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Today’s column touches on the conspiracies and counter-narratives about Newtown.

My deadline is usually Wednesday evening, so I wrote this before the late-week clamor over Martha Dean’s posting of the most heavily trafficked Newtown-was-staged  video. A day or so after writing the column, I also heard about a Hartford area suburban hockey practice where moms were looking at the video on their phones. (The video in question has more than 11 million hits as of this morning.) I mention this because I think many of us assume that the people who dabble in this stuff are “somewhere else..” Florida. Idaho.  Maybe it starts there, but it doesn’t stay there.

The staff of my radio show has been in deep discussion about whether and how to do a show about this unpleasant phenomenon. One proposal: do a show analyzing the rise and spread of this kind of counter-narrative, without actually putting one of its promulgators on the air. (The argument here is: you don’t want even to hint at legitimizing these people by giving them a mainstream platform, and you don’t want to assault the sensibilities of listeners.) My preference, however, is to do all of the preceding but to begin with an interview with one of the people spreading these claims.  But we’re still talking about this.

I believe the intensity and viral spread of this outlandish set of claims derive, at least in part, from the way President Obama and the Newtown massacre are intensely linked. Crazy talk about Obama has been dragging on for so long that we’ve habituated to it.  The same screwy logic and rhetoric, applied to Newtown, is a slap in the face.

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77 thoughts on “Today’s column …and some background

  1. Ellen Ornato

    To give any oxygen to this particular incident and video is too much. It’s so raw here that the “newsworthy” or interesting angles shouldn’t trump the obligation of CT’s media to respect that need to heal.

  2. Cynical Susan

    “My preference, however, is to do all of the preceding but to begin with an interview with one of the people spreading these claims. ”

    But why? We know they’re toxic and just looking for another way to spread their hatred — will giving them time on your show give them the illusion that you respect them enough to entertain their “ideas?”

    Over at Esquire’s “The Politics Blog,” the sidebar says
    “It will be the policy of this blog not to treat ignorance with respect simply because that ignorance profits important and powerful people. It will be the policy to operate on the principle that, while there may be two sides to every question, rarely are they both right. If this blog sees a man walking down the street with a duck on his head, it will report that it saw a man walking down the street with a duck on his head. It will not need two sources for that. It will not seek out someone to tell it that what it really saw was a duck walking down the street with a guy on its ass.” Just sayin’.

  3. Dave

    Where do I start? First off, the millions of video hits legitimizes this outlandish…theory, I guess. People that are curious enough to view the video, unless for clarification or research purposes, harbor an interest/belief at some level. Second, Ben Franklin–as the sagacious Poor Richard–said, paraphrasing here, people love a spectacle. So true, except the spectacle is no longer in the village square, it’s world-wide. There are ramifications to that such as outlandish accusations having credence not with just the village idiots, but with all the village idiots in the world! In the Internet age, the Scarlet Letter WOULD HAVE served its office!! Hester Prynne would be sitting with Oprah instead of Dimsdale and Chilligsworth !! I guess my point is it is the world is filled with village idiots who will believe anything, which renders reasonable discourse problematic. There will always be snake oil salesmen like PT Barnum, Charles Ponzi and Rush Limbaugh that muddy the waters of rationality. I believe incredulity and discernment have become arcane ideals.

  4. Time to laugh at these truthers

    Really, that’s all I have.

    Regular journo treatment, “including everyone on the conversation”, or “ignoring themn”, fails.

    I trust Colin and some others to treat this properly, but not the Evening News and Sunday Gasbags.

  5. CraigN

    Time to ignore them and let this story go away. It’s the media’s responsibility to pick and choose what we as listeners/readers/viewers have to digest. The massively overwhelming majority of us are repulsed and insulted by the ignorant nature of these claims. They don’t deserve another second of coverage.

  6. Richard

    My favorites are the Manchurian candidate theme. Where’s Lyndon Larouche when you need him?

    This essay presents undeniable evidence that secret government mind control programs have created assassins and murderers out of unsuspecting citizens. Could the Newtown shooter by a product of one of these secret programs to support a hidden agenda?

    The astonishing excerpts below, taken verbatim from declassified CIA documents, reveal detailed mind control experiments in highly secret, government-sponsored experiments. Through hypnosis, drugs, and electric shock, CIA clinicians fractured personalities and induced multiple personality disorder (MPD) – also called dissociative identity disorder (DID).

  7. Richard

    Conspiracy theories have a long and rich tradition in the US as does the appropriation of conspiracy theories by the Right and Left to make political points. The appropriation is a derived work separate from the conspiracy theory itself. A true conspiracy theory needs a bogey man like the CIA which can be spun under either party even if appropriated by party wingers for parochial reasons.

    It’s not that long ago that it was thought AIDS was a Fort Detrick Maryland weapons program. It was the stuff of legend on the pre-internet bulletin boards and conspiracy magazines.

    Oops. And it still is!

  8. kim

    People are watching it for the same reason they slow down at wrecks on the highway, or the nightly news. If it bleeds, it leads. They’re watching the trainwreck. They’re watching the clowncar, the craziness, the Ancient Aliens, the Jersey Shore, The “Oh My Gosh, what can they be thinking?”

    Colin, bring one on. And mock them mercilessly. Make them long for a rock to crawl under. And at the end, don’t thank them for coming on.

  9. Roy

    Collin – It is of significant value to understand, “Why a counter theory on this specific tragedy.” I mean we all of course begin to understand how imagination works, when we look for what isn’t there, and hear what isn’t to be said. On the other hand, curiosity can often be painful as I’m reminded by the story of the man from Middleton, CT.
    Last week in Middletown as he walked his daily walk down Main Street. Our hero could plainly hear chanting from behind the temporary security screen fence. Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen…Soon he spotted a hole in the fence and decided he must see for himself. Immediately, he was jabbed in the eye, and as he staggered backwards he could hear, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen…
    I figure the moral to this story is sometimes curiosity hurts…like a stick in the eye – Roy

  10. equality 7-2521

    Sometimes, when you stick in your thumb, you pull out a plumb.
    I feel we must always be open to analyze all viewpoints which oftentimes come from common ingredients but is mixed in different proportions and a smattering of misc. experiences or perhaps is under or overbaked.
    We of course, will never know if we don’t taste it despite how repugnant we suspect it may be.
    Prejudice is not exclusive to our opponents.
    I eat of my heart not because it is bitter but to adjust the seasoning so we may all come to rejoice in a feast of enlightenment with a long, steady, calming pulse.
    No viewpoint is invalid, it may have just percolated up through bad soil but will become cleansed as it journies to the ocean. If not, if it has no outlet, it becomes a dead sea gathering more and more impurities.
    OK I’m done.

  11. peter brush

    I’ve been watching, with a sickened version of awe, the rise of paranoid counter-narratives about the school massacre at Newtown.
    I haven’t seen or heard ditz about these counter-narratives. Although we haven’t gotten, as yet, the authoritative narrative from the Nutmeg authorities, it’s pretty clear what happened. I’m not interested in twisted fantasies. On the other hand, mere harsh rhetoric about our historic black President doesn’t strike me as “crazy talk.” Mr. Obama has shown his disregard of the Constitution, and with the matter of “gun control” as with requiring folks of religious conscience to buy birth control, campaign finance control, immigration control he views it, as did FDR and Woody Wilson, as an impediment to his “getting things done” for the people.
    My favorite conspiracy theory was the one that has me as a member in good standing to this very day; Mrs. Klinton’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that made up all those allegations about her husband’s peckerdillos. But, that one was silly and wasn’t used to hurt anybody, with the possible exception of Ken Starr. Sometimes, however the left not only cooks up these woppers, but enforces them with the police power of the State. In order to lend credibility to the idea that the firing of the White House travel office folks was for cause, Mrs. Klinton arranged for Billy Dale to be prosecuted. In order to demonize George W. for his “invasion” of Iraq, Scooter Libby was prosecuted. In order to cover up their collective incompetence and ideological blindness, Mrs. Klinton and Mr. Obama came up with the idea of blaming September 11 anti-American Islamic rioting on a youtube video whose author is in jail to this day. But, probably the most damaging false counter-narrative of recent years, one whose damage is continuing with a resumption of federal promotion of “affordable housing,” is the one that has the financial melt-down of 2008 as the result of greedy bankers with insufficient regulation.

  12. peter brush

    Dear fellow Patriot,

    My jaw hit the floor.

    After reading Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban, I can only describe this radical scheme as the effective END of the Second Amendment in America.

    The gun-grabbers are going for broke, doing everything they can to “cash in” on the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

    They’re targeting EVERYTHING — rifles, shotguns and even handguns — and every gun owner and gun purchase is to be catalogued and tracked by the federal government.

    That’s why it’s absolutely critical you act IMMEDIATELY.

    As you’ll see, I’ve enclosed a special Emergency Second Amendment Protection Directive INSISTING your Representative and Senators vote against this radical scheme.

    1. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

      The. Only solution is to outlaw most guns after repealing the 2nd amendment. If we fall short of this, then a national register.

  13. peter brush

    Frank Zappa – Jesus Thinks You’re A Jerk

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    Conviced they are ‘The Chosen Ones’ —
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    And hold them cards in the N.R.A.
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    With a Ku-Klux muu-muu
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    (What’s that hangin’ from the neighbor’s tree?
    Why, it looks like ‘colored folks’ to me —
    Would THEY do THAT…seriously?)

    Imagine if you will
    A multi-millionaire Television Evangelist,
    Saved from Korean Combat duty by his father, a U.S. Senator

    Studied Law —
    But is not qualified to practice it

    Father of a “love child”
    Who, in adulthood, hosts the remnants
    Of papa’s religious propaganda program

    Claims not to be a “Faith Healer”,
    But has, in the past,
    Dealt stearnly with everything from hemorrhoids to hurricanes

    Involved with funding for a ‘secret war’ in Central America
    Claiming Ronald Reagan and Oliver North as close friends

    Involved in suspicous ‘tax-avoidance schemes’,
    (Under investigation for 16 months by the I.R.S.)

    Claims to be a MAN OF GOD;
    Currenty seeking the United States Presidency,
    Hoping we will all follow him into —
    The Twilight Zone

    What if Pat gets in the White House,
    And suddenly —
    The rights of ‘certain people’ disappear

    Now, wouldn’t that sort of qualify
    As an American Tragedy?
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    I hope we never see that day,
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    I said:
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    You really got to go


    1. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

      Ya. Why don’t you write you own lyrics instead of relying on others. Anyways, the point you are making doesn’t much impress me. First, if you were expecting me to agree with Frank Zappa simply because he is/was Zappa, I don’t. Singer songwriters are a highly emotional bunch. But I can relate. They we’re discussing 1st amendment rights and arguing whether the gov has the right to dictate to us. Keep in mind that they were discussing freedom of speech. And by the way, even this freedom has its limitations. For example, you do not have the right to yell “fire” in a theater since it may result in bodily harm. Using the same reasoning, you should not have a weapon that has as its only use, bodily harm.

      The 2nd amendment is being used and misused as a sacred right to have a weapon to kill hundreds of people. This amendment is better argued by a legal scholar and reasoned in context of history. One such argument is that of the appearance of contradiction in the wording of a well organized milita and the people having such right. I believe that “the people” being referred to was a state milita. But because of the misunderstanding of this amendment, better to repeal it once and forever. Funny that it’s greatest proponents and gun collectors are white men which was incidentally the same group the resisted the government to free the slaves.

      Finally, for how ever more the government intrudes in our lives, it’s basic reason for existence is to protect. Conceptually, the 2nd amendment as it is inappropriatly being defended and applied, subtracts from my sense of protection. It empowers the individual to potentially wreak harm on me at will.

  14. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

    I think that we need to acclimate to the new Internet social messaging reality. Now, anybody can and do say anything as outrageous as possible and get a global stage. There is a need to simply ignore it. Sometimes that is too easily said then done. To me, it is like walking down the street with many distractions that you don’t want to acknowledge but are aware of. Only a psychotic would pause at every nuance that introduces itself. So you keep walking and instantly weed the unnecessary distractions.

    It is like selecting the ads that you allow to invade your environment. Perhaps all statements are like ads. So you delete, delete delete then finally let in one that warrants your attention.
    Does that make sense? I can’t possibly respond to every Tom Dick and Harry polluting the net. We select and delete all day long. If we want to make a point of justifying someone’s ignorance, we let in their crap and regurgitate it.

    I hope I just made some sense because I can’t read everything I wrote, lol.

  15. Jennifer WC

    I hope that you do the show and interview one of these folks. I say this because I found myself in fear all day today for the President and his beautiful family, and that, sir, is heartbreaking. I think you are a great person to bring some air and light to these festering pockets of hate. I think you could open some eyes.

    1. Richard

      Why not do a show on your paranoia JWC? Seriously I do respect your opinion but the so called hatred to the point of violence for Obama is largely a Leftist psychofantasy.

      No one from the Right competent enough to pull it off is foolish enough to give you what you so desperately want: a race martyr. The result would be insufferable smugness! A decade of “I told you so!”.

      Such an attempt would have to be a Leftist plot!

  16. Jennifer WC

    Richard, your comment is not worthy of a thoughtful reply. So I say this: “Run along.” I remember you and your hiding behind a simple moniker laden with tooooo mannnyyy words. At least I am not afraid to let people know who I am, and at least i am not afraid to deliver my points with frank brevity. Again, I suggest: run along. Writing in anonymous cowardice is supremely unattractive.

    1. Richard

      Yes, GoatBoyPHD is rather lengthy. Nice book by John Barth though. You’ll have to excuse me. Like the protagonist Giles, I too was born in a barn with sheep, camel, and oxen and think I am still among evolving barnyard animals.

  17. Jennifer WC

    I see you still have some insufferables here, Colin. I do try to stop by–your work is great—
    but shheeesh. Anonymous “richards” shooting from the rafters? ZZZ. Anyone who hides his identity for years, who has such shame, is not worthy of my arguments.

    1. Todd Zaino

      Richard, don’t sweat the haters here who attack you-John M. and you are the only two people who post anything worth reading.

      Are my eyes failing me…is Jennifer complaining about you using a pseudonym while she does the same? Gotta love the liberal “do I as I not as I do” mantra.

      1. Cynical Susan

        “John M. and you are the only two people who post anything worth reading.”

        So why do you bother reading anyone else’s comments?

    2. Cynical Susan

      “…Anyone who hides his identity for years,…”

      Yikes. Well. I also hide my identity, out of fear. I’m in that outdated artifact the phone book, and some of the commenters here scare the heck outta me. But I TRY to state my opinion without resorting to character assassination. Mostly.

  18. peter brush

    Only solution is to outlaw most guns after repealing the 2nd amendment.
    Well, I do give you credit for acknowledging that the Constitution is in the way of your desired public policy;i.e., to get rid of guns.
    I’m inclined to agree with Hamilton in Federalist 84; that the Bill of Rights as a whole was a large mistake. I’ll one up you and advocate the repeal of the whole shebang. While we’re at, let’s get rid of the 14th Amendment. But, only if we can agree that the Philadelphia Constitution as originally ratified (without amendment) gives the Congress only those powers enumerated in Article One. If you can find the power to “control guns” within those enumerated, have at it. By the way, Connecticut’s 1965 Constitution provides for a right to bear arms, but according to our Supreme Court it is not such as to stand in the way of our present assault weapon prohibition.
    Bitterly clingingly yours…

  19. Jennifer WC

    I’m sorry– not so much about the content of my heated comments ( i have a temper, too), but about posting so many of them. I had the sense that nothing was sticking.
    In any case, I will try to explain and be less combative: I am fearful– not paranoid, because my fear is grounded in events I observe around me, not in events taking place in my head. Case in point:
    The other day, I heard a man on a radio talk show express his firm belief that the government, through its various health and human services agencies, is working deliberately to drive a wedge between young children and their parents, so that the children see the governement as their true parent. How? He posits that the government-sanctioned/mandated carseats for infants and young children, particularly when they face the rear of the car, are in place to impede eye contact and warmth between parent and child. I’m not the paranoid one.

    1. Cynical Susan

      “…are in place to impede eye contact and warmth between parent and child.”

      And when removed from the car, the children cry for their vinyl upholstery. Geez.

    2. Repeal the 2nd Billy

      Jennifer: I do agree we do get a little testy here. The explanation is this; there are too many bulls in the bull pen and tell me what happens when too many bulls are in close proximity. Right, we fight.

      I also am sometimes fully anonymous and sometimes partially. A few times I use my real name. I am usually fully in hiding when discussing local political issues since I do business with the political establishment. And one need not bite the hand that feeds them.

      I don’t feel that women should use their real names for obvious reasons. Men are usually the predators.

      As for Peter Bush’s remark; I wouldn’t be at all saddened to see the 14th amendment repealed. Hey, maybe we can push for a 2fer. But your inane statement about abolishing everything is a capitulation of the argument don’t you think?

      And Todd, the one who practically invented multiple iterations on these blogs, better to stick to the issues. I guess you feel that the progressive side of the political spectrum is getting the upper hand and it is difficult for you to manage. Now you can imagine how I felt during the Bush era. With of course one big difference in the contrasting leadership; under Obama, while not perfect by any means, we are living in the enlightenment and while under Bush, we were most definitely living in the dark, mid-evil days. I will never get over being led into war against another country during W Bush for purely private reasons and the repercussions that have followed have permanently upended the balance in the Middle East. Extraordinary. it is no wonder that W Bush stays close to his ranch. He is a most reviled man indeed.

      1. Cynical Susan

        ” it is no wonder that W Bush stays close to his ranch.”

        Actually in 2008 he and Mrs. Bush bought a house in a wealthy section of Dallas. I believe he did keep the ranch, I saw a story about a gathering there, but it doesn’t look like he lives in his “vacation home.”

  20. Mona Charen

    We interrupt this orgy of Obama worship to recall that his campaign huddled early in 2012 and reflected that they could not run on his first-term record. Accordingly, the strategy was “Kill Romney.” Congratulations. That what we’re celebrating today.

  21. Todd Zaino

    Billy two-step, did you get your first paycheck of 2013 yet? Did you notice it was lighter than your last one of 2012? Do you enjoy all of the entitlements-have you seen what they have done to the economies of Europe? You can put your head in the sand all you want and imagine that our economy won’t be in the same place soon, but adults in the room can see what’s coming our way. We have a president who adores abortion, that should tell you everything you need to know about him. Funny hearing Obama talking about saving just one baby-while spewing his anti gun BS, yet those lives don’t mean so much to him in front of a Planned Parenthood office do they? Leading from behind…backwards…MARCH!

    1. Cynical Susan

      “We have a president who adores abortion,…”

      Really? You’ve had a conversation with him and he’s said “I just love love love abortion?”

      Todd, we all use words to make our points. But I think points are better made when the words are accurate.

  22. Repeal the 2nd Billy

    We all should be nice. That’s what the boss admonished before. so let’s nice up before the Grand Inquisitor has his rightful ways here.

    I recently offered to Colin an idea for a subject matter on how we self select and become conservative or liberal or progressive or libertarian. We like to think that it is an intellectual journey but I rather think it is emotive. We become to easy to forget the flaws of leaders of our way of thinking and brandish the short comings of those we disagree with. One part of me thinks that it is indeed an intellectual journey. for example, I thinks most Republicans are there because they are wealthy and desire to protect their wealth. Not so fast. i know poor republicans so that shoots down that argument.

    I think a lot has to do with early introductions to political thought in schools or youthful movements. it could also have to do with parental influences – either in solidarity or in opposition to based on less then ideal relationships.

    A stanch republican might ignore W Bush very major missteps and support based on an evangelical alliance. A democrat or liberal might ignore Obama’s hold on the Canadian pipeline that would add employment but recognize environmental concerns. On that issue, this oil flowing into the US is not dedicated to the American consumer. it is, instead, on the world market and a benefit to those who transport and refine – not the consumer.

    I think that much political orientation has to do with early influences as well as psychological considerations.

    1. Repeal the 2nd Billy

      BTW: I don’t rely on paychecks. I am self employed and I rely on my wits and my initiative. Unlike others who count the pennies deducted on their paychecks every other week.

      1. Richard

        See Marx and the history of the middle class, the petit bourgeoise. They aspire to Hollywood morals yet identify with working class economics.

        Ultimately these are the union and state and middle management apparatchiks that rely on capital for their jobs and are easily bought via capitalist rewards like pension spiking schemes and employment guarantees.

        When in doubt sell them sexual and moral liberation as the opiate of the petit-bourgeoise and sell them faux-sophistication. This in in contrast to selling religion and nationalism as the opiate of the proletariat. Wars make jobs for the proletariat!

        When desperate sell the petit bourgeoise social service funding so they can make money caring for the lumpenproletariat via a glut of mismanaged social service agencies and non-profits skimming the benefits all the way down the line. They do the dirty work of the capitalist class and keep the lumpenproletariat oppressed and under social control.

  23. Todd Zaino

    Too good not to share with my liberal friends here:

    There once was a man named Barack,
    Whose re-election came as a shock.
    He raised the taxes I pay,
    And then turned marriage gay.
    And now he’s coming after your Glock

    – S. Colbert

    1. Repeal the 2nd Billy

      From the Wheels of Rhyme
      Dust in your face
      To the Rhetoric Wars
      Your soon downfall and disgrace
      From the Prince of Principles
      And his Legions of Reasons
      The battle now joined
      Shall you meet your last ground
      Or keep your good place
      And not make a sound


    1. Jennifer Warner Cooper

      If I need to be afraid of someone here, at least that someone is on the record. I will not hide from bullies.

  24. Todd Zaino

    Jennifer…do the math, you come on here calling Richard out for doing what you do. It is kind of like the parent who doesn’t wear a seatbelt yet demands that their child does. Like the great Mick says…”Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.”

    1. Jennifer Warner Cooper

      I beg your pardon? I was pointing above to my name, which you had earlier requested. I don’t understand the ‘teleprompter’ comment.

      1. Cynical Susan

        “Time to laugh” is pointing at Todd’s mention (once again) of Obama’s teleprompter.

        1. Jennifer Warner Cooper

          Hi Susan. Yes, of course. Thank you.

          I put my “reply” under the wrong entry. I was wondering why Todd so abruptly shifted topics when I pointed out that I had already provided what he was looking for: my name. I guess that is not what he was in need of after all… I think I’ll give up.

  25. Todd Zaino

    We’ll see who is laughing next January when Obama’s “free” healthcare takes over. Dr. Thomas Sowell once said that elections should be held the day after April 15 tax day…makes great sense to me.

  26. Richard

    Today the CBIA released a 20-year view of CT:

    CPI (inflation): 60% over 20 years.

    State employee health benefits: 981% percent
    State employee pensions: 583% percent
    Debt service: 204% percent
    Medicaid: 180% percent,
    State correction system: 178% .

    The list goes on. We have the DEEP destroying a campground of 144 acres instead of converting it to a homeless services shelter similar to the Tampa Catholic Church Tent City.\\

    Union payoffs come first.

    1. Cynical Susan

      Wow, it wasn’t that long ago that I kayaked past Sunrise and there were vacationers there.

  27. peter brush

    State employee health benefits: 981% percent
    State employee pensions: 583% percent
    Debt service: 204% percent
    Medicaid: 180% percent,
    State correction system: 178% .
    CBIA a nest of conspiracy wack-jobs. What difference at this point does it make?

    1. Repeal Bill

      What. Would you like to cut? I am in favor of making adjustments to the demands of the present. But what would you cut?

      1. Richard

        I’d outlaw public sector unions and place a salary cap on all state employees including UConn Professors and education regents. The rest would take care of itself. Medicaid needs cost cutting via private industry. Education needs vouchers to restore choice and to drive costs doqn. DEEP needs to concentrate on 3 things that are meaningful instead of 100 things that are administrative and regulatory headaches. Re-visit CT sentencing guidelines which exploded over the last 2 years. CT loves extreme sentences for all crimes. The list is endless

        1. Repeal Billy

          What is the reason that you want to “outlaw” public unions? Could it be that since unions contribute to mostly democratic coffers that it is your desire to break up these unions? It takes an honest man to answer honestly. what is your reasoning?

          1. richard

            You make the same mistake in logic as your queen bee. Criticism of the Democrats and a desire for a return to the 1960s Democratic values does not make one a Republican or even desire most Republicans hold office.

          2. Repeal Bill

            Ok, Todd. Thank you for your honesty. We will need to keep the unions and keep the money rolling in. And since we are on the winning side, we will bury the republicans by first making a clean sweep of the Tea Toadlers.

            Now, excuse me while I go have my afternoon tea. I’m 42 minutes late. It is a good Assam tea.


  28. peter brush

    But we’re interested in where these stories come from and in how they relate to a larger climate of paranoia and conspiracy thinking about the Obama administration.
    As I argued in an article for The Guardian last summer, many rappers haven’t been feeling the love either. Some, like Immortal Technique and dead prez, have been critical of Obama from the beginning, as has Lupe Fiasco, who became Obama’s most high-profile critic in the hip-hop community. The song that got him yanked offstage this week, “Words I Never Said,” includes the incendiary line “Gaza Strip was getting bombed / Obama didn’t say shit / That’s why I ain’t vote for him.” In subsequent interviews, he doubled down on his criticism, at one point saying, “To me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America” and at another describing Obama as “someone who is a great speaker, but kills little children.” Not exactly the kind of guy you’d expect to tone it down at a pre-inaugural concert.

  29. Richard

    From the NYT today: Kansas to eliminate the income tax.

    Relevant factoid: Private-sector jobs have grown just 1.6 percent in Kansas over the past 14 years, compared with 12.2 percent in the 10 states with the lowest tax burdens, according to data compiled by the Kansas Policy Institute. The state estimates that the tax cuts will generate nearly 23,000 jobs by 2020 and $2 billion of income for the state

    1. Richard

      Which brings up another issue: CT has the same number of non-farm jobs today as it did in March 1987 (1,6240,000) accordng to the state DOL and BLS. The population increased 10% during that time. It’s stagnation if nothing else as the percentage of the population in the labor force declined over 10%.

      1. JWC

        Bringing it back to simple, because the *esq-mind,* Richard, is sometimes a cluttered mind: why compare and contrast Ct with Kansas? I cannot think of two more disparate states. I’d like to ponder the argument, though.

  30. Todd Zaino

    William, do honestly think we can sustain these union pay scales? On a cold day like today you can never go wrong with an Earl Grey…enjoy my liberal friend.

    1. William Gunner

      Todd, no, in answer to your question. but you see, when both sides can put down their sabers and talk turkey, then progress can be made. but of course this will never be accomplished.Bitter political fighting has continued since before Neanderthal man existed his cave and charged a modern man approaching from the nearby valley.

      We have to keep our revenue flow just like your side wants and need to keep your billionaire donations. So I say, we can’t afford the high rates but we are gonna keep it just the way it is until both sides… well, sit down for some tea – which will never happen. To the victors go the spoils. We are only half of the way finished. 2014 should sweep out those pesky little tea toadlers.

      BTW: Earl Gray is for beginners. Try golden Assam or any Assam from Harney or anyone else.

      PS 1: I am not really a liberal. I have many moderate beliefs. But when pushed, I lean toward the left of course.

      PS 2: “Repeal Bill” is being replaced by “William Gunner”

  31. peter brush

    Listened to most of the show.
    A. Was grateful for the passing acknowledgment that these mass delusions are sometimes of the left; 9/11 truthers, for example.
    B. Think the global warming counter narrative is not comparable to, or at least not equivalent of, utterly false conspiracy theories, even if there were a “scientific consensus.”
    C. These conspiracy theories are different from mere political lies, such as those Mrs. Klinton executes, and from erroneous false narratives like that provided by LBJ about the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin; different in that they are delusions, the people really believe them.
    D. Perhaps indulgence in these far out theories is a function of the fact that our politicians and our governmental authorities have been accurately seen as lying and giving inaccurate information.
    E. I think the phenomenon can be seen as a type of gnosticism; a false religion beyond rational dissuasion.

  32. peter brush

    malcolm muggeridge:

    One of the peculiar sins of the twentieth century which we’ve developed to a very high level is the sin of credulity. It has been said that when human beings stop believing in God they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse: they believe in anything.

    1. Richard

      Two interesting trend this week: Kansas eliminating the income tax to create jobs. Yhr Glen Beck types pushing the 10% tithe as a more moral choice than California income tax.

      The “What would Jesus Do?” types are winning support by leveraging the homeless and direct charitable contributions over public sector pensions and criminal malfeasance. As lng as CT Progressives put pension spiking and haz-duty 20 year pensions payable at 43 before the homeless they remain morally suspect sexual libertarians suffering from a perverse and sick public sector union fetish.

  33. peter brush

    Actually, if we are looking for conspiracy theorizing, mass delusion, we might better direct our gaze in the direction of the “global warming/climate changing” consensus.
    Of course, you can expect environmentalists to cling bitterly to their narrative of climate catastrophe, as it still remains the best game in town for their relentless drive to acquire more power over people and resources—always the end game of environmental politics. But it’s okay now for the rest of us to adopt the head-patting attitude of “There, there; I know it’s hard when your narrative falls apart. You’ll get over it some day.”

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