Tonight — Political Commercials Deconstructed

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I’ll be leading an ace team consisting of advertising mogul Steve Wolfberg (owner of Cronin), former GOP chair Chris Healy and Matt Kauffman, king of advertising fact-checking for the Courant tonight at Watkinson School at 7 p.m.

We’ll talk about some of the famous campaign ads of yore and show what they’ve turned into today — and why.

You can buy individual tickets or you can sign up for the series I’m running there called Freshly Squeezed. Very inexpensive!

There are  tickets left for tonight.

Patrick Skahill not included. 


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10 thoughts on “Tonight — Political Commercials Deconstructed

  1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

    Mitt Romney got wooped good and proper last night and his Lady Ann showed her disappointment.

  2. peter brush

    I’d not take the road traveled by Great Britain, France, Belgium…, and outlaw paid political broadcast advertisements. But, the policy does have its appeal.

    The only past political commercial I can even bring to mind is the anti-Goldwater daisy ad by Lyndon Johnson. I had to get up early for school, couldn’t watch Monday Night at the Movies, so missed the one and only broadcast. Maybe that could be the policy; paid political advertising, but only once per production.

    1. Bill from Susan's Blog

      How about this; every political gets to call only once. My phone will be off the hook as we approach Nov 6.

  3. Cynical Susan

    What do Steve Wolfberg and Chris Healy’s wife have in common? Both were staff-members at UConn’s radio station WHUS back in the day!

  4. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

    Romney did so bad that Mitt probably didn’t get a purr out of Ann last night. Now that’s bad.

    Four more years.

  5. Cynical Susan

    Wow William, I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a Joseph Curl who must’ve plagiarized your story!

    Right there in the Washington Times!

    CURL: Crowley skews hard for Obama in disastrous presidential debate

    HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Another debate, another debacle for America’s media.

    In the runup to the second presidential debate, CNN’s Candy Crowley declared that she would not just be a “fly on the wall” as she played the tiny role of moderator, that she would step in whenever she chose to say, “Hey, wait a second, what about X, Y, Z?”

    And boy did she, cutting off Republican Mitt Romney repeatedly and often throwing the floor to President Obama with an open “let me give the president a chance here.”…

    Read more: CURL: Crowley skews hard for Obama in disastrous presidential debate – Washington Times
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  6. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

    Cynical; You go girl. Call em out when you see em. I was wondering if William had an original words in the story. but I wonder no more.

    And for anyone who wishes to remember the truth, George W. Bush was the worst and most reckless manager of State affairs since since Nero took the golden staff.

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