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DeStefano’s end.

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One thought on “This week’s column

  1. Richard

    Destefano is stepping down at the right time. The Mayor fought the last 20-year war from the 1992 recession through the 90s Dotcom Boom and naughts Real Estate Bubble to the depths of the recent recession.

    In 1992 a generation was being told they would grow up less affluent than their father’s generation and they were labeled slackers with no purpose and no future. Culture heroes Kurt Cobain and Tupac Shakur would rise, fall and lie dead 3 years later.

    No one predicted the rise of the internet and personal computer and mobile revolution. No one predicted that mortgage rates would tumble from 8.75% to 5% and that 3% down would replace the standard 20% down.

    Someone younger and more vibrant needs to fight the next generation’s war. The warnings issued in 1992 are looking prescient again with China creating thrice the trouble for the US jobs economy that Japan ever did. With Ernie Newtown out of the way who will lead New Haven backwards?

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