Well, that didn’t take long

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Yesterday (see below) I said somebody, probably Mike Clark, would file a FEC complaint seeking disclosure of the financial arrangements made by John Rowland, the Lisa Wilson-Foley campaign and a company owned by the Foleys.

Today, that is what happened. 

This is also an exciting moment because — to the best of my knowledge — it will remove the FEC from the rather short list of enforcement agencies hat have not investigated a Rowland activity.


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7 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t take long

  1. Todd Zaino


    You are acting like the kid the whose pissed off at being picked last for the pickup football game, so now you are taking your ball and running home to your mommie.

    Your old show on WTIC had a college radio feel to it. Currently WTIC is enjoying a ratings home run with Governor Rowland. Step aside, it makes you look really bad taking swipes at the guy who replaced you and is doing a much better job. Go after Malloy or Obama, there’s plenty there!

      1. Rick

        Do you actually think Todd the Teacher has actually researched his “facts” Colin? Of course not. His only source is the American “Thinker”.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Attacking the king is never wise
    Stay true to your leftist lies
    TIC now raking in the loot
    Colin feasts low-hanging fruit
    Such a pretty shade of Colin’s green eyes

  3. Todd Zaino

    Colin and Rick’s Most Excellent Adventure

    The Players:

    Colin McEnroe ( a Hartford Courant blogger, columnist, who also hosts a program named after himself The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR)

    Rick Green (a veteran columnist and blogger who would rather write about John Rowland than to visit Victoria Secret World (truly the happiest place on earth-they serve cold beer too)

    Carolyn Lumsden (Hartford Courant Editor, and babysitter to McEnroe, Green, and Susan Campbell)

    As the curtain opens we see Green and McEnroe standing before Lumsden who is seated at her desk. Lumsden has WTIC playing in the background.

    Colin: What do you want Carol…I am bushed, I just got off the air doing my show on WNPR…The Colin McEnroe Show!?

    Carolyn: You mean that one hour show that your mother, Susan Campbell, and Mortimer listens to?

    Rick: I listen to it during the commericals on Rush Limbaugh!

    Colin: (making loving eye-contact with Rick) Gee thanks Rick that means a lot to me!

    Carolyn: Be quiet both of you! Today I notice that there are four stories about Rowland on your blog sites! Didn’t I warn you last week about that Rick?

    Rick: (sheepishly) I don’t recall that…but I do remember you telling me you were going to try to get me a radio gig like Colin’s!

    Colin: Dude, you can come co-host with me, but the name of the show is still The Colin McEnroe Show-you can talk,
    but my three fans will be come too confused if I change the name.

    Carolyn: The two of you on a radio show…that might make my job easier around here…don’t tell your fans that you both work here-we have enough of an image problem with all of those smart folks who listen to WTIC actually pushing back and paying attention. I miss the old days when the sheeple of CT would just lap up whatever you two clowns wrote. I guess all good things come to end-now we actually have to be objective!

    Rick: You mean like FOX and WTIC?

    Carolyn: Well not as truthfull as those two, after all there are still a lot of suckers in this state who still can be easily conned!

    Colin: You mean like fans of Malloy and all those retarded Hope and Changers!

    Carolyn: Exactly! Now get of here you two-and lay off of the Rowland crap. Rick stay and rub my feet, and Colin…my dry cleaning is not going to pick itself up.

    Colin: But I have a tree hugging, Catholic bashing date with Susan Campbell!

    Carolyn: You heard me Colin, and get me some coffee while you are out! Now get out of here-Rowland’s show is on and frankly you two bore me!

    Curtain falls

  4. Richard

    I don’t think the unholy convergence of politician, industry or fund raising consultant, and media is illegal.

    There’s that fine line between Rowland and Jack Donaghy in the convergence of consulting, politics, and media. And hey, Mrs Donaghy works the same angles too! Books! Radio! Fortune 500 consulting! Non-Profit Development Manager! Appointee! Elected Office! We are the connected baby!

    Excuse me while I wretch.

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