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As I pointed out on our show Friday, we have the same Connecticut mass transit system that Don Draper — and more specifically, Peter Campbell — uses on “Mad Men,” which is set in the Sixties. If we want to fix that, we have to prove to the feds that we can build rapid transit and make it work, which is the point of my column.

The Parkville Scootie stop










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3 thoughts on “Today’s column

  1. HC Here

    I have used mass transit all over the world also. No trip to the UK is complete without a breakdown from Dorking to London, or a delay at Paddington Station of 30 or 40 minutes for “repairs”. In France, I have been treated to many stations without elevators or escalators, and four flights of stairs gets tiring after the second or third leg of a trip. Japan’s high speed rail is the same problem – a real workout on the knees. I will give credit to Sweden and Germany. The only problem there is the high per-trip cost.

    Stopping 11 times over 9.4 miles is not exactly an express. It is like riding the local train from New Haven to Greenwich.

    On the positive side, I do like your name, Scootie, better. People will knock anything, however. I was at a recent WWE show where the fans booed the stars of the recent “Three Stooges” movie as they were doing the old routines. You have also seen football crowds boo Santa Claus.

    I hope they make these busses more colorful than that bland gray and blue motif used for CT Transit.

  2. peter brush

    I like mass transit. This particular scheme is especially useless, pointless, yet expensive. Gone are the days when useless, etc., was ok, we could go along with the joke, war on poverty, man on the moon, adrien’s bleeping landing; we’re broke, no dinero, cupboards bare. Stop the madness.

  3. peter brush

    But they also emphasized that one point is beyond debate: The busway is coming through.”The design is set in stone,” said Dave Ferraro, a state transportation department design engineer. “It’s too late [for major changes].”
    Few want it, and fewer want to pay for it, but for reasons beyond my capacity to understand our Goofy Governor insisted. It’s worse than stupid, it’s willing blindness to the fact that most of what government does it does poorly (e.g., government schools)and to the fact that Connecticut spends too much and already has massive debt/unfunded liabilities. It would be nice if we were to open our eyes, take a look at what Walker,Christie,Jindal have done, but the electorate here is willingly blind as well. The poop will apparently have to hit the fan before we think about ways to reduce the burden of State government.
    This week we have Carstensen PhD reminding us that we are running out of young people and workers to support all the folks dependent on government servicing (and administration of the busway). Answer to the problem according to the Doc? More government “job creation” like Jackson Labs hand-out (and the busway). He’s aware that Connecticut “has the worst jobs record in the nation over the past 25 years” but seems unaware that it may have something to do with over-spending by government, even as he advocates tax credits for business. He asks, ” Are Democrats are so viscerally anti-business (and anti-big-business in particular) that they can’t bring themselves to consider seriously such a policy?”
    That would be an affirmative, Doctor. And, they dislike wealthy individuals almost as much. But, they are smarter than the rest, particularly than those in fly-over country and in the South, so don’t try to change their minds.

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