  1. Todd Zaino

    In the end the truth will be told
    Not to be presumptuous or overly bold
    I won’t be snide
    Camera caught your good side
    In this photo you don’t look so old

    1. Patrice Fitzgerald

      It’s charming when Todd is so nice!
      (But don’t be expecting it twice.)
      He used his best rhyme
      To flatter, this time,
      Thus one kindly post will suffice.

      Well done, Todd.

      And Colin… very hipster.

      1. Bill

        Oh, what the hell, I’ll have to admit;
        That Todd does sometimes save face with his wit.
        Now Colin, I am truly so sorry to say,
        I didn’t see the show cause I didn’t want to pay.
        My loss, I know, so what more can I say.
        The stingy within me pervaded that day.

    1. Bill

      You know Richard, I too thought “hot” after seeing her picture on the cover of the Hartford Advocate.

  2. peter brush

    But, the woman’s skirt/dress was much too short for her sitting-down-upon-stool purposes.

    I’m still thinking of your WASP show last week, and also about the UCONN logo imbroglio. I’ve never thought it spoke well of the Nutmeg State to use the logo involving a play on the name of an Alaskan dog. It would be an honor to the late ethnic group that actually founded the State if we were to have Government University sports semi-pros called the WASPs.
    But, WASP, where is your sting? One of the characteristics, perhaps the key one, is that the WASP is deliberately passive, guilt-ridden, if not self-loathing. WASP, turn your other cheek, and judge not so you won’t get judged. It has to do with the P more than the AS, but now these guys are post-Protestant whose Relativism is Marching On.
    “The only condition is that I do it in memory of my mother who taught Sunday School at the Mt. Carmel Congregational Church for forty years and taught me to love thine enemy,” Paul Douglas Keane wrote on his blog, The Anti-Yale. “I own the plot. No one can refuse me access.”

  3. Todd Zaino

    Richard, shame on you for objectifying women, then you added insult to injury by going so non-PC and turned it racial!

    70’s porn stars and cops nationwide are checking out John Hodgman’s moustache with green-eyed envy.

    1. peter brush

      Who cares what Brownstein was wearing?
      Never heard of Ms. Brownstein. Still, when I have to witness someone’s wardrobe malfunction, intentional or accidental, I’m uncomfortable.
      No doubt showing my chrono-challenged disability, but I prefer Exene Cervenka with the guitar of Billy Zoom. Best to Atty. G. if you see her.

  4. btw

    I’m no English major, but I count three errors in that first sentence, Colin. That is difficult to overlook.

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      “This is I”? You would really have me write that sentence? Nutmegger please!
      I’m writing from Dublin. So I feel entitled to use the Celtic “Myself.”

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