Twilight of the Pervs? A Nose Pre-Briefer

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Maybe it’s unfair to tar them all with the same brush, but much is being made of the way New York City Democrats turned their backs on a quartet of politicians who had sex scandals sticking to them like toiler paper to a shoe.
We’re talking about this right now, as we get ready for this week’s Nose, a Friday cultural roundtable.


via Wikimedia Commons

via Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer presumably need no introduction. Vito J. Lopez went into the primary with tales of groping dancing in the heads of his voters. For Micah Kellner, the allegations were a little more tame, depending on how you feel about Scrabble.

With New York’s raw and raunchy reputation, there’s something hilarious about their saying “Mark Sanford? We don’t put up with that sort of person!”

But it’s not just the Big Four. Bob Filner mayoral portraitBob Filner crashed and burned a continent’s width away, and his fiancé surfaced this week (although I blame Ron Burgundy for draining the luster out of phrases such as “walking away from her former role of First Lady of San Diego.”)


Meanwhile, we’re also monitoring Mike Daisey’s comeback from a different kind of scandal. I’m a longtime Daiseyphile, and I’m rooting for him. I also love the monologue-a-day format. I used to do radio a little bit that way and I miss it.


But the review of Daisey’s rants got me thinking about the way New York seems less raffish these days.


St. Mark's Place, 2000 (2)Mr. Daisey amusingly describes St. Marks Place as an emblem of the “Disneyland of filth” that made certain pockets of the city so enticingly and exotically seedy (but only in a kind of artificial way) before the relentless onslaught of gentrification. Clearly he prefers the scowl and the leer that once symbolized the metropolis in the popular American imagination to the shiny, welcoming smile it now presents to the world…

…But I have to admire anyone who can nurse an irritation even with some of the more untouchable aspects of the new New York. “You can’t argue with the High Line,” he said at one point with an edge of exasperation in his voice, suggesting that this might be a fight he’d be happy to pick. I won’t be able to be joining Mr. Daisey for the full length of his journey, so I’m not sure whether he will ultimately weave his tales together into a fully satisfying whole. But I’m truly sorry I won’t get to hear him on the subject of the latest tourist-friendly amenity some us New Yorkers already love to hate: those wonderfully convenient and thoroughly damnable Citi Bikes.

I really loved this NYMag essay about the same phenomenon.

Somehow, we’ll try to fit all that together on the Nose.

Also on our radar: the folly of spin-offs.

And should Putin get a legit platform?

Kasparov said nyet.

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8 thoughts on “Twilight of the Pervs? A Nose Pre-Briefer

  1. Richard

    Putin has a legitimate platform all right. I’m still fascinated by his Re-Christianization of Russia and attempt to make Russia the most Christian nation in the world bordering on a theocracy. 75 years after WWII and the godless statists—well that may well be the US with Russia in turn a conservative Christian abode practicing a form of religious freedom the US could never imagine.

  2. Richard

    Online porn has ruined NYC. As has the changes in media coverage which tend to gloss over the ugly underbelly of crass NYC. Fortunately takeover whiz Carl Icahn is still quotable

  3. Richard

    Online porn has ruined NYC. As has the changes in media coverage which tend to gloss over the ugly underbelly of craass NYC. Fortunately takeover whiz Carl Icahn is still quotable

  4. Richard

    NYC is no longer the center of the arts or media: the internet is. The Greenwich Village of Dylan, The CGBGs of The Ramones, the NYC of Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” or Public Enemy’s “Welcome to the Terrordome” — those days are done for NYC.

    The Yankees are nothing more than aging old drug addicts — dope fiends insecure in their own manhood so they augment.

    Every town has their restaurant culture these days and anyone can binge on the next viral TV series or Spotify artist of the day. Even Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars is more interesting than NYC. When Broadway and the Met are broadcasting live in 4K to every 65″ OLED TV in America in 2020, why go to NYC?

  5. Mr Bill

    I thought Spitzer had a chance but I believe that he was brought down by the absolutely crazy out of control Weiner.

    I hope he beautiful wife gets rid of him – and calls me.

  6. Lynne

    Richard, no matter what your view of NYC is, it is still – as David Letterman’s announcer reminds us every week night – “The Greatest City in the World.” Sure, it can figuratively eat you up, and it’s a city wherein you are only as good as your last success (even if that “success” was five minutes ago…better get going on the next one!), and fame is no more fleeting than it is in NYC: still, it’s the ONLY city on the planet where you can get anything you could possibly want, 24/7, and have it delivered right to your front door.

    Weiner & Spitzer (great name for a business, yes? Swallow then spit? So much better than Danger and Number Nine) were rejected by NYC for very good reason. Had NYC elected these two lying narcissists, the media – beginning with the residents of CA – would have had a field day with those election outcomes. “Fool me once…”

    As for the NY Yankees….GO RED SOX!

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