MetLife To Layoff 130 Workers This Fall In Bloomfield

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MetLife Inc. told 130 workers in Bloomfield that their jobs will be eliminated by the end of this year as the nation’s largest life insurer consolidates some of its operations from the Northeast to North Carolina.

“These employees had been previously notified of their job status and will be offered severance and out placement assistance,” MetLife spokesman John Calagna said in a prepared statement. “MetLife will continue to maintain a significant presence in Bloomfield and within the state of Connecticut.”

MetLife publicly acknowledged the layoffs for the first time in March as the company said it planned to eliminate 650 workers in Bloomfield, leaving about 1,300 workers at that office.

Some of the recent layoffs were mentioned in a notice on Aug. 27th on the Connecticut Department of Labor’s website as a requirement of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The notice said 88 MetLife workers in Bloomfield will be laid off between Oct. 13 and Dec. 31.

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26 thoughts on “MetLife To Layoff 130 Workers This Fall In Bloomfield

  1. America Is Dying

    The Private Sector Tax Payers just keep on leaving CT. So then, how will the Public Sector Payrolls, Pensions and Lifetime Benefits be sustainable?

    1. Connecticut Is Dying Too

      Good question. The libtardian tax and spend ponzi scheme will continue until this state collapses. Connecticut- the new California.

  2. alan

    I have to agree with Connecticut is dying. They tried to lay off a teacher in my town..and the PTA moms had a fit even though enrollment was down big time. No layoff clause by Malloy, but EB, Hartford, Metlife, Pratt and others in the past few months lay off thousands

  3. Former Met Employee

    I love how MetLife plays the numbers game. Just about everyone that was transferred from Cityplace to Bloomfield when Metlife left downtown Hartford has been or will be laid off. They offered very few employees a job in North Carolina, and the ones that were lucky enough to get one had to post for their own position, meaning they had to apply for it, and go through the whole interview process. All the employees saw this coming once MetLife bought out Travelers Life & Annuity back in 2005. Metlife played the game with the state, and then Gov Rell. Once the commitment to Hartford was done, the layoffs began even before the move to Bloomfield was completed. Now, they are abolishing the entire Annuity Services division, and hiring locals in North Carolina for half the salary. This was their plan from the beginning, it just took them almost 10 years to complete it. I just feel bad for the people with all that experience and time that they put into the company. They get a severance, but that’s a slap in the face considering the job market here, and the odds that someone over 40 years old will be hired to start over at a new company. MetLife should be ashamed of themselves, and everyone here in Connecticut should boycott all of their products for the way they treat their local employees.

    1. mc

      I just got back from a week vacation in South Carolina. Though I understand roots and family, the quality of life is edging up down south. Charlotte is improving, Charleston is improving. You can buy a huge house for $300,000. The weather most of the year is better and the natives are less hostile to Yankees. I wish I could move but my industry thrives in NYC.

    1. DJ

      So, are you a complete idiot or just another Teabilly zombie?

      You are so infected with the red mist of political hatred that you must blame the government for everything.


  4. John H

    As a former TL&A and MetLife employee, and soon to be NC resident, it’s all about the money. My property taxes in NC are 1/4 that of CT. Income tax slightly higher, but the bottom line is I’m moving where the jobs are going. Blame whoever you want, but that doesn’t change the fact CT is no longer competitive.

    1. ctman

      I do am moving to North Carolina….Just to get on my feet I’m renting a one bedroom apartment for what I can rent a loft here it’s unreal…gas is 3.25 at most…groceries aren’t ridiculous…I’m just looking forward to getting down there….first thing is go to the DMV and get my truck registered in NC so CT can’t sponge anymore money off of me….CT is the worst state I’ve ever lived in (5 different states)..the people are really mean and rude and just claim it’s how it is in the northeast (image mentality if you talk to anyone who lived here in the 50’s and 60’s it was not like that), the taxes are ridiculous for not having a lot of options as far as entertainment and the arts and food, the crime is off the charts compared to the population, the government is so liberal (which i used to be before i moved here) that it literally gives the house away when it comes to benefits and programs for the low life residents

        1. fred

          North Carolina has the 4th worst unemployment in America. South Carolina is 12th worst. This is true no matter what you think about Connecticut.

          1. you are clueless

            I think the fact that CT was dead last in economic growth the past year is more telling that a number that can be manipulated in more ways (part time, stop looking for work, stopped being counted, leaving the state, etc.) than a blind man can describe an elephant. So bragging about the state’s unemployment rate is akin to a player bragging that he won the triple crown while his team finished dead last in the standings.

          2. fred

            That “dead last” statistic for 2012 from the BEA report is not all that “telling” as you say. They revise these numbers every year and don’t really say why. This is the first time the 2012 growth of -0.1% was published so it has not been revised (yet) but it is labelled an “advance statistic” so you might want to take it with a grain of salt. It just might be adjusted up by 1.7% like it was in 2009. Does it make any sense to compare GDP’s of states within a few percent of each other when the revisions often exceed the differences? These numbers will be revised again in the summer of 2014. You could spend the entire year shouting “dead last” only to find out that the revised numbers show you to be “dead wrong” and Connecticut is once again in the top 20 states.

          3. Connecticut Is Circling the Drain

            Bagdad Fred will defend Connecticut’s most excellent economy until the day a debt tomahawk comes out of the sky and lodges in his rectum.

  5. DJ


    Yeah, it’s Connecticut’s fault that MetLife is leaving. Not MetLife’s.

    Only in Fox News / Teabilly Land.

    The Tea Party: idiots providing cover for the wealthy’s and corporations’ pirate raid on America since 2008.

    1. Connecticut Is Dying Too

      Grow a brain DJ. Businesses will move to more competitive states and/or downsize to remain competitive and profitable. You class warfare libtards don’t seem to get that. This state is being flushed down the toilet to pay for bloated state Government and the growing entitlement class. Enjoy your utopia while the rest of us move to states that respect their meal ticket- the taxpayer. Good luck with that.

    2. You are clueless

      Best & only hope for the state is if Obamacare provides for brain transplants for morons like DJ, along with some good medications that can make them understand reality.

  6. CT - Horrible Place

    Why cant people accept that CT has nothing to offer for businesses. Being close to NYC or Boston doesn’t matter.
    Taxes are bad, climate is bad, cost of living is high, no real dynamic business climate, wealthiest state in the nation based on income but in deep debt thanks to over-generous promises to government employees.

  7. Joe Oberman

    Contrary to what the liberal media thinks or believes… moderates are not on their side. Moderates are hoping the GOP will change their ways by truly standing up for the working class, not by false representation, but by presenting the American people with a worthy senatorial or a 2016 presidential candidate(s).

    Politicians in Washington DC must RESCIND Corporate Tax Exemptions when corporations and big businesses continue to lay off THOUSANDS of their employee(s) in the guise of maintaining profits from laid off employee wages, which benefit only the shareholders, who lack the moral fortitude towards strengthening the health of the US economy.

    Millions of workers wouldn’t be unemployed if every American citizen DEMAND from their representatives enact new federal labor laws to protect them from unscrupulous employers, those who practice fraudulent lay offs (LOOPHOLES) to reduce their employee’s wages up to as much as 50 percent.

    Democrat & Republican politicians have failed the working class by rescinding or amending employee state labor laws which allows BIG Businesses to greatly benefit from reduced employee protection due the working class for medical, sick, vacation, holidays and wage benefits. Big Businesses will eliminate a department by reclassifying it with a new department or job title and force a lay off to an already member of their company to reapply for the same job with their falsely claimed lay off, this is a fraudulent job lay off. Both political parties (TOGETHER) can enact new federal labor laws to protect the employee(s) from an illegally unjustified lay off(s).

    The term lay off should only apply if the job NO longer exists and not by reclassification of a department or job title.

    Every falsely created job lay offs should have politicians up in arms and cause them to enact a new federal labor law making it FRAUDULENT, a CRIME and ILLEGAL to falsely eliminate a job or department title and offer a reclassified job as the same job, even if they add one or several new job requirements, the job is overall the same. Our federal labor laws sorely need upgrading and a new federal labor law enacted to PROTECT every employee from fraudulent lay offs practiced by unscrupulous employers.
    In addition to a new federal employer labor law… Employers can not require a fraudulently laid off employee(s) to reapply for the ‘same work’ reclassified job or re-titled department, since they were already an employee of said company. Companies must offer them the new reclassified job(s) without lay offs or lost scaled wages earned by senior employee(s).

    There is something seriously wrong with our politicians… politicians who side with unscrupulous big businesses that practice laying off their employees falsely without just cause. Politicians have become as corrupted as unscrupulous corporations and small businesses, many who have perfected this fraudulent wage reduction method against NON-UNIONIZED employees.

    State & town politicians CAN NOT themselves reclassify their UNIONIZED Police, Fire & Public Works Department or their job titles and lay off those employees, later to inform them they have to reapply for the same jobs under a new department or job title. There is NO EQUAL or FAIR JUSTICE from our political system to penalize private employers, because a fair employee labor law would in fact penalize themselves (state & town governments).

    Query Detroit’s politicians were all the money went. Let’s see… D.O.T and Park Dept employees get $23 dollars per hour to sit on a riding mower and cut highway or park grass everyday, all day long. There are millions of workers who would gladly mow grass for 12 dollars per hour!

    Police officers receive an additional $48 plus per hour to direct traffic in uniform at roadside construction jobs during off duty hours. State & local town governments can empower properly trained security guards (or retired police officers) to perform these roadside construction jobs (at 12 to 15 dollars per hour) instead of utilizing Police who indirectly effect and increase everyone’s tax rates, electric lines, phone lines, TV-internet cable, or water utilities cost. The utility companies pass onto the consumers the cost to hire those police officers directing traffic at those roadside construction jobs. Where is the cost effective reductions in these areas of tax increases from our politicians?

    Fire fighters get $32 dollars per hour lounging around in the fire house while waiting for a fire call or vehicle accident. I personally know a few fire fighters who work the night shift (sleep all night) and then play 18 holes of golf the next morning.

    Tax rates, health care costs, GASOLINE, electricity, water, food, auto insurance and rent… continues to go higher for lower middle class workers, those who live WITHOUT YEARLY COST OF LIVING INCREASES, they don’t have the luxury of a middle class income savings account when the lower middle class live from paycheck to paycheck.

    “By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy – indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self satisfaction” –William Osler

    Keep watching your favorite sports, have your great picnics & cook outs, and enjoy your vacations wealthy people… while the true health of the US economy slowly returns to the stagnant pre-2009 results through out the following years… 2014 – 2020.

    The difference between wealthy and lower middle class workers is that lower middle class workers aren’t scheming ways to keep WAGES lower for the wealthy class of working people.

  8. Robert

    As a former CT now South Carolina resident I laugh at you people back in Connecticut. You cry and complain, but when the time comes to pack-up and move out to a better life you find all the reasons to stay in that entitlement state. Even the state workers with excellent retirement packages know enough to get out. I’ll continue to laugh down here as you continue to cry and complain. Ha, ha, ha.

    1. mc

      I was just in South Carolina for a week visiting my good friend from Ct. He and his family will never look back. They love their new lives in Charleston. I too fell in love with Charleston. There are still many problems though down there. Number one for families… the schools. They are terrible. The weather may be nice but the summers are brutally hot. Your blood may thin over time, but most Yankees never get used to the heat. The one thing that I really noticed were the “dummies”. Man oh man, there are some less than educated people down there. One thing I am not sure I would ever get used to is the phoniness. They call it Southern charm, I call it BS with an accent. I much prefer the New Yorker way of up front and honest. In the end though, I believe that the quality of life is better down there. The golf, beaches, restaurants, boating, the slower pace and by far, the most important, taxes and cost of housing. My buddy lives like a king. He summed it up best by saying… “When I was in NYC I loved it but I always had envy. Surrounded by extreme wealth. Wanting more.” and “since I moved to Charleston, I have everything I need.”

  9. CT Debt Slave

    Bloomfield Met employee here (for now). I found out about Mets move to NC while I was on our family vacation to Disney. What a punch in the gut that was. I busted my ass for this place only to be shit canned and offered to post for my own job in NC. This will be my last corporate gig that’s for sure. Aren’t you guys tired of working for big corporations and being treated like shit? I won’t ever sit in another cube for some money hungry corporation any longer. You can either try to hang on at another douch bag corp. or simplify your life. You don’t need to move to NC to live better, just change they way you live, down size you home, get out of debt and actually figure out what you are good at and enjoy doing. If money wasn’t a concern what would you be doing with your life? If you can answer that your in better shape than most. If you can’t than I hope you enjoy your surfdom.

    1. alan

      “just change they way you live, down size you home”-easier said than done if you have kids involved in school/sports, you are involved in your community, etc. If you have to lower your quality of life to stay around, you lose. Teachers, firemen, state workers make no changes that is for sure. Same with all the people who say “move”..sure there is a financial upside but if you are a family person with preteens/teens it is devastating.

  10. DR

    I’ve said it many times I will say it again. Despite what Metlife says, I heard from a reliable source that the entire Bloomfield location will be shut down within the next 3 years. The layoffs will be piecemeal (like this one) until only a shell is left. At that point, Metlife will argue that it is not worth keeping so few employees in such a large building and will lay off the last of is Bloomfield workforce.

  11. mc

    NC has its share of problems and the locals are not super psyched about the corporate charity…

    “Gov. Pat McCrory said this week he had no role in a deal partly brokered by his former employer that promised MetLife Inc. about $100 million in potential tax breaks and other incentives to move thousands of jobs to North Carolina. The company announced plans last Thursday to move 2,600 jobs from the Northeast and California to Charlotte, which will become the U.S. headquarters for MetLife’s retail insurance business, and at a global technology and operations hub in the Raleigh suburb of Cary. The average salary will be around $80,000.”

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