Why, specifically, do you watch Joe Scarborough?

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This man is a fool.

Here’s he is berating Nate Silver because Silver, in his view, was saying Obama had pulled away from Romney.

“Anybody that thinks that this race is anything but a tossup right now is such an ideologue, they should be kept away from typewriters, computers, laptops and microphones for the next 10 days, because they’re jokes,”

And then here he is, after the election, berating conservative pundits and sites for not admitting the race was lost, when they knew for weeks, according to him, that the race was lost.

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Colbert has it right. Scarborough is such a blowhard moron that he offered two different predicitions on the election outcome. AND THEY WERE BOTH WRONG!

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14 thoughts on “Why, specifically, do you watch Joe Scarborough?

  1. Sherry

    Joe is a blowhard. Nate Silver kept me calm during campaign. He’s my hero! Mika and some if the Morning Joe guests are worth the watch but Joe is irksome. Watch Gayle King instead.

  2. Richard

    It’s Cable Cutting time. Did it Wednesday. I need more music, art, and culture and less cable. I’m at the point that a raw diet of Hentai (Anime Porn) would be a step up from watching Fox or MSNBC or Storage Wars.

    I had too much political testosterone in my diet and needed some estrogen so I watched ‘The Hours’ to cleanse my pallet. There’s nothing that cheers me up like suicidal women obsessing over a self-destructive Richard in locales like Richmond. Estrogen! The best cure for all that mindless campaign braggadocio.

  3. Bill

    Watching conservatives fighting with each other post election have become one of my pleasures.

    I’m likin it.

    What I find most intriguing is the conservative dialogue about how to seduce more Hispanics into the GOP.

    Well frick me… Maybe they should
    stop beating on and berating them.

    Hopeless freakos.

  4. Jennifer Cooper

    I’ve never heard of the fellow. Worse: he’s never heard of me. That being the case, I shan’t listen!

  5. mick

    They’re all pathetic. Have you seen Rove complaining about Obama “suppressing the vote” by pointing out Romney’s flaws. Talk about desperate!

  6. Todd Zaino

    Vote Hope and Change it’ll be a big hit
    Four more years of this lawless dim-wit
    Golf and hoops he really tries
    Look at all of the countless lies
    Our country’s run by a total piece of s&%t

  7. Todd Zaino

    This coming from a pseudonym who once asked me if I suffered from Tourette syndrome! Your BS must be popular in liberal white wine drinking, quiche-eating circles…but in Realville, they pity and mock you. As we race towards looking more like Greece than America, I’ll be sure to send you a thank you card Cynical. As an elderly woman I am confident you won’t be around to enjoy all of crap that Obama’s policies will put us through…but many here who have children and grandchildren will suffer greatly… I’ll bet they too would love to thank you and your Obama-supporting buddies. Nice leftist legacy!

  8. Todd Zaino

    Enjoy your crisp white wine, a bite or two of quiche, and your free Obamaphone…because, with Barry, everything is going to be F-R-E-E! Free healthcare, free housing, free college tuition, free food…free! Free! Free!

    There’s no such thing as Santa, the Easter Bunny, or socialism ever working. Being told to stay classy
    from a pseudonym…makes me smile. Is Cynical really as cynical as she claims, is she a Susan or a Sammy? 12 or 88? Must be nice to write whatever you like…sans the backbone-must really be nice.

    Anyone want ice cream to go with some free cake! Anyone!?

  9. maureen...moe

    jen cooper! watch morning joe. where else can you watch mika and cast drink vodka @ 9AM, a practice that started on the last day of the republican convention? or maybe it was the first day. I love it!

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