Win – Win

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h/t Wolfberg

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3 thoughts on “Win – Win

  1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

    It’s a cleaver and very funny ad. I recall dialogue in another Hartford Courant forum when a libertarian medical doctor, who relentlessly complained of tax oppression, signed out on the day Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court. His last message was that he would close his practice and move to Costa Rica. Presumably, he flew.

    I thought of leaving under W Bush and returning to Europe where I lived for a few years long ago. Europeans know how to get along with each other and the world at large much better then we do. We seem to carry forward a dominance complex more popular in the colonial era.

    1. Richard

      The Eurpean myth again?

      After WW II the Europeans were forced to get along much better with each other. Let’s not glorify people who only learned after two World Wars and countless genocides during the first half of the 20th Century.

      We are speaking about Vichy France right? They knew how to get along and support other cultures.

      Or those wonderful socialists who adopted National health care because the by product of WW I and WW II was a population devestated with inadequate war-wracked infrastructurethe amd war wounded: amputees; psychological debilitations; and various chemical or nuclear debilitations dating back to WW I. The triage situation was so bad they had to implement government health care. They couldn’t keep track of the billing for returning popualtions without jobs!

      The building of public housing to house the displaced (not just the impoversihed) and to house workers as the industrial base was rebuilt is another socialist ideal largely implemented after WW II due to the destruction of housing stock from war bombings and artillery and sabotauge.

  2. equality 7-2521

    The religion of patriotism and overt pride in the military, that is the pride in being able to kill more people and destroy more things, has gotten out of hand here.

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