Why Hartford?

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(h/t Bobby Sherwood)

Why is the AP Hartford office part of the (undeniably chilling) Justice Department phone records grab? 


The records obtained by the Justice Department listed outgoing calls for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, for general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and for the main number for the AP in the House of Representatives press gallery, according to attorneys for the AP. It was not clear if the records also included incoming calls or the duration of the calls.


One of the reporters whose records were sought is the fearless Matt “My Name Is Matt Apuzzo; You Killed My Father; Prepare To Die” Apuzzo, who did titanic work in Connecticut circa 2006 on the Galante story and wrapping up interesting loose ends of the Rowland scandal.  But he does not work in Hartford anymore. So what gives?

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21 thoughts on “Why Hartford?

  1. Richard

    Best follow up headline yesterday: “Justice Department Complies With FOIA By Releasing Completely Redacted Document.”

    While the ACLU was seeking different information it paints a Nixonesque picture.

  2. Bill

    “…One ringy dingy. Two ringy dingies. Three ringy dingies… Hello, Muhammad Pizza and Grinders? Yes, Associated Press, Hartford. We would like to order a pizza with everything on it with delivery. It has been a long news day the the office staff is hungry. Yes, and could you throw a few incendiary devices in too? We want to do something about our competition at Bloomberg News. Oh, and can you throw in a couple of Pepsis?”

  3. DrHunterSThompson

    To witless:

    Maybe there is evidence that the mole called Hartford?

    Dude, seriously?


  4. Jim

    More “change we can believe in” from Obama!

    Drones, assassination program, indefinite detention, war on whistleblowers, illegal wars, sanctions against sovereign countries………

    Whew, glad there’s not a Republican in the White House!

  5. Reader

    Hmmm; no other link than Apuzzo to the naked eye, but then again the DOJ’s eye is anything but naked. Looking forward to hearing the story unfold.

  6. Todd Zaino

    IRS and AP-gate liberals are fit to be tied
    Could it be that Team Barry has lied
    A total abuse of power
    Has the Kool-Aid turned sour
    At the least with Watergate…nobody died

      1. peter brush

        The conservative bias in the mainstream press is now generally acknowledged. Bush got away with murder. Remember how he abused Judith Miller and Tim Russert just so he could throw Scooter Libby in jail for leaking?
        On the IRS, let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that “everybody does it,” and, to be not only cynical but egalitarian,that everybody does it absolutely equally. Can’t we then agree that it’s a bleeping awful idea to have the IRS enforcing the government’s new Democratic health insurance mandates?

        1. Todd Zaino


          The IRS enforcing ObamaCare…what possibly gone wrong? Trusting our government with 1/6th of economy…nothing to see here folks…keep quiet, and keep moving! If Dear Leader gets his immigration “reform” ObamaCare is going to the least of our worries.

          The government couldn’t run a cathouse on the Kennedy compound without screwing it up.

  7. Cynical Susan

    As posted by The Blue Street Journal (facebook), here are some statistics about embassy attacks under George Bush.

    January 22, 2002: US Consulate at Kolkata, 5 killed
    June 14, 2002 US Consulate at Karachi, 12 killed
    February 28, 2003: US Embassy at Islamabad, 2 killed
    June 30, 2004: US Embassy at Tashkent, 2 killed
    December 6, 2004: US Compound at Saudi Arabia, 9 killed
    March 2, 2006: US Consulate at Karachi, 2 killed
    September 12, 2006: US Embassy at Syria, 4 killed
    March 18, 2008: US Embassy at Yemen, 2 killed
    July 9, 2008: US Consulate at Instanbul, 6 killed
    September 17, 2008: US Embassy at Yemen, 16 killed
    Total deaths: 60

    Perhaps there is a big difference between these instances and Benghazi, I don’t know. I hope the whole story is told about Benghazi, whoever’s at fault. But to suggest that working in such places isn’t dangerous and to suggest that only this attack is the fault of an administration seems pretty disingenuous to me.

    1. Jim

      I got a novel idea. Let’s stop invading and occupying other countries, overthrowing regimes, torturing and killing their people, siding with bad guys to do our dirty work………..and then just maybe we won’t have anymore Benghazi’s.

      Funny how people resist foreigner’s meddling in their affairs. I wonder how we would like it?

  8. Todd Zaino

    Sung to the tune of Tom Perry’s “Free-falling”

    He’s a bad boy, loves his mama
    Loves Muhammad, and Kenya too
    He’s a bad boy, crazy ’bout Alinsky
    Loves lying and cover-ups too
    Now he’s free-free falling.

  9. Todd Zaino

    Barry’s the worst we’ve ever a’known
    Makes you forget who Monica was a’blown
    A Republican would be fried
    Remember four people died
    IRS and Benhgazi get a good leavin’ alone

    1. Bill

      Todd, relegate yourself to one limerick please ’cause your not very good at it.

      Lynne, speaking of meds, itIs time for my ambian. Good nighty.

  10. Lynne

    “Zany” is just waiting to fill his prescription for stronger meds, Susan. Ignoring real numbers and the truth about everyone in politics is part of his raging, obvious hatred of the left.


    1. Cynical Susan

      It IS sad, but I don’t want to blame it on a need for meds – that suggests that people who DO need meds (and we all know someone, I’m sure) are all raging and hate-filled.

    2. peter brush

      obvious hatred of the left
      You seem to think that’s a bad thing.

      Do you people have any thoughts, or just single sentence retorts heavy with juvenile insults?

      One might think that a true cynic would not only admit, but celebrate, the increasingly obvious gross corruption of the One who promised a new sort of politics to the naive and ignorant electorate. But, no; he’s still a swell guy with the good of the country at heart. Not cynical, but sentimental saps.

      Obamacare and the IRS upon you.
      As a result, fiscal policy discussions generally focus on current-year budget deficits, the accumulated national debt, and the relationships between these two items and gross domestic product. We most often hear about the alarming $15.96 trillion national debt (more than 100% of GDP), and the 2012 budget deficit of $1.1 trillion (6.97% of GDP). As dangerous as those numbers are, they do not begin to tell the story of the federal government’s true liabilities.

      The actual liabilities of the federal government—including Social Security, Medicare, and federal employees’ future retirement benefits—already exceed $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP. For the year ending Dec. 31, 2011, the annual accrued expense of Medicare and Social Security was $7 trillion. Nothing like that figure is used in calculating the deficit. In reality, the reported budget deficit is less than one-fifth of the more accurate figure.

      1. Bill Yo

        Peter, I don’t think hating the left is bad. It’s moronic, but not bad.

        I will readily criticize Obama for the mistakes of his administration. he was wrong on Lybia Should have sent in special forces or anyone with a gun in his hands. It would have been the right thing to do. he had nothing to do with the IRS. the director of that group was a W BUSH appointee. He dies have a weak attorney general who is not very intelligent. Obama should already have fired him. Obama is too loyal. It will hurt him and slim the chances for 8 more years of democratic rule. The prospect of this ending would be fully tragic except that we on the big and bad left have an ace up our sleeves.

        The fat man from NJ is a progressive in the style of Teddy Rossevelt. So put this in your pipe and smoke.

  11. John R. McCommas

    From here on out I am banning the catch phrase “Seriously”.

    Regarding the phone records, I was not even aware the police/ whatever needed a subpoena (sp?) to access phone records. What on Earth is the big deal? What are they (the AP) trying to hide?

    I will say that I don’t like this “press shield” thing being floated about. The news industry is not special. It should comply to the laws everyone else has to abide. My mind is fully made up on that.

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