Cigna Survey: One In Four Self Employed Proprietors Is Uninsured

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One in four self-employed small business owners surveyed by Cigna Corp. do not have health insurance, and most said it’s because health insurance is too expensive.

Cigna surveyed 250 self-employed small business owners in February and released the results in a report this week. The Bloomfield health insurer said 60 percent of the uninsured proprietors consider business priorities more important than personal health and overall wellness.

The majority — 82 percent — said they didn’t have health insurance because it is too expensive, but 80 percent overestimated the price of health insurance, according to Cigna.

Among the uninsured respondents in the survey, 60 percent either seek medical attention only if they feel something is wrong with their health, or very rarely seek medical attention even if they are sick.

“Clearly the stakes are high for this population to stay healthy in order to stay successful in business,” Lisa Lough, vice president of Cigna Individual and Family Plans, said in a prepared statement. “However, a majority of this group readily admit that their personal health takes a back seat to the demands of their business.”

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2 thoughts on “Cigna Survey: One In Four Self Employed Proprietors Is Uninsured

  1. Dirty Doggg

    It shouldn’t be surprising that these proprietors consider business more important than personal health. Cigna considers business priorities more important than personal health too. They readily take your money and then when you try to get coverage for something they look for a way to weasel out of making good on the claim.

    Did you go to an out-of-network hospital? Denied.
    Did you go to an in-network hospital but the surgeon who was supposed to operate called in sick and the substitute was out-of-network? Denied.
    For mental health, did you use the counselor you have been going to your whole life but he’s out-of-network? Denied (even though you tried to get pre-approval). You should have gone to a new provider who knows nothing about your history.
    Do you have cancer and the treatment you are receiving can by some stretch be considered experimental? Denied.
    I heard the story of a woman who congenitally had only three wisdom teeth and Cigna refused to pay 100% for her anesthesia because she only had three out.

    Cigna and the other health insurance companies are in the business of making a profit. The less they pay out the more they get to keep and the higher the profits. I actually got rid of my health insurance because I was sick of paying premiums and still getting stuck with the bill. Insurance companies hire doctors to deny care. That’s what it’s about. I’m healthy. I’ll roll the dice.

  2. Denise

    I am not a big fan of insurance companies, but some of your issues seem to be avoidable. Why would you choose Cigna if your doctors or therapist are not contracted with their health plan? Why would you use an out-of-network hospital for planned services? You would have been informed that your insurance would not pay.

    I think a single payer system would be the most cost-efficient. But even with such a system you sound like you would have issues. There will always be rules and restrictions with insurance and not every experimental treatment can be covered.

    Our current system is terrible, but I wonder if anything will satsfy you.

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