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MONDAY: Special Veteran’s Day Programming, courtesy of Hearing Voices: “Vet Vox”

Vietnam, Korean, and World War Two vets, recorded by StoryCorps, along with a Marine Sergeant’s recent “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” discharge. And we hear plug into the iPods of active-duty troops in Iraq, asking them what they’re listening to, and what their lives are like.

TUESDAY:  In keeping with our new practice, we will base the first show of the week on things that arise unexpectedly.

Here are some things we are considering:

The “60 Minutes” apology.

The universality of “huh?”

The possibility that chess has, once again, become a little bit sexy.The Chess Game - Sofonisba Anguissola

The Marissa Alexander case.

The certainty that Twitter is a literary form.

WEDNESDAY: Pigeons.  James Thurber wrote:

You could dress up a pigeon in a tiny suit of evening clothes and put a tiny silk hat on his head and a tiny gold-headed cane under his wing and send him walking into my room at night. It would make no impression on me. I would not shout, “Good god almighty, the birds are in charge!”

Well maybe.  But what if that pigeon were taking performance enhancing drugs? The fact that pigeon racing has been infected with Lance Armstrong style doping is just one aspect of pigeons we mean to probe.

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THURSDAY: Paul Bloom – Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil

While we may think babies are a clean slate we can mold to our liking, we might be wrong.

 Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology at Yale, tells us that babies are born with morality, a sense of right and wrong, that allows them to recognize people who are mean to others and feel compassion for those they hurt…when they’re but a couple of months old.

But, culture can overshadow our earliest biological drives to be moral, sometimes for the worse, breeding bias, prejudice, and hostility. Bloom says that it is only through rational thought that “we can transcend the primitive sense of morality we were born with, becoming more than just babies.”


FRIDAY: The Nose!
Each week, we look back at what happened in our lives locally and around the world, at the things that made us stop and ponder. A hand-picked panel of big thinkers gather ‘round and take your phone calls as we make sense of it all.

Young woman with a pen in the nose

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