Rick Green: Time Is Ripe To Consider Liability Insurance For Gun Owners

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Courant politics editor Rick Green on the idea of liability insurance for gun owners:

Time Is Ripe To Consider Liability Insurance For Gun Owners

As the gun debate heats up, one idea seems particularly suited for Connecticut to consider: liability insurance for gun owners.

This is the kind of mandatory insurance you have to get to drive a car — and the kind of protection that costs more if you want to take what the industry knows is a calculated risk. Letting your teenager get behind the wheel is a good example.

When I wanted my son to drive the family cars, my insurance agent offered a market-based solution: pay for the risk and he could drive. Nobody said my son couldn’t drive — but I had to acknowledge the extreme danger that comes with a teenage boy in the driver’s seat. We know this because of extensive research on teenagers and driving by the insurance industry.

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11 thoughts on “Rick Green: Time Is Ripe To Consider Liability Insurance For Gun Owners

  1. B Berejan

    You don’t have a right to drive, I do have a right to own a gun. what part of “shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

    How about requiring insurance to exercise the First Amendment?

  2. Nonnie

    Rick does not mind making it so only the wealthy can afford self defense. The left wants SERFS not CITIZENS.

  3. Wendy Weinbaum

    As a Jewess in the US, I can only say that stupid proposals like this are aimed at nothing but disarming the public! May I remind everyone that America wasn’t won with a registered gun? This column is just one more reason why all REAL Americans now put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!! -Wendy Weinbaum

  4. Robert O.

    You don’t need liability insurance to keep or operate a motor vehicle on private property, only to drive one on public roads.

    The author’s analogy of driving to mere possession of firearms is bogus.

  5. bobh

    I can see it now, every gangbanger barbarian in every major city all lined up to buy gun insurance!

    We don’t have a gun problem, we are up to the armpits in barbarians that government won’t lock up and sociopaths that government won’t hospitalize.

  6. Billy Bissmich

    Actually, I recommend strict testing, licensing and centralized control of all editors. Since a large percentage have proven beyond all doubt they neither understand the Constitution, nor agree with it, they’re obviously incapable of writing about it without oversight from a group with more education than they possess.

  7. Jack Canady

    Liability insurance is to protect an owner of some assets to have protection from a lawsuit. Having a regulation to provide liability insurance is similar as having liability insurance for driving a car in Connecticut. See how many motorists drive in major cities and dont have insurance. As most well-to-do people, assets are not owned by them personally. Taking their assets out of their name for many reasons, but generally to protect themselves from loss,this would just be another reason to do so.

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