Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini’s Pay More Than Tripled Last Year

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The CEO of Aetna Inc., Mark T. Bertolini, had a 2012 pay package that more than tripled — nearly quadrupled — his compensation the year before, according to documents filed Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bertolini was compensated a total of $36.36 million last year, not including $11.1 million in stock awards which vest later and are based on the company’s performance.

The bulk of Bertolini’s pay last year was $34.23 million in value from stocks vested and options exercised in 2012. He also received a $977,159 salary, $892,800 in non-equity incentives and $256,971 in “other compensation.” This does not include an increase of $33,584 in his pension value.

In 2011, Bertolini was compensated $9.7 million, not including $7.3 million in stock awards.

Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener said, “Bertolini received no salary increase in 2012 and his bonus was down 55%. The long-term stock payouts reported in 2012 actually include two years’ worth of equity grants from prior years.  No long-term equity grants are scheduled to pay out in 2013.”

Chief Financial Officer Joseph M. Zubretsky was compensated $21.39 million, not including $4.5 million in stock awards that have a future value and depend on the company’s performance.

Kristi Ann Matus, executive vice president of government services, was compensated $2.5 million, not including $3.8 million in stock awards that have a future value and depend on the company’s performance.

Margaret M. McCarthy, executive vice president of operations and technology, was compensated $11.9 million, not including $2.75 million in stock awards that have a future value and depend on the company’s performance.

Karen S. Rohan, who left her position as president of Magellan Health Services Inc. in June 2012 and became Aetna’s executive vice president of specialty products, was compensated $693,661, not including $3.68 million in stock awards that have a future value and depend on the company’s performance.

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97 thoughts on “Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini’s Pay More Than Tripled Last Year

  1. Mary Johnson

    This is very disappointing, actually it is sad. While employees with 25 years or more had to give up a week of vacation time. Then all employees were told even though 2012 was a good year compensation packages would be less because we had not met our objectives. So does this equal the 2% increase everyone got?

    1. Insulted employee

      Totally agree with your comment. Bonus slashed by 40% and increase of 2%. What an insult to dedicated, high performing employees.

      1. Disappointed Employee

        I totally agree with you all… is nice to know that we were all told the same thing when it came to raises and bonuses this year. It makes me very concerned for our future if he feels we didn’t meet expectations but for some reason feels he did and deserves that kind of money!! OMG thouroughly disgusted right now!!!

    2. Pissed off Aetna Employee

      This is absolutely insane! Not only can I not afford my insurance because what the employees are offered is so horrible, I didn’t get a raise that would even cover the cost of gas. Most employees did not even get 2%!!!! Our variable schedules were taken away (going against the work/life balance preachings), 5th week vacation incentive taken away from long time employees. This company does NOT value it’s employees, the company has changed for the worst over the years. It’s only going to get worse with another layoff soon coming. Keep sending work offshore Mark! It’s the American way!!! or even better, take another extravagant trip at your employees expense.

  2. jason

    half the work force are 10 dollar an hour or 20k a year temp workers with no benefits so these people can be motivated by avarice. The sad part is they think they EARNED it ???? slime

  3. Former Aetna Employee

    All Aetna employees should be picketing outside the office building in protest of this disgrace. What kind of leader gives his employees 2% while his earnings nearly quadruplde???? Totally selfish.

    1. Insulted employee

      and, not only just a tiny 2% increase, but slashing bonus $$ by 40% or more using the excuse of company performance.

  4. Stunned

    This is a perfect example on why healthcare is so expensive. No one person is ever worth that kind of money. How can any descent person even think that they are worth that much!

  5. Jack

    Pigs at the trough. Our entire economy is unsustainable, yet we have guys like this at the top. When the revolution comes and it will, it’s going to get real ugly. Sadly, most people are more interested in the womens UCONN basketaball team.

  6. Another Insulted EE

    This truly disgusts me, knowing that are CEO’s are getting this type of compensation while us little worker bees do all the work and get nothing but a boot out the door or our job taken away from us and given away to outsource. This is just so so sad!

  7. WTF?

    You all should just walk out. Seems like only folks getting by are these high level execs. Unite for change this 3x-4x salary increas has got to show some of you the light.

  8. WTF?

    Which makes me think I’m sure your benefits have been decreased as well. All this to line those pockets? Think about it.

  9. Appalled

    I am seriously appalled!! Aetna holds all employees to the company’s values: Employee Engagement, Quality Service and Value, Excellence and Accountability; last but not less “Integrity” which is doing the right thing for the for the reason! Well gluttony is not Integrity. We work for this healthcare company and pay for a ridiculous amount in premiums which our monetary raises doesn’t even meet the hike. I am a nonsmoker that exercises several times a week. With the millions you made, you could of put it towards the employees and paid our premiums for a full year. We work for a company that also charges us to work there by paying for parking on their own property. Mark, by setting this example it’s no wonder why department heads (i.e. I was going to name some but what’s the point) follow your lead and keep lying to their employees too. They have no integrity in their works ethics so this carries over to the home life too. You are no role model!! So what’s the point of the employees of holding their end of the business conduct and integrity if the President bluntly refuses too ergo no need of a HR department too (no one is on the hard workers side). You might as well stop spending our time with employee surveys too! I work extremely hard for the company every day, put my heart and sole into what I do just to make less than the previous year. It’s sad to say that I have had looked into obtain assistance via food share. You tell the employees that we didn’t make our target metrics so that raises and bonus are cut back but yet where did all of these millions come from that you gave yourself? The Aetna moto is “We want you to know”, well we are not well informed but lied too again and again.
    The last person who ran Aetna poorly is now working with Obama with universal health care. Will Mark be looking to get his grips into this too and bankrupting the tax payers? Aetna sponsors lots of events and charities, well at this point, the employees not departments heads are the new charity cases so pass out the wealth!!!

    1. Digusted employee

      Employee surveys???? Last year and now this year the employee surveys don’t even allow us provide any real feedback, only 1-5 responses to their questions. Its a big joke. They should all be ashamed.

      1. Retired Employee

        The Employee Survey is a joke. Always has been and always will be. Senior and Middle Mgmt use High Performance Culture to control the employees. They need to lead by example. Personally, I think they should out source mgmt jobs.

  10. Fortinbras

    It’s truly tragic to think of how loathsome, grasping, and despicable people can become when “envy” is their defining personality characteristic. If you pathetic miscreants think you’re undercompensated get a better job, if you can’t, then you’re not undercompensated. Don’t begrudge the man his success simply because you’re incapable of achieving it.

    1. Appalled

      It’s the pee-ons that made him successful; he didn’t do it all by himself. Show some gratitude.

      1. Fortinbras

        The great advantage of peons is that they’re easily replaced. This is because they lack a rarified skill and their contributions are similarly pedestrian.

        1. One of the Peons

          Nice Try Mr. Bertolini…

          Assuming you’re just some sociopath and NOT Mark Bertolini venting on the internet, I WOULD lecture you on labor economics and recession’s impact on wages and go over the last 30 years of economic history to explain how the idea that “If you can’t get a better job it’s your fault” is a bunch of swill, but I imagine you’d just respond with some mindless libertarian bromide about hard work and bootstrapping. Your ignorance and contempt for people who are exploited by this company while its management makes enough to finance their own space program says a great deal about the void in your own character and not a whole lot about the people who are rightly outraged their own livelihood is threatened so a CEO and CFO (and really, what rarified skill do they have pray tell? Aside from connections and a lack of social conscience) can reap enough money to prevent pay freezes for the rest of the company.

          Or, more simply, go jump off a high rise.

        2. Another Peon

          The full time EE’s here are not easily replaced. Your fail logic is fail. Nothing pedestrian about 1 person doing 3 jobs at a level thats resets the industry standard continually. This clown is reaping the rewards while we are getting lied to.

    2. Jon

      Fortinbras you ignorant shill. The economy is horrible, no jobs for a lot of folks and you say, just get a better job?
      Crawl back to your rock

      1. Fortinbras

        So Jon, since nobody is willing to pay you more than you currently get from Aetna. Then Aetna is bad? You’re a “special” case of cognitive dissonance.

          1. Fortinbras

            That’s not my logic. It was my attempt to get Jon to explain his logic (which is not forthcoming). Incidentally, “fail” is either a noun or a verb, not an adjective or adverb. You learn that stuff from cartoons.

        1. One of the Peons

          You’re blaming him for a high unemployment economy where demands for higher wages are met with “Be fucking thankful you have a job”? Do you not understand even the fundamental basics of how people who are not at the highest tiers of their respective professions and have financial responsibilities other than themselves (spouse, children, aging parents) might feel outraged at being taken advantage of, but not be willing to see people they care about suffer to stand on principle and quit? Are you truly so bereft of empathy?

          Or are you so far gone into libertarian fantasy you think people deserve it? That if they’re not paid enough to build their own swimming pools and fly 1stClass around the world that it proves some sort of failing on their part?

  11. @Fortinbras

    Clearly you don’t see the point you mental midget. The EE’s are saying they are being lied to about how bad the company is doing and this comes out. EE’s are being told the company is doing bad which results in only 2% raises. Well as you can see the company is only doing bad for the, as you described pathetic miscreants, which are the machines that keep the company going.

    1. Fortinbras

      So what? If they don’t trust the company (because they’re being lied to) and aren’t happy with their raises they should quit. That should really teach the company a lesson if they indeed “are the machines that keep the company going.” Just stop the pathetic whining about somebody else getting too much.

      1. One of the Peons

        Someone’s servant (who he no doubt pays minimum wage to and doesn’t provide with health insurance) woke them up on the wrong side of their finely apportioned 4 poster bed this morning…

  12. Insulted

    The “So What?” attitude is not what built our company. You’ll see somme of our values listed, and they are being broken by the same folks who created them.

    1. Fortinbras

      What built your company is people working together for mutual benefit and being compensated for their voluntary efforts based on rarity of skill set and dedication. If you find that covenant has been breached, leave. If not, stay. I don’t know what “values” you’re referring to but I think it’s unseemly to grouse about someone’s compensation because the company values it more highly than your own.

    2. Jon

      You know, it’s almost sad that the employees still bust their butts and do their best to keep this company strong only to see the fruits of their efforts go to scum like Mark. Some folks still have honor and integrity but it’s not anyone above the first line managers.

      1. Fortinbras

        It’s “sad” that people perform the work they were paid to perform? Honor and integrity indeed. Some employees at Aetna that have worked there for 40 years, then they fake retiring with a wink and a nod to their manager, and get hired back to the supposed hellhole in order to double dip. That seems like embezzlement to me. At least the people who decided to pay Bertolini weren’t being scammed by the likes of you. I thought z/OS paid well. You need to reevaluate who is the real scum.

        1. @Fortinbras

          Fake retire? Must be a splendid world you live in where facts and morals are mere sidebars to reality.

          1. Fortinbras

            Jon, that was an error you responded as “@Fortinbras” instead of “Jon.” Additionally, your response makes no sense. I understand you’re upset. Go to bed. You’re too old for this kind of agitation.

        2. Jon

          You make comments about other people’s morals but are hiding behind your pseudonym. I guess you are afraid to reveal yourself. I would be also if I was such a company apologist.
          Aetna made a concerted effort to take away pensions that people had earned and were promised as a condition of their employment. If someone is able to save what was left of their original pension then that is intelligence not embezzlement. The ‘embezzlement’ is the company taking away peoples earned benefits.

  13. Liam McGee

    Fantastic news. Another CT banana that made $36,000,000 more than me. If I was one of these guys, I would be so happy that I would probably crap my pants everyday. It would be cool if the company actually gave its employees a nice raise at least once every 5 years….2% once a year really sucks. Why not give employees a 10% raise sometime. Why not?

    1. Fortinbras

      Right, because unions have have crippled every industry in which they’ve gained strength so why not insurance? That’s why most union jobs are in the public sector; it’s a little tougher to put the government out of business. We’re on our way though…..

      1. One of the Peons

        Be more of a company PR plant, I DARE you. You think unions cripple industry, ask Ford, which pulled in more profit last year than Aetna makes in 10, and used a nice chunk of it to give their unionized work force profit sharing checks.

        Or ask the entire country of Germany. Or Scandanavia, or Japan. Really miserable ruined industries there.

        Just because you clearly enjoy the thought of paying people as little as you can get away with because you lack basic human empathy doesn’t mean it’s good economics or good corporate governance.

        1. Fortinbras

          Jon, what do you pay the kid who cuts your lawn? You give him healthcare? Right, so it’s morally reprehensible for everyone else to not pay more than market dictates for the service provided but it’s OK for you. I got it. Cognitive dissonance.

          1. Logic

            Yet again you are making rash compairisons that have no real relevance to the subject matter. Crawl back to your whole you make no sense. Your fail logic is fail.

  14. Elmer Fudd

    I used to believe that the best medicine for this kind of conduct would be for employees to unionize. However, if that ever happened at Aetna they would relocate in a heartbeat.

    The executives have this game rigged so there’s no way employees or stockholders can do much about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing that can be done is to tax these ill-gotten gains to oblivion at the federal level, the way it was in the pre-Reagan years. That way they can steal all they want and at least come public good will come of it.

  15. Joyce

    Why be in the mafia when you can legally loot and steal from Public companies as an “executive” Its not their company they are just a hired employee like the rest of the employees…”Executive” compensation needs to be regulated at Public companies like so many other aspects of a Public company is regulated. If these “executives” do not like the regulated pay plans they can go start their own private company and make as much as they can earn by their “skills”….MBAs are a dime a dozen in this country how hard is it to run an established organization. They are NOT worth the obscene money they feel self entitled to.

  16. Rick

    How will our consumer driven economy survive by paying so much profit to the top 1% and so little to everyone else?

  17. Dout

    Now tell me again how Connecticut’s insurance companies are struggling under Obamacare.

  18. John Q Publick

    Aetna recently took 1 week of PTO/Vacation/Sick time from its 25+ year employees. Told everyone its the cost of doing business in these un-certain times, with all the changes occurring in HealthCare. They gave 2% raises recently, employees were told the same story. Its upsetting, but many of us are thankful to have a job. They keep selling “stay positive during “”change””, translated, just drink the kool-aid, smile and look the other way while your job is outsourced.

    Aetna has approximately 3,800+ Outsourced Indian workers from Infosys and Cognizant, working here on H1B visa’s. The 3,800 is only the tip of the Iceberg, as the onsite offshore ships coding work back to India. That is a lot of jobs.

    The Outsourcers get about 50-60% of the pay the American Aetna workers get, no benefits, so great savings to Aetna.

    We were told that maybe those savings “saved” the company, but apparently the savings filtered upward.

    Some area’s “metrics” are set for 80% Indian Outsourced. So recently, and area was 79.2%, and they layed off 2 American workers to get back over 80%. Rumor has it they want to get to 87.5% “metrics” this year.

    Other items not for Public knowledge, the company went to NetJets maybe a decade ago, and a couple years ago, they bought a high end, expensive Jet, that can go around the world without re-fueling or something along those lines. How much was that, 100 million, 200 million? If they kept the old jet, or bought a medium end jet, how many “normal” jobs could that have saved?

    Its getting quite ridiculous and disgusting. The job economy is such that you cant just walk out the building and picket, because you will be replaced by an Indian Outsourcer.

    At least 2 of the people named on the Salary list were layed off from CIGNA, so “they” take care of each other, all set for life.

    Greed and lying at its worst.

    1. disgusted by this

      the absurdity of this compensation is only matched by the outsourcing deals that aetna has entered into. H1B visa holders are supposed to be used for highly skilled positions that can’t be provided by local workers and the H1B visa holders should be paid comparable wages; neither is the case here.

      the typical skill set of an on-source resource is as that of a person with a few years experience; nothing exceptional. the skill set of an off-shore resource is less. for IT it’s usually someone learning to code so the deliverable is of poor quality that requires significant oversight and rework to simply make it functional and meet the business needs. the re-work then gets billed separately, so the cost per hour from an aetna perspective should be a secondary or tertiary concern.

      1. Jon

        You are giving the H1B folks too much credit! I and my co-workers have to deal with their code which is worse than that written by first year college students. It’s amazing anything gets done on our computer systems with the hundreds of ABENDs that they cause every day.

  19. demoralized

    We have layoffs every 6 months; sometimes more frequently than that. How can a CEO make so much money while at the same time laying people off in this terrible economy? Mark you are not a rock star, last time I checked, although you may conduct yourself, and now pay yourself, like one. Not only are your employees insulted, but customers will not be happy about premium increases when CEOs are so overpaid.

    1. Logic

      And Mark admitted that all these layoffs were upper level managements fault yet he gets this reward. What a joke this place is.

      1. One of the Peons

        It’s hardly just Aetna, Bertolini is merely an average example of the CEO class and their parasitic relationship with profitable companies.

  20. Silence Dogood

    This latest arrogance will pale by comparison when Mark Bertolini starts shipping thousands of Aetna jobs to other states upon the close of the Coventry deal. It is not only the Aetna employees, but also the community that is injured by Mark’s pay actions. Mark penalized Aetna employees by reducing pay bonuses on average 40% because they failed to meet unrealistic stretch goals. Keep in mind that Bertolini spends a small fraction of his earnings locally, as opposed to most Aetna employees. Too bad Ron Williams retired and left the reigns in Mark’s hands – Ron was the only one able to keep the kid in the candy shop from exploiting and bullying everyone.

    It was the good old days when Ron admonished Mark for driving his Ferrari to the office. Now noone has the presence to shut Mark down. For those who remember the days of Dick Huber who almost brought Aetna to its knees with his arrogance, Mark is son of Huber.

    1. Retired Employee

      I agree. Ron Williams was a class act, cared about the company and its’ employees. Mark can’t hold a candle to Ron. The comparison to Mark is son of Huber is priceless. Hopefully, Aetna board members will give Mark his walking papers.

      1. One of the Peons

        Williams just put a smiley face on it, he got the same ridiculous bonuses for laying people off regardless of profitability, he just didn’t give off the same “Go die in the streets, peasant” vibe that Bertolini does.

    2. How true

      Did you see this clown bring his dog into work? It’s not a service animal either. And as he strolled down the hall he boasted about it. Also did you know he has an Apple PC? Lol yes that’s true, only one at Aetna. So he thinks he’s special. Well I hope he likes talking to himself at his worthless meetings I’m done humor ing him and won’t bother showing up or listening. Also first chance I get I’m out, I’m not letting this regeim ruin my resume. This place is going down in flames.

  21. James

    It is amazing in this country that we still think that Corporations can solve are problems when they are the ones who created them. We need to wake up America and get these corporations out of our governments. Sell us @#$! but stay out of politics.

    Corporations since 1980’s
    1. Destroyed Middle Class and the American Dream
    2. Destroyed our environment
    3. Ruined our government
    4. Caused a major financial collapse
    5. Destroyed the protections for workers
    6. Poisoned our food supply

    All in the name of one thing: Profit

  22. Connecticut Is Dying Too

    The sun rises in the east and so it’s time for another Courant class warfare-baiting “how much does this executive make” article.

    Seriously? Who cares? If you don’t like it, become a CEO and quit whining about what others make.

    1. One of the Peons

      Become a CEO! Absolutely, sign me up, I can wear nice suits, use mindless corporate buzz words written by someone I’m not even bothering to give healthcare to and lay off people so I can get a bonus. I can even sneer with disdain at people who say that’s bad corporate governance and tell them “They just don’t understand how to leverage our core competencies to build a sustainable growth model for competitive development”

      There is a class war, and the people like Bertolini are winning an absolute rout.

        1. Logic

          Everybody is a loser, including the CEO, including the Company, and believe it or not you too.

  23. John Q Publick

    @ Disgusted’s comment “H1B visa holders are supposed to be used for highly skilled positions that can’t be provided by local workers and the H1B visa holders should be paid comparable wages; neither is the case here.”,

    You are so correct, that’s our Federal Govt letting H1B fall threw the cracks. They are cheap labor, no better, no worse. Totally unbalanced playing field on that.

    Also, Obama has former election staff member, Ann Fudge, on Infosys Board:
    In June, 2011, it was announced that Ann Fudge would join the board of Indian technology and outsourcing company Infosys on 1 October 2011, as an Additional Director.

  24. Just noticed

    Wow this is a travesty. I see him on MSNBC sometimes. If he was half as good as he talks his game we wouldn’t see this outrage from the own Aetna workforce. Selling this stock, in good conscience I could never own it seeing this mess.

  25. One Very Pissed Off Employee!

    Wow, what a spin they put on a overpaid BS’r and how he isn’t really making what The Courant claims he makes?

    At a recent Town Hall meeting, the usual talk of layoffs, which happen every 3 months. Employees live in fear, can’t make plans to do anything because they never know if they will still be an employee by the time they actually take the vacation!

    They tell the shareholders how great Aetna is doing, but tell the employees something completely different. They take away our vacation time, give us crappy reviews so we don’t get raises, then expect us to work 24/7.

    Can’t wait to give notice! Won’t miss this place one bit.

    1. Fortinbras

      I expect they won’t miss you either. However I’m sure that’s all pathetic bluster.

      1. One of the Peons

        Probably because his concern for providing for his family trumps his disgust and outrage, so he, like most people who work jobs for people they hate, don’t follow their principles for the sake of their responsibilities to their families and die a little bit inside each day.

        Or as I’m sure you’d call it “the wonders of the free market.”

  26. Insulted employee #30,000

    It was the “best year in Aetna history” & I recieved the best year end rating of my decade long career (4), recieved half of my prior year merit & bonus.

  27. Bertolini Blog

    Who’s going to start it up on the blog. I know many many folks are waiting for the ice to be broken. Fear for your job because you have an opinion has to end, we need to let the board and Mark know we are sick and tired of their bullshit.

  28. Aetna I'm Glad I Met Ya

    I never would begrudge anyone for making as much money as they can, regardless of how obscene it was. I do recognize some of the money was from prior incentives vesting out. But by any measure, you had a great year. Good for you, now let’s compare years. I’ve got about 20 more years in the company if that means anything…my raise was 2% and a miracle happened where my increased cost of insurance didn’t eat that all up this year. Inflation did though. Of course, my bonus was reduced by 25% because of poor company results…if yours was then I apologize for bringing that up..I know it may mean holding off on that second bungalow in the Hamptons. It’s good to see they funded more of your pension, Aetna froze mine a decade ago. I bet you also get retiree medical benefits, something else that was taken away after being earned, and you also got over two hundred thousand for ‘other compensation’. Probably helps pays for your parking that I had to start paying out of my paycheck taking that year’s 2% raise. It really is endemic to the entire corporate culture; as JFK once said (paraphrasing) the wave of prosperity should lift all boats’. In today’s world it only lifts the very few leaving the rest of us to struggle against the surf.

  29. 32 year employee

    In retrospect, I was a fool to devote my entire career at Aetna. That loyalty has bitten me in the ass several times now. I have had some great managers, but suffered through several poor regimes. MB is just the latest of the a$$holes.

    1. Insulted

      I’ve heard that from so many long timers. You folks built the company just to get taken advantage of. Despicable disgusting act. Screw the litte guy, that’s the game. While the bigs make enough money to last generations. Fucking disgusting. Small chance if fait puts me in front of this jerk in need of help, but if so be it I’ll return the favor.

    2. Fanny Burns

      @ 32 Year Employee, Amen at everything you said. John Filer is turning in his grave right now.

      The Stock Price keeps going up, so there’ll probably be a bronze statue of Bragolini put up, they should put it at the Sigourney Bus Stop Station so the Infosys and Cognizant H1B Boys can salute in when they bus in and out every day.

  30. sohbet

    So, we have gotten to the point where making over $94,000 is poor? Just the beginning of socialism, where we all make the same and live the same. benim için oynwarm?s?n

  31. James Moore

    This problem is everywhere. The CEO of our local not-for-profit 229 bed hospital was given constant pay increases with total compensation over $1million while giving no raises to anyone and cutting bonus and profit-sharing plans. What did the local governing board do? Have dinner with the CEO. What did the attorney general do? Nothing. 7000 signatures of protest in a 36000 person town and nothing was done. It takes great ear plugs to ignore a message that loud.

    These situations will not reverse until we put politicians in office who will force change. It will not happen willingly. The game is rigged to concentrate wealth.

  32. Rudy Washburn

    Just wait til the purchase of Coventry is finalized in a few weeks and Aetna announces more layoffs and restructuring of those positions.

  33. Pasquale DeLorenzo

    Guess you can’t afford the price of a stamp to respond to a policy holders request (certified mail) made on behalf of his infant grandson who is insured (or not) by your company. Now we are going into our 4th round after 3 denials of service. After that it will be time for legal actions than maybe you won’t make your financial goals so as to hit the numbers you need for your bonus…

  34. Joseph Anthony Bruschetta

    After reading through the various comments back and forth between many former and current Aetna employees and Fortinbras (aka Mark Bertolini), I felt compelled to respond. I, too, am a former Aetna employee, who, like countless others have dedicated their lives to the success of our company. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that you, Fortinbras, are Bertolini, or someone in a similar position. I am bewildered by the fact that you are deaf to the screams of your disgruntled employees as you are you not listening to what your employees are telling you? It’s also obvious that you are a certified moron and an ASS. Your disdain and attitude is inexcusable as you fail to listen to the masses from which you reap your unjust rewards is appalling! You have no compassion, and you obviously take great pride in throwing insults at your loyal and dedicated workforce who want nothing more than Aetna to be prosperous and successful, while at the same time, they are afforded some fruits of their hard work. These are your followers, or were, however, you are NOT anything remotely simulating a leader! What is wrong with you? You are despicable, worthless, asinine, and your lack of business acumen, management style and strategy is bewildering! It reminds me of a field general who commands his troops to go into battle and then dishonors them by verbal assaults and insults, which only infuriates them, and then you ration their food and water while you sit and eat your gargantuan meal and drink not water, but wine. Then you expect these soldiers to perform at their peak on the front lines, putting their lives on the line to save your ass and make you look good as you receive yet another medal. Let me tell you that you are no general, not even a stupid one. I have to agree with your employees’ estimation. They are being kind when they call you a moron and a scumbag! Your failed strategy does not enforce and encourage loyalty, respect, and honor, but rather initiates betrayal and mutiny. In other words, your asinine comments, moronic attitude, and lack of compassion will eventually lead to your disaster, demise, and failure, and what is worse is that you are bringing the company down with you! You are a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself! By your comments, you have insulted every American worker who puts his heart and soul into working to his potential to make his/her company be successful and profitable, and then you make this huge blunder by antagonizing your bread and butter. Every worker in America, as well as every honest and descent CEO (the very few that still exist) think of you as nothing more than a vermin, a leech, and a scum to be handed a few thousand lashes and then be banned from society. You will never understand that it’s really not about money, but it’s also about fairness, truth, honesty, and integrity. It’s about being compensated appropriately for their contribution. Can you say that you have been appropriately compensated for YOUR contribution? Your employees don’t really care if you are awarded $36M or $96 Bazillion. It is about equality, fairness, honesty, and integrity. You are rolling in dough while you are denying these hard-working soldiers their due, denying them of their benefits, denying them parking privileges, denying them adequate medical coverage which is at a much higher cost than those of the clients which we serve and buy our products. Then you proceed to lie to them by fabricating lies by painting an erroneous picture of the difficult, unprofitable, and very competitive quarterly or annual P&L of the company, so that you can justify handing out a meager 2% salary increase to some of your employees (if you are lucky), and then you proceed to place the full blame on Obamacare. All this while you have reduced your workforce and tripled the workload of every employee that is remaining, while at the same time, you tripled your salary. There is no justification for such an absurd salary increase in such a difficult economic climate. Employees are coerced to relinquish some of their earned benefits and in addition are not adequately compensated according to the value of their contribution to the growth and profitability of the corporation, which fill your pockets with unearned stash. It is shameful and dishonest! The, you add additional insults by skewed performance appraisals, PDR’s, or other nonsensical term you attribute to these. Fortin bras, you should be required to complete a Performance Appraisal. I would be willing to wager that you would not score higher that a 2. You are, I guess, what’s wrong with the bulk of CEO’s in today’s society. Unfortunately, one of the problems that large corporations face is failure to acknowledge, recognize, and adequately develop good talent and to reward that talent accordingly. Specifically, I am dismayed, though not surprised, by what I see going on around me in a trickle-down effect. The weight, importance, and eventual impact that a simple word of encouragement can have on morale is usually underscored and
    underestimated. For example, such simple overtones as: “thanks for a good job” , “Nice Job today”
    “Awesome job getting that project completed on such short notice”, “thank you” , “keep up the good
    work”, etc. seem to have been overlooked or overshadowed in today’s corporate quest for that bottom-line dollar or P&L statement. Everyone wants to be recognized, respected, and appreciated, and it’s not always about
    financial rewards. A simple “thank you” goes a long way towards assuring that the employee will continue to work hard to make the CEO and company shine, and thus, the CEO will win the support, respect and admiration of
    his/her employees. It goes without saying that every E-mail that goes out to employees should also automatically include one of these salutations.
    Unfortunately, in today’s new trendy corporate style, this important message seems to have taken a side road and has become a lost art which may at some point, spell doom and failure in the end. It is imperative that a positive working relationship include a unique blend of negotiation skills, a well-balanced finesse which requires communication, coordination, and working
    together for the benefit of all, not just the CEO. I can recall as if it were yesterday when another idiot CEO like you, Ron Compton, proudly stated in a magazine interview that: “if you want loyalty, get a dog!” That was a moronic statement to make as it did not go over very well with dedicated Aetna employees and infuriated many. Unfortunately, Compton was setting the tone for today’s corporate life and the manner in which the bulk of today’s CEO’s would think, and the disdain and lack of respect they would hold for their loyal employees. It’s about virtues that people such as yourself, unfortunately, will never comprehend. It’s about such virtues as respect ,honor, honesty, dignity, and integrity. It’s about equality, and fairness. Here’s a tip, scumbag … I know that it’s a stretch, but do your best! If you want to be honored and respected, emulate the truly honorable people such as James T. Lynn, John Wiler, and Warren Buffett. James Lynn and John Wiler each earned a little over $1.5M dollars while working extremely hard to promote and increase the net worth of Aetna. They escalated Aetna’s reputation and standing to new heights. Gone are the days of such honorable men and well-deserved respect for Aetna CEO’s. Warren Buffett, declared by Forbes to be the second wealthiest man in the US and the fourth wealthiest in the world, knows very well all of these virtues to which I have been referencing. Do you know how much Warren Buffett’s salary has been for the past 20 years or so ? 100K!!! So Do the right thing!!! And here’s a suggestion for all of the current Aetna employees … don’t stop doing your best at work! I know that it’s intensely difficult and very infuriating. I know I’ve been there too. You have your dignity and self-respect. Don’t let this A-hole disrupt you from your intended path and goal. Keep an eye out for other opportunities and go for it. You are a valued employee with special talents and skills which any company, large or small, will value … and it will be Aetna’s loss and Fortinbrass, aka Bertollini’s loss. Pity him!!! He may have more money than you, but you have something he can never have … you have a brain, social conscience, integrity, honesty, good work ethic, and RESPECT!!! You should boycott and absolutely refuse to attend any ALL-Employee meeting, Town Meeting , or whatever fancy term by which they prefer to call it. He and his pit crew have Absolutely nothing of consequence that you can possibly be interested in!!! Fortinbrass, one final word to you … Enjoy what you have, you will go to the same place that we all will (well, hopefully not, hopefully there is a special place reserved for scoundrels like you), and you can’t take that money with you!

  35. Joseph Anthony Bruschetta

    I just discovered a typo in my comments above … it was too late and I was too angry, and disgusted!!! In my comments above the name should have correctly read as ” John Filer ” , not Wiler. My apologies to the memory of a descent, and honorable man.

  36. Are you Kidding Me?

    It is clearly evident that the employee’s (Long Term) who helped build this company and sacrifice Personal Time Off by calling into meetings during their PTO time, are no longer valued. High performers who have been with Aetna for many years and are making fair salaries were let go, EE’s with 25 years plus who have earned an extra 5 days of PTO (Personal Time Off) lost 5 days of their earned PTO, long time EE’s lost Retirement Benefits. YET, this company increases adoption benefits for the younger employees. The writing is on the wall. It doesn’t pay to work hard, have no sick time and dedicate yourself to any company. Specially Aetna. And the senior management in a year when our raises were less then adequate were granted large increases. AMAZING!

  37. Wassup With This

    These comments should be posted to FB and Twitter and go viral like those of PoopStrong (the fellow who got Bertolini to pay $118K in chemo bills his Aetna plan didn’t cover as his (the patient)cap was met.) You stockholders should exercise your proxies in advance of the annual meeting, which is usually in May, to show your displeasure.

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