What greatness looks like, in doughnut form

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Brought to WNPR by me today in connection with my appearance on “The Wheelhouse” this morning. Purchased from (local business) Tastease in Hartford. You can live under the thumb of Dunkin or you can seek out something better.  (photographed by Catie Talarski)


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10 thoughts on “What greatness looks like, in doughnut form

  1. RH

    I have no problem with the idea of getting out from under Dunkin, but there isn’t even one shown I wouldn’t run away from. If you can’t make a doughnut worth eating without all that junk all over it you don’t know anything about making doughnuts.

  2. richard

    I don’t see a plain dunker in the bunch. You don’t dunk them do you? I maintain my 350 lbs of ill proportioned cardiac arresting flab via ribs and meatloaf. Not those candied sweets. Strictly for amateurs

  3. richard

    Did you feed these to Tony Soprano (James Gandolfino)? I might skip the late night ribs and cheesecake.

  4. V

    oh lighten up; the next time my 5 year old granddaughter comes to visit, i think an early morning visit to Tastease will be on the agenda. I’ll be the fun-Abuela!

  5. Billy Yo

    I for one am on a weight-losing program. This time, it will stick because I have made it a life-style change. I don’t eat much and what I do eat involves no sugars. Well, a little in the morning in coffee with my one egg. Ten of 15 pounds gone and I can once again fit into my dress leggins.

    But I was offered a tasty piece of cake with all the sugars on top and boy, did it taste good. But alias, the consumption is now a distant memory.

    If anyone needs to lose weight, I have the solution and for a reasonable fee,you may call me when your sugar jones arises and I will proceed to insult you over the phone and use any other verbal tactics to keep you from terrorizing that multi-colored donut staring back at you while the voice inside your head demands that you pillar(?) it.

    Excuse me, I must go for my run.

  6. HC Here

    Those donuts lo0k great, but how much does one cost compared to a Dunkin’ Donut? How fast would you burn through your pin money patronizing this vendor?

  7. Kate

    @HC Here – per your comment on price – they are actually less expensive than Dunkin and MUCH tastier. Do yourself a favor, go on down to Tastease on New Park Ave – buy a dozen FOR $5.00 and relish in the delishousness that the owners wake up at 4am everyday to MAKE FROM SCRATCH!

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