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Monday: The Scramble

Alex Beam is a columnist for the Boston Globe and the author of a soon to be published book on Joseph Smith.  He and Colin will cover a range of topics, including the way Mormons react to “The Book of Mormon,” now playing in Hartford.

Joseph Smith, Jr. (1843 photograph)

Eugene Fidell, who teaches military law at Yale Law School, explains the Navy’s Law Enforcement Information Exchange, or LinX, a national information-sharing hub for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, and why he considers it “domestic spying.” We don’t yet know what else we’ll talk about, including our special guest, but we’ll let you know by Monday at 1.


Tuesday: Hearing Voices

The phenomenon of hearing voices no one else can hear can be confusing and painful to those who experience them. While the experience is considered a religious or cultural experience for some, for others, it presents challenges to living a functional life without medication. Tonight at Real Art Ways, The Connecticut Hearing Voices Network join the International Hearing Voices Network, to better understand how to live hearing voices. We’ll talk to the UK’s Peter Bullimore, international speaker and “hearer.”


Wednesday: Secrets in the Sea

The calmness of the sea on a warm summer day betrays the harsh environment that lurks beneath. Extremes of temperature, pollution, and plastic, are altering life in the sea beyond easy repair. Rose George, author of “Ninety Percent of Everything,” explores the detrimental effect of shipping nearly everything we consume through the world’s vast oceans. And, Steve Palumbi looks at the adaptations sea creatures trying to survive the harsh environment of the sea, much of it man-made. And, do you know about the North Pacific Gyre? We’ll tell you about it.


Thursday: Cartooning at the New Yorker…and not.
Robert Mankoff has been the cartoon editor of The New Yorker since 1997. Hundreds of his cartoons have been published, including the best-selling New Yorker cartoon of all time. He’s out with a new book, “How About Never – Is Never Good For You? My Life In Cartoons”, and we’ll chat with him about how creating comedy for the New Yorker is unlike any other platform. We’ll also hear from Liza Donnelly about how she creates her comics, and what it’s like working for the New Yorker and other publications.

We’ll also talk to some of the people who submit cartoons to Mankoff and haven’t ever been accepted.


grand-budapest-hotel-trailerFriday: The Nose. Field trip to the Grand Hotel Budapest! Colin is a weak-kneed Wes Anderson freak. He and comedian Carolyn Paine and film exhibitor James Hanley and chronically grumpy novelist/filmmaker Gorman Bechard, who is kind of a lock to hate this movie, will discuss Anderson’s new release…and other topics.

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