Truck nuts

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Another reason God will punish us.

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via Wikipedia

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8 thoughts on “Truck nuts

  1. richard

    Fearless leader took on Catholic Schools today in Scotland. A form of truck nuts indeed. I expect lapsed Catholic Biden to wear them on his head for funsies.

    1. Cynical Susan

      Well, what he said was “Issues like segregated schools and housing, lack of jobs and opportunity — symbols of history that are a source of pride for some and pain for others — these are not tangential to peace; they’re essential to it. If towns remain divided — if Catholics have their schools and buildings, and Protestants have theirs — if we can’t see ourselves in one another, if fear or resentment are allowed to harden, that encourages division. It discourages cooperation.” I don’t know if that’s “taking on Catholic schools, exactly. And Belfast, FWIW, is in Northern Ireland.

      1. richard

        Given that Catholics in the US just won the Constitutional Right to vouchers its pointed enough. Indiana’s Supreme Court also backed up vouchers and declared their anti-Catholic Blaine Amendments dead. New Orleans and Louisiana just cane back with a similar decision with some financial requirements (parental choice).

        Thus will steamroll over the next decade as Catholics push to over turn Blaine Amendments and sue for discrimination. Obama knew exactly what he was saying.

        1. richard

          Supporters say the Indiana ruling could influence courts in other states because the Indiana constitution contains a clause copied by many states in the mid-1800s in an effort to bar public aid for Catholic schools. The so-called “Blaine Amendment” was meant at the time to keep public money flowing to Protestant-dominated public schools.

          That means the Indiana ruling could apply anywhere with a “Blaine” law, Gall said.

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