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Oh. My. God.

Just a few random observations.

1. How weird is it that the person outing Rowland here is his former press secretary, now working for Greenberg?

2. It now seems likely that some candidate in that race — Mike Clark? — will file an FEC complaint. You’ve got the history of Rowland in 2010 seeking a laundered payment. And you’ve got the current story of Rowland working for the Wilson-Foley campaign and having been paid by a different Foley entity and nobody being willing to say what for or when. Campaigns are required to document what they spend money on. You can’t claim somebody’s a volunteer and then pay him a different way.

3. I’ll have more to say about this in some longer future post or column, but today, as we prepared for a show about Republicans in Connecticut in 2012, my mind drifted back to the pre-Rowland era.  I started covering the Capitol as a wee lad in 1979. To my eyes, the Republicans were unquestionably the party of principle. Gerald Stevens. Larry Denardis. Russell Post. John Berman. The young Chris Shays.  I could go on. These were men without taint who were genuinely appalled by the greasy machine that was the Democratic party of that era. The Democrats had been in power too long. They were corrupt and utterly beholden to special interests. It was impossible for me to trust them and difficult not to trust (and prefer) the Republicans. And the came the Rise of Rowland and the loss of innocence.  The Republicans now have a chance to recapture that old flame. They’re not going to win a hell of a lot of major elections, but at least they could die on the cross for a heavenly cause. I can’t believe they want Rowland in there, sleeves rolled up, bringing back memories of this disasteful time.



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2 thoughts on “Woof!

  1. Richard

    I think Lowell set the evils in motion.

    Loved the younger Lowell who supported the Negative Income tax, poverty level guaranteed income, and direct cash assistance eliminating the corrupt nanny state union bureaucracy sucking at the teat. That was Federal Lowell. The Nixonian GOP.

    Eliminate student loans, the standard deduction, all loopholes and credits including mortgage deductions, disability, unemployment, and social security and welfare. Everyone gets the minimum income indexed to poverty level ~$11,000 today plus Medicare or Medicaid. Direct payment. No public sector union or non-profit teat suckers needed or wanted.

    By the time Lowell left office in 1995 the younger Lowell had lost. The public sector unions and corporations and prison industry won.

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