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Monday: The Scramble

We bring you the latest head-turning, maybe chin-scratching, but hopefully interesting news from this weekend. But first, superguest David Daley, editor-in-chief of will talk with Colin about what’s on his mind.  One way or another, we’ll look at the Donald Sterling controversy. And maybe the double-barreled canonizations.  How about the redrawing of Connecticut’s Munson-Gibson line?


Tuesday: Apitherapy

There are a lot of people who will tell you that Bee Venom helps their arthritis, or allergies, or gout, or their symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. And, bees aren’t in demand solely for their venom. They also produce local honey, pollen, royal jelly, bee bread, (that’s right, I said bee bread) and beeswax. And, honey bees work hard all year supplying the “Bee Triangle” during the warm months of summer in Connecticut, and during winters in California and Florida, where they pollinate orange groves, saw palmetto palms, gallberry plants (that’s right, I said gallberry plants) and more. So, today we learn just what our hardworking bees are up to–where they work, what they produce, how they cure our ills, and how much they help support our local economy.

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Wednesday:  “Have We Lost Track of What a Villain Is?” Imagine that Richard III was not a play but a TV series, where every week he bumped off a few more people who stood in his way. Thats pretty much what “House of Cards,” the popular Netflix series is. The “anti-hero” of the Sixties has been replaced by the “anti-villain.” Tony Soprano, Dexter, Walter White, Al Swearingen. Men who kill without remorse but also invite us to identify with them. On “Justified,” Boyd Crowther, the neo-Nazi drug runner superbly played by Walton Goggins, oozes such charm and appeal that he’s almost driving the hero of the series to its margins. And vampires? They’re boyfriends and exotic pets — not the monster Bram Stoker imagined. What’s going on here? Some of it may spring from a common loathing of The System, an establishment so toxic and corroded that it almost deserves to be exploited by Frank Underwood. Maybe another factor is Phillip Rieff’s “Triumph of the Therapeutic.” What is Darth Vader but a psychologically bruised Anakin Skywalker? But you have to wonder what happens when we lose the stark moral language of Dickens. Ralph Nickleby and Wackford Squeers are villains, which is why it is important to be good. Is it important to be good now, or just a little bit better than Tony Soprano?


Thursday: Connecting to the Internet at the Speed of Light

In 2011, Chattanooga, TN installed a fiber-optic network allowing internet connections at (almost)  the speed of light. It takes a Chattanoogan 33 seconds to download a two-hour, high-definition movie that takes 25 minutes to download in Connecticut. Fiber-optic networks offer the fastest internet connections that some say are desperately needed for America’s long-term economic stability. You might think business and people are flocking to be the next “Gig City” but… not so fast. We look at why and whether Connecticut should be the next Chattanooga?


Friday: The Nose

Join the week’s culture panelists as they thrash out the latest news you want to hear about, or at least what we want to tell you about.

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