Why do you listen to these people?

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Especially Dick Morris.

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25 thoughts on “Why do you listen to these people?

  1. Todd Zaino

    The results are in and I want to die
    Another loss for the GOP guy
    Liberals continue to fleece
    We’ll soon be like Greece
    Where’s my big slice of Bill’s humble pie

    1. Bill Katz

      My delicious crow pie is going. I also have a little humble pie available just for those special people who need a taste of reality.

      No charge. Cool whip extra.

  2. HB

    All the polls were pretty much wrong. Especially the Exit Polls. They had us thinking it would be a very close race. Completely & totally wrong.

    They were all wrong because the polls don’t properly count younger people who mostly use cell phones. And the Exit Polls don’t properly count people who do early voting, because to do it the right way would cost too much money. So we end up with lousy polls.

    Basically its garbage in, garbage out.
    Just like most of the political pundits.

  3. Steven Seligman

    Because I always want to know what the “other side” is thinking, I frequently watch Fox–its bloviators–Karl Rove, Dick Morris, and others–were insisting that Romney would not only win but would win 330 electoral votes….complete madness. Then, tonight, when Fox’s own “Decision Desk” called Ohio for the President, Rove went into a crazed melt-down. The sycophant, Chris Wallace, gave him a platform to expound upon why Rove disagreed with the Fox guys who work the “back room.” Brett Baier then dispatched a reporter to the “Decision Desk,” where Fox’s own numbers crunchers insisted that Ohio was a “done deal” for Obama. Again, fat Karl Rove bloviated….these people are entirely unwilling to recognize or tell the truth. After the commercial (during which time, I would hope, they either sedated fat Karl or carted him off to a place where he would feel “safe”), psychotic Krauthammer started screaming about Obama “having no mandate.” Basically, the lunatic Dr. Krauthammer (a psychiatrist who is obviously incapable of healing himself) refuses to recognize democracy in action.
    I look forward tomorrow, at shortly after noon, to listening to another bloviator, Rush Limbaugh, who will ignore his claim that Romney would win 330 electoral votes and, like the Fox deniers, will deny the legitimacy of Obama’s victory.

    We live in the ugliest of times, and–I hope–that things will change. The fat blow-hards will exhort that Romney lost because he was “too moderate.” Tell the fat blow-hards that enough is enough…..it is time for some patriotism, which means that the blow-hards should argue for principle but–otherwise–shut-up when it comes to gauging patriotism by capitulating to their madness.

    Congratulations, America, for having the insightfulness and patience to give our President 4 more years. Opposition, you lost, now man/woman-up and let’s improve this country that you allegedly love.

    Of course, if the opposition ever got mature, I would miss the entertainment value of the Rove melt-down. But–if life in this country improves–I am willing to surrender that large pleasure.

  4. Bartleby45

    Laura Ingraham sets my teeth on edge, but she’s no dummy—one of the few who weren’t effusive about Romney’s chances. More than anything I love Rush Limbaugh spewing “But my thoughts, my intellectual analysis of this…Three hundred-plus electoral votes for Romney.” Rush? Intellectual analysis? Seriously?

  5. Urquhart

    And, apropos of nothing, now that it’s over do you think TV reporters can stop “honing in” on things and start “homing in” instead? If they begin practicing now, they can have it down by 2016. (If the Mayans are right, however, consider this complaint withdrawn.)

  6. BobD

    Polls? Wrong? I think some of them could not have been more accurate. It looks like Nate Silver is 99 out of 100 picking the states over the last two presidential elections. He has proven to be the gold standard. If you were reading his blog over the last two weeks, it would be hard to support an argument for a Romney win. The fact that the pontificating class missed it so badly is astounding. The “fundementals” of the race had been in Obama’s favor for a very long time. My theory is the pampered, white, wealthy people who are paid by the networks to offer “expert” advice have no sense of the changing electorate. Most have lost their fast ball (Rove), some never had one (Morris). It is like Paul Ryan comparing Obama to Carter, without stopping to think that many in the target audience had no idea who Carter is.

  7. Richard

    On Monday, simple poll aggregating services like Real Clear Politics had it at 235 Romney and +1 (D) in the Senate. Nate was at 231.2 Romney and +1.5 in the Senate.

    The dweeb in me wishes Nate was more accurate than the aggregators.

  8. ThresherK

    The axiom that covering political races is like calling a horse race insults people on the PA at Belmont and Pimlico.

    “Calling a horse race” isn’t about just getting it correct in the last 100 yards. Our pundits failed during much of the mile leading up to the non-photo-finish. And not on “both sides”.

  9. Lynne

    Beautifully stated, Steve Seligman.

    Like you, I tune in to hear the opposite side’s views and opinions on Faux News. I also catch snippets of Rush Lamebrain, just for laughs, although I must admit I cannot stomach much more than 10 minutes at a time of him. Karl “Humpty-Dumpty” Rove, Charles Krauthammer (could this guy have a more apprpriate last name?) and the Tweets of Trump illustrate just how out of touch and hateful these severe right-wing blowhards have become. They don’t know the meaning of “bi-partisan”, never mind trying to master the art of actually practicing itfor the good of the people they represent.

    Like you, I cling to the belief that “working across the aisle” can actually happen in today’s political hotbed. Sadly, it seems an impossibility. Hope springs eternal, however…

  10. peter brush

    Hope springs eternal, however…
    And, dopes spring eternal.
    Whine about lack of bipartisan-ship all you want. The canoe is going over the falls. What’s B.O. proposing to do about it?

  11. Bill Katz

    I fall in the camp of staying “undecided” to any tela marketing pollsters. It’s better to drive the pollsters crazy since they drive us crazy with calls. The office seekers puts out more and more money around the media thereby keeping everyone employed another day.

    Never ever… ever tell a pollster who you are voting for.

  12. Dan Greenlaw

    I think the polls in aggregate were very accurate. Both Nate Silver and Princeton Election Consortium had been predicting an Obama win and a fairly easy one (consistently over 300 electoral votes). I was amazed every time I heard the CNN and CBS pundents saying it was too close to call and could be days before they knew. The numbers where there and were proven to be correct.

        1. Bill


          Do you really think that the more neoconservative that runs for high office and in this case, while referring to Sarah Palin, a genuine ding bat, that a pick such as this will breed rewards for the Republican Party?

          1. Richard

            That’s the problem in the GOP. Mitt needed to stick to his gut instincts instead of ceding to the Ultras who carry the funding and the political weight in the South and West.

            I don’t think they could craft a message to win the Mid West this year. Obama outmaneuvered the GOP on corn ethanol mandates. The average price or corn/bushel under Obama has doubled over Bush and spiked even higher this Summer with drought and promises of increasing mandates.

            Obama wants to be known as the fracking president?

            That’s all they needed to hear in the Mid West Corn and Fracking Belt.

            Not one word about spotted owls from the Democrats during this campaign. It was run as a scorched earth with higher grain prices and lower energy prices campaign.

            Sure they compare natural gas to the Gold Rush and Sutter’s Mine of 1850. Doesn’t matter. Obama is taking credit and milking it for all it’s worth.

  13. Richard

    Cumulative Tally from the 2010-12 elections:

    GOP + 3 Senate Seats (45)
    GOP +10 Governorships (31)
    GOP +55 House (estimated 235)
    GOP Popular Vote (+2.3% to 48%)
    GOP Electoral Votes (+32 and Florida will turn Red after the recount making it +61 and NC is still a Red State at heart (248 EVs. Gay Marriage vote there anyone?).

    2014 election: Obama’s weakling Freshmen Senators come up for vote in 2014. Excellent opportunity for GOP gains in traditional GOP seats

    Let’s just say the GOP has a base to build on.

    The GOP has to court the Latino vote in the cities and separate it from the Black Vote and the Union Vote.

    Jack Kemp was able to bridge the divide with a strong Urban Renewal policy of Enterprise Zones with tax and regulatory breaks for urban start-ups and sole proprietorships. If the GOP can’t craft a jobs friendly urban tax plan that speaks to Latinos then they are forever lost in CT.

    There are so many holes in the Democrats platform: homelessness in CT is one. How do we spend $1.6 Trillion in Deficit and still have homelessness here? The Union Vig and maladministration is the answer. Corrupt priorities like retiring prison guards at age 44.

    Last year’s February homeless count suggested another 1,000 non-emergency beds in CT would largely take care of the physical problems of the unsheltered, That’s in the neighborhood of 6 beds per city or 1 bed per 3,500 residents in a city or town.

    There are huge gaping holes for the CT GOP to step in and plug with private/public partnerships ranging from school vouchers to homeless to urban job creation. All of them non-union.

    We know from the Donovan campaign the Democrats will fall on the sword of public sector unions at the expense of every other social mission and their own careers. Take advantage of it.

    1. Bill

      Humble pie or crow pie?

      Now it’s time for both sides to arrive a something called a compromise as was practiced in the olden days. One-sided demands is not a compromise.

      We will see.

  14. Richard

    Susana Martinez (my choice for Romney’s VP) nailed it on the head. She had several issues on Romney’s simplistic handling of Hispanics and Latinos. The GOP had their chances to win this and fell on the sword of the economic neo-cons again.

    >> In an interview with Newsweek, Martínez was unusually outspoken on immigration, in particular about Romney’s support of enforcement policies that would make undocumented immigrants so miserable that they will opt for self-deportation
    “‘Self-deport?’ What the heck does that mean?” she was quoted as saying in the story, which described her as snapping her answer. “I have no doubt Hispanics have been alienated during this campaign. But now there’s an opportunity for Gov. Romney to have a sincere conversation about what we can do and why.”

    “Republicans want to be tough and say, ‘Illegals, you’re gone.’ But the answer is a lot more complex than that,” Martínez said in the story.
    Then we have Martinez teeing off on the 47% statement: She is very pointed. Well-spoken and someone who would have kept Mitt’s handlers in line.

    Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM) criticizes Romney on 47%.

    “We have a lot of people that are at the poverty level in New Mexico, but they count just as much as anybody else,” Martinez said. “There is a net that does allow them to be caught and taken care of, whether it be through medical services, whether it be food services, whether it be with funding for apartments, for housing.

    “I think, certainly the fact that New Mexico provides that safety net is a good thing,” the Republican governor said

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