Weicker Roasting

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5 thoughts on “Weicker Roasting

  1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

    My man, Weicker. I volunteered on his independent run for governor. Good man, that Weicker.

  2. Richard

    Love the old Lowell. You know–the negative income tax/minimum income under Nixon and Health Care for all–the “One policy to heal them all” of Nixon with 3 funding plans (Employers, Federal and State matching).

    No good deed goes unpunished: Lowell got the Income Tax passed, got ready to help the working class, and then the Public Sector unions (organized crime) stepped in and raped the state and the private sector taxpayers.

    “No SustiNet for us” they cry! “No Federal Education funds for us” they cry, “Stick those $300 million dollars on the CT taxpayers and retire us at 44”!

    That’s what happened to CT liberalism. Greed and parochial oligarchies. And Lowell fed the beast all it can eat!

    Weicker Sets Goal of Health Care for All by 1997

    Published: February 05, 1994

    Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. said today that Connecticut, home to some of the nation’s largest insurance companies, would not wait for Congress and President Clinton to overhaul health care, but would move on its own with a plan to provide coverage for all state residents by 1997!

    Stuck between Scylla and Charybdis. The Party of No Vision on one side and the party of trickle-down social welfare bureaucracy coupled with the politics of bureaucratic skimming by organized crime (public sector workers and non-profits) every step of the way.

    When the devil roasts Lowell I hope he turns him over and remembers to baste both sides!


  3. RH

    Humor sure gets dated. Drunkenness (last roaster, plus Dean Martin any time) just doesn’t seem funny any more.

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