What does it take to get fired at Rutgers?

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17 thoughts on “What does it take to get fired at Rutgers?

  1. Todd Zaino

    Everybody take a deep breath, and grow the hell up. Back in 1975 I was in sixth grade and had a tough as nails basketball coach, who was also my math teacher. One day during practice I didn’t look up after setting a pick… coach swore at me…using my last name then coach threw a ball that hit me in the nose, and caused me a bloody nose. He was easily the best coach I ever played for, and the best math teacher I ever had. I also never set another and pick and roll without looking at the point guard again…bloody nose, lesson well learned. Leftists probably quit sports the second a coach looked at them funny. Time to grow up, we all don’t win trophies just for showing up.

    Unreal how easily offended the champions of free speech can become.

  2. Mark O'Brien

    I’m the diametric opposite of a leftist. I disagree with Colin’s politics abjectly. But he got this one right. So did Mike Lopresti at USAToday Sports.

    By the way: Both of my sons are basketball coaches. If they behaved as Mike Rice does, I’d want both of them fired.


  3. Todd Zaino

    Mark, I am not saying that we should throw a parade for Coach Rice, I believe what happens in a locker room or a court should stay there. The fired assistant coach who video taped this had an axe to grind, and was looking to get a pound of flesh. PC now will dictate that Rice, and the AD both get fired. I honestly feel what Don Imus did to Rutgers’ basketball was far more egregious than this. I don’t love Rice’s style, but I do understand a coach getting upset and trying to get his players’ attention. Kids who play sports at a high level can handle this. I am so sick of the woosification of our country or late. Old school still has a place in sports.

    1. Mark O'Brien

      Todd, I’m no greater a fan of “woosification” than you are. My sons have coached in leagues in which they were prohibited from taking three-point shots, playing man defense, or defending at all beyond the arc if they were up by more than 10 points. That’s not competition. It’s not even sport.

      However, there’s only one question I need ask myself: Would I send my son to Rutgers to be coached by Mike Rice? Not a chance. There are fine lines between discipline, disrespect, and lunacy. Rice crossed them all.

      1. Todd Zaino


        Liberals are trying to ruin sports just like the way they are trying to ruin our country. My sons are older now (21 and 18) but when they were growing up we had “silent sidelines” at soccer games, no score games…but the kids could tell you the exact score, no press defenses, and the ultimate horror…after going 0-12 in travel basketball, each kid got a trophy! I told my ex-wife, I suppose there would have been a ticker tape parade down Main Street in Avon if the team actually won a single game.

        1. Mark O'Brien

          Todd, we’re thinking precisely the same things but reaching a different conclusion. Any coach worth his salt, regardless of sport, would rather take a shellacking than have opposing teams hobbled by feel-good “mercy” rules. By the same token, the kids who grow up playing for teams that get trophies for winning nothing are going to find the world a very forbidding place.

          But there is no place, anywhere, for tyrannical, egotistical hotheads like Mike Rice. That’s not PC. That IS common sense. He would have killed that program.

          1. Todd Zaino


            Do you think Rice ever finds work again? America loves the comeback. If Marion Barry can get caught smoking crack cocaine, and live another day… I suspect Rice can make a comeback as well.

          2. Mark O'Brien

            I do think he finds work again, Todd. He’s a young man, and he’s already started his apology tour. But he’ll be on a short leash for a long while. And as he’s just learned, it all comes down to the tale of the tape.

  4. Todd Zaino

    Well that didn’t take long…Rutgers just fired Coach Rice. The AD will probably need to re-write his resume soon as well.

    PC 1 Common Sense 0

  5. Paul

    I was involved in a similar incident with a coach when I was a freshman in high school. The coach threw the ball at a teammate and then threw him to the floor while he was off balance after getting hit by the ball, all for being out of position. This was not unusual for this coach but this time it was particularly rough. The teammate got the coach in a headlock and kept punching him in the face until the rest of us pulled him off. The other coaches ended the practice and amazingly, virtually nothing was said about the whole incident. No apologies, nothing. I think everyone was just too freaked out. The season continued, practices were markedly different (mostly led by the assistant coaches) and we tied for best record in the league.

    There something to be said for the unifying force of standing up to abuse. The coach left school (and the education field) after that year. There was no going away party.

    I had plenty of tough coaches but only a couple of abusive ones. In my experience the correlation between abuse and success is pretty weak.

  6. ChrisV

    It used to be, and I’m pretty sure it still is, that military boot camps (especially Army and Marine) were just as tough as this if not tougher. Remember, there is no “quit option” once you sign up. Four letter words? Uh-huh. Getting pushed around? Ayup. Intimidation? Fear of getting held back or having to start over. Yes. And no special set-aside dorms or dining rooms, no getting away after practice and certainly no free college education. Some kids even get killed during basic. The recruit is at the mercy of his or her drill instructor. Some are very good. Some…not so much. Interesting…the dichotomy.

  7. Jac

    He’s a violent, hothead bully and his behavior is not OK. Do we want to teach kids to push someone down or to throw things at someone, if that person doesn’t do what we want them to do? Or, if that person makes a mistake? No, we don’t. That’s not how things work in a civilized society. Those actions are also a crime. The guy needs to get some anger management help. I’m glad to hear he was fired!

  8. Mark O'Brien

    ChrisV, it’s entirely possible I missed something. But when I went to visit the coaches of the college hoops teams for which my sons played, there wasn’t a drill sergeant in sight. And perhaps the coaches were overlooking something, as well; but neither of my sons was led to understand by their coaches that they were being trained to fight and die for their country.

    I’m thinking that if we point out these glaring oversights to Rutgers and the NCAA, Mike Rice can probably be reinstated, after which his players can quit being weenies, get out on the parade grounds, and present arms. What do they think they’re doing — playing a game?

  9. Richard

    This is a little diversion for Rutgers. All the BiG cares about is getting another $10 a year out of Jersey’s 3 million cable subscribers. That $30 mil pays Rutgers way and then the ad sales, upsells of Rutgers content to ESPN, and NYC strategy to get another $1 or $2 a year from NYC’s 7.5 million boxes is all gravy.

  10. Todd Zaino

    Well Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti has just joined former Coach Rice on the unemployment line!

    ESPN should be so proud! Imagine if the media vetted the creep in the White House the same way ESPN went after this story.

    PC 2 Common Sense Zip

  11. HC Here

    We don’t like this coach, but pundits laugh about how that old rascal Lyndon Baines Johnson would scream, hassle, and physically violate the space of those he wanted a vote from. Even today, Rahm Emanuel is admired for showing how he is the leader of the pack. The MSNBC crowd speaks with admiration how he jabs a knife into a table screaming “dead” in discussing people he has defeated politically.

    Aggression seems fine when liberals do it. Just pretend the coach is growing the next crop of Obama Zombies.

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