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About Linda and the general plight of Republican Senate candidates in CT.

In a show intro last week I said: Elections are the last remaining true mass market.

If you get 43 percent of toothpaste users to use a certain brand — to love it above all others — to buy it even when the competition is on sale — you are the King of Toothpaste. You have achieved what no other person could.
If you get 43 percent of TV watchers to pick your program — well, nobody ever does that. It’s too hard. If you got 43 percent of all pay per view customers in a given week to choose your — just as an example — Wrestlemania program, you would have pulled off an incredible coup.
But if you get 43 percent of the vote, you’re a big loser.
And in a way, that explains what happened to Linda McMahon. People who liked her really loved her. She became a celebrity in a way that few politicians can. But it doesn’t matter much at 43 percent.
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26 thoughts on “This week’s column

  1. Bill

    If Linda were to get down on all fours in a ring while scantly clad, and wrestle a lizard, I would add to that 43percent.

  2. Artie A...

    Bill in being kind I assume you have a passion for lizards? Linda’s days of scantly clad are long gone.

    Ok beauty is in the eye of and I am sure she will be back in the ring soon. This to go Springeresque on a younger group of employees.

    She has to you see the last group of jobs she created were done on the 6Th. Funny not many politicians have to give volunteers lay off slips……

  3. John R. McCommas

    Mr. McEnroe, Bill with no last name and Artie also with no last name:

    I wonder, has anyone ever accused you guys of ever being a gentleman?

    You won. Enough already.

    Why are you so bitter? We had an election. Are you unhappy that we had a choice between a Real Republican and a Democrat instead of between a Democrat with a D after his name and a Democrat with an R after his name? Is that your idea of a choice?

  4. Willy Sutton

    John R McCommors, You seem to be upset. Do I have a correct assessment of you? I only suggested that Linda McMahan return to practice what she knows best. In slime- and working in her slime pit.

    And I would gladly contribute to her income by taking a ticket.

    Also, some folks don’t have last names. To wit; the Dali Lama.

  5. Voter

    Colin, serious question: what is it about Chris Murphy that makes you think he *isn’t* a “ridiculous politician”? He has done literally nothing good for Connecticut since he began his foray into politics. Take a look at our job growth, both when he was in the General Assembly and in his last six disastrous years in Washington.

    If he had any good ideas for growing jobs, don’t you think he would have offered them by now?

    It’s OK to fire the manager every once in a while when the team isn’t performing. We’re still waiting for Team Murphy to deliver something other than taxes and unemployment.

    1. Bill


      What makes you think that one person can wave a magic wand and suddenly erase unemployment problems.

      Altering the trend of unemployment is at best a guess, a hope and a prayer. But when a person does run for office, he must talk solutions even if there are no obvious solutions. This is the nature of politics.

      It seems that conservative republicans have figured out how to maximize corporate profits by off shoring as many jobs as possible.

      If someone has an issue of chronic unemployment, instead of complaining and feeling hopeless, I suggest starting a business no matter how small or humble the service that is offered.

      Self-employment is and has always been the backbone of this country. But chronic complaining seems to be a close 2nd form of industry to the lazy and dull witted.

      1. Susan Forbes Hansen

        “… I suggest starting a business no matter how small or humble the service that is offered.”

        Of course it must be a service that is wanted or needed, and one must find a locale where the populace not only wants it, but can afford it no matter how humble. And then of course there are predictable and unpredictable expenses that one might not be able to cover if one is previously unemployed. Not everyone’s capable of being an entrepreneur, and that doesn’t necessarily equate to laziness or dull-wittedness.

      2. Voter

        I am not saying that Murphy should wave a magic wand. I am saying that every time he waves his wands (which entirely lack magic), Connecticut suffers. Since many of his supporters (and Murphy himself) stressed his “record” on jobs, where is it? Where are these solutions?

        If you don’t think Chris Murphy can affect unemployment in Connecticut, then why did you vote for him? I can count dozens of things that he did in Hartford and in Washington to affect unemployment (and not in a good way).

        Despite not having added a single job in 20 years (in most of which Murphy played a leading role in our government), Connecticut elected Murphy to six years in the Senate and deserves all that it is about to get.

        1. Bill

          Voter, you missed my point. Anyone running for office will throw the kitchen sink along with all good things to do and if he or she doesn’t, they will not win. Don’ complain about the absence of truth during a campaign. It goes with the territory. They all say the same thing. Be a grown up and understand that this is the way a campaign works. You are welcome to deny it. But this is the way it works. I don’t vote based on what my candidate says. I support according to ideology and hope that a modicum of honesty exists in the candidate.

  6. equality 7-2521

    I feel & have expressed the fact previously, that the far right has looked in the mirror and observed their own warts then loudly accuse their opponents for having these flaws instead, in such a persistant manor that those who never bothered to look, begin to believe these lies.
    The left will admit to its own weaknesses in order to correct them even though they may not be the same of which they are being accused of.
    Two paths, one which strengthens us by recognizing what we are and strives to to improve upon it or living in comfortable denial.
    I think this election season has seen Toto, pulling the conservative curtain back much further.

  7. peter brush

    Obama’s economic and military moves have been asinine. Yet the country still falls in love with him and his leading from the posterior
    Therefor, untrue to blame Romney. Not only do we have a Bottom for Prez, we have an electorate that’s an ass.

    1. equality 7-2521

      Let’s be consistant.
      So if the electorate is an ass than you agree with me when it came to electing the second worse prez Ronald and the absolute worst, GW.
      Thank you.

  8. David Fay

    I was very proud to be a citizen of the great State of Connecticut this misty morning as I sat and peered through the foggy windows of the long-term parking lot shuttle bus at Bradley Airport. My eye was captured by a young man running from his hastily parked car through the drizzling rain in his white shirt, dark tie and trousers. His suit coat was clutched to his chest while he dragged his roller bag faithfully behind him toward the waiting bus. Everyone was rooting for him to make it out of the rain and into the relative safety of the shuttle so we could be on our way. He arrived a bit disheveled, but smiling – grateful to have made it in one piece. He quickly put his bag on the rack and took the open seat next to me. It was then I realized the young man was none other than our newly minted, United States Senator- Elect Chris Murphy! And I was not the only one on the bus to realize the delightful irony of what this fine young man had been through over the past many months as he sat quietly amongst us “regular Joes” for the ride to the terminal! I broke the silence by congratulating him on his victory and asking him where he was headed. He was on his way to D.C. for orientation meetings. Here was our very own “Mr. Smith” going to Washington, to prepare to take his seat in the U. S. Senate – no limo, no entourage, no private plane to D.C. – just a regular guy dodging the rain drops and puddles to catch the shuttle bus on his way to represent me in the U.S. Senate. Fifteen minutes later we wound up in the same line, stripping off shoes and belts and separating toiletries from our carry-on bags, as we shared the same equalizing indignities of the airport security protocols – no Fast Track – no special treatment. How many times have I gone through this routine from parking lot to bus to terminal to final destination only to turn around a few days later and retrace my steps, as Chris would do later this week, to grab another shuttle bus back to a humble, self-parked car, to make the lonely drive home? I’m not sure what part of the 99% I claim as my own, but if there was any doubt that Chris Murphy is “one of us”, a regular guy who faces the everyday challenges of life just like the vast majority of us, it evaporated in the mists of an overcast morning as I had the privilege of sharing an airport shuttle ride with my soon-to-be United States Senator! Thanks for toughing it out, Chris! I’m proud to have you in Washington! And thanks for riding the bus to get there!

  9. peter brush

    Let’s be consistant.
    Knot a consistancy problem here, Equality. I am much more skeptical of democracy than is the present Americano, and skeptical of, if not hostile to,the principle upon which expansion of democratic procedures has been based; that would be EQUALITY. It’s not just the distortion of the character of our officials caused by the electoral process, its the egalitarian destruction of the Constitution and the idiotic expansion of government “services” provided to the electorate (until it runs out of other peoples’ money).

  10. equality 7-2521

    Democracy, equality all folk created equal — if you have 1% of a group sitting on the ground while the other end of the seasaw is rendered helpless even though the 1% has gained its additional fat from the airbourne group it is good that there is a way of transfering it back to the new lean.
    Yes the electorate can and has been fooled in the past but when we’ve reached the extremes that we have through greedy deception, it is not fair to have those who have provided wealth to the few eat shit while the vampires ignore their moral responsibility.
    Democracy is a tool by which we can regain the balance between excesses of the military industrial complex and honest folk. Sometimes it takes a bit to regain it and the casualties are many.
    Government must belay the excesses of those who have taken advantage of and provide a net for the working class.
    I’ve found that most Americans want to work hard and take pride in their accomplishments when allowed to. Yet there are a lazy folk sitting on the ground shaking the teeter board so more change can roll down from above.
    The current system is not an erosion of the constitution but indeed, a reaffirmation of it’s value to all.

  11. peter brush

    The current system is not an erosion of the constitution…
    “Equality” nowhere mentioned in the Constitution (until the Republicans gave us a “new birth of freedom”).

    The current system is un-affordable, unsustainable, and not within the powers delegated by the Constitution to the feds, and to that extent unconstitutional. John Roberts can shove it up his Ivy League ass.

    1. equality 7-2521

      Yes the republicans have given the very small minority freedom to abuse their fellow man for fun and profit yet if they are not responsible citizens, government must do all in its power to protect those who have been taken advantage of.
      Since many of our wars have been fought to protect the interests of the wealthy, perhaps we should refuse to serve in the future.

  12. peter brush

    the republicans have given the very small minority freedom to abuse their fellow man for fun and profit
    But, wait Equality… the Republican Party was the progressive, centralizing party that fundamentally transformed the U.S.A. by virtue of dragging the South back into the Union, ending slavery across the land, injecting an egalitarian principle into the Constitution, expanding the franchise.

    Many years ago I bought a “Constitutional History of the United States” by a professor at U. Chicago named McLaughlin. The thing dates to 1935, and appears to have been used in high schools.
    In discussing the 14th/15th amendments and attendant post -war civil rights statutes the professor has the following to say; “The fourteenth amendment and the ‘fundamental conditions’ prescribed at the time of the readmission of the states were not enough to satisfy Congress; the southern whites, determined not to be ruled — if ruling it might be called — by the ignorant blacks and carpetbaggers, might find a way to avoid the conditions and spurn the imposed restrictions. Moreover, suffrage reform was in the air. Woman suffrage was discussed with a new intensity. Some zealots were anxious to go much further; there seemed, indeed, to be a belief occupying otherwise vacant space in many minds that the earth could be purified and regenerated, if only enough people were allowed to vote; if ignorant freedmen just relieved from bondage could be transformed into competent citizens, why was it not wise to bestow the blessings of the ballot upon everyone? [3] Even at the north there was difference of opinion on the advisability of granting negro suffrage. Some of the states had refused or neglected to alter their constitutional provisions; but Congress decided to act. A constitutional amendment, the fifteenth, was passed (February, 1869) and submitted to the states: “1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
    [3] The extent to which some enthusiasts were prepared to go is illustrated by an amendment championed by James Brooks of New York in 1869: “The right of any person of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of his or her race, sex, nativity, or age when over twelve years [!], color or previous condition of slavery….” Ibid., pp. 237-238.”

    Obviously, Professor Mclaughlin’s anti-democratic opinion would today cost him tenure, and if he were to couch his opinion in such offensive language he’d need an attorney.

    1. equality 7-2521

      I have no problem with the history lesson yet it dosen’t invalidate anything I said about the state of the party today. I liked Ike, voted for Gerald and HW whom I thought could undo the stupidity of Ronald but Ronnie really messed things up for HW as GW did for Obama.
      We are living today and I have respect for those who have contributed in the past but what oftentimes happens is succeeding generations no longer have the same challenges of the previous and are oftentimes ill equiped to face up to the new ones.
      FYI: I know conservatives need labels to hang on folks and if you want to call me a liberal thats ok but if you are familiar with my name, you’d realize I am a Randian Liberal. Its not a contradiction, as some folk will pick out piecies of a philosophy they like and ignore the rest. Kinda like religion today. I feel she had much more to offer than the one poorly written book is often quoted from. She is but one thought among many other legitimate ones in the library.

  13. peter brush

    I am a Randian Liberal…
    Whatever. I’m not as keen on labels as you imagine.
    All I’m suggesting is that a.)we have too much democracy, and b.we have too little regard for the Constituion’s limits on the powers of all three branches of the federal government. The electorate has a gargantuan appetite for world-fixing, and the pols ever since 1932 have been happy to feed it. When we had Obmacare bestowed upon us, the Dems were surprised that there was even a constitutional question.

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