Source: MetLife To Slash 650 Jobs In Bloomfield

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 MetLife will slash about 650 jobs in Bloomfield, leaving about 1,300 workers at that office as the nation’s largest life insurer consolidates offices from around the country, a source familiar with the arrangement said Friday morning.

MetLife declined to comment when asked Thursday about a specific number of positions that will be eliminated in Bloomfield.

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. announced Thursday it is creating two campuses in Charlotte and Cary, N.C., for a total investment of $125.5 million.

Connecticut employees could apply for new jobs in North Carolina, but only some critical managers will be asked to relocate.

“We don’t know how many employees will be going to North Carolina from Connecticut or from any other impacted MetLife location for that matter,” said MetLife spokesman John Calagna.

“Some critical managers will be asked to relocate,” he said. “They can of course decide not to do so. All other impacted employees can apply for a position in North Carolina, or can apply for any other open MetLife position that they are qualified for.”

He also pointed out, “this is a multi year plan and will take until 2015 until all 2600 positions in North Carolina will be created and filled.”

Juliet Manalan, a spokeswoman for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s office, said, “MetLife has been — and will continue to be — an important part of Connecticut’s insurance landscape. While we are disappointed in MetLife’s decision to reduce its workforce here, we will continue to work diligently with the company to retain jobs and maintain its long-term presence in Connecticut. Our insurance sector is a strong and vital part of Connecticut’s economy — we will fight to keep every single job in Connecticut, and create new ones.”

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26 thoughts on “Source: MetLife To Slash 650 Jobs In Bloomfield

  1. Scott

    Connecticut, “open for business”. Thanks Gov Malloy and all the legislature and officials for making it so darn attractive for businesses in CT…. to MOVE OUT OF STATE! Elections have consequences….

  2. DR

    Wow…The Gov spent 300 million on Jackson Labs for 300 jobs and NC got 2600 jobs for under 100 million.

    1. stephen brown

      This shows you how STUPID this Governor and that brain dead bunch of Dems in Hartford are my friend.

  3. TGIGG

    The only thriving businesses in Connecticut (admittedly finitely short term) are the moving companies taking people out of this industrial black hole. Our inefficient, pandering, lying government is mostly to blame, secondary blame to the voters who elect these white collar criminals, oops politicians. Will the last one out of Connecticut please turn off the lights.

    1. CT2A

      The other thriving business is the gun industry. They’re doing record sales, with New Britain companies like Stag that have 1 year backorders on products.

      So what does Malloy want to do for them? He wants to ban the assault weapons that are the bread and butter of CT manufacturers. So the manufacturers can make and sell assault weapons to any other states, but CT residents cannot be trusted to own them.

  4. Paul Bahre

    The Gov and Democrats have turned our state into a Marxist controlled entity and of course there is no private business that wants to either come to CT or stay in CT. Hell I’m from here and I want to sell my house and move out too. Sooner or later I have to get out from the socialist yoke of the Peopl’e Republik of CT. Remember a state where the largest employer is the state must be communist. Also we have really one party rule here. The Republican’s are only for looks they have no say.

    1. DR

      While I generally agree with your post, “the state” is generally the larget employer in every state in the country. The only exceptions are when the federal government has more employees than the state government (like when a small state has largest military bases).

  5. vince

    Start building manufacturing businesses that produce product for other businesses in CT. People do not buy insurance or bank accounts on a weekly base.

  6. Geoffy

    This is GREAT NEWS ! The liberal voters in this state won’t give up until the state is BANKRUPT. So, the sooner we get there, the sooner we’ll start to get straightened out.

  7. alan

    ONe must remember this was the only state in Northeast(except NHamp) that had no income tax until 1991. The income tax was a result of large teacher raises in 86(Ed Enhancement Act)that was supposed to be funded by real estate conveyance tx. When that died Weicker pushed an income tax. The result..less jobs in CT than 1989. Also, in my town of 50k they just had the top 50 paid public sec workers(25 town 25 BOE). The lowest(e.e 50th ) was 110K. Amazing..hard working engineers have a hard time making 100k in conn..the 110k in my Board of ED- a “reading specialist”

  8. Danny M

    I here-by declare no business will be allowed to leave the great state of Connecticut, and if they even talk about this traitorous act we seize their assesses and impose an extra traitorous tax. We’ll start here and work our way into the gun industry. I order them to STAY!

  9. Someone Who Knows

    In large corporations like MetLife, lots of factors come into play when choosing an office location. State taxes, local property taxes- definitely.

    Also the cost of the employees. Skilled professional accountants, actuaries, IT people, etc all command a higher salary in CT than down south. Why? Cost of living. Why is that high here? State and local taxes.

    When moves like this happen, its also an opportunity to flush expensive employees who have built up a long career of raises and benefits and won’t bite on early retirement offers. New employees can be had for less and do the same jobs.

    1. alan

      and the reason state and local taxes are high here is that the full cost of employing state and local workers is much higher here. If you told people out of tri state area that 45 yr old teachers make 90k a year, and police/fire over 100k with OT they dont believe you.

  10. brent carnelli

    Being in the residential real estate business we have seen first hand what the progressive policies of the state and local govt.’s has done to our property values. Don’t be fooled into believing that only businessman are affected. Homeowners are also suffering, watching their house value crash. The state and city has effectively eliminated demand for state housing and commercial property.No demand,prices crash.And the cherry on top,the prop.are never adjusted down to reflect true value. IT’S HOPELESS!

  11. sue

    Maybe DANNY BOY the clown should stop spending time and OUR tax dollars traveling to DC to kiss barry’s who know what and start cutting spending in this state. Does anyone think barry cares about CT. A state that continues to vote for the TAX AND SPEND LIBERAL “RATS

  12. Joe

    this state is going bankrupt. it is not an ‘if’ anymore, but when. way WAY too many usless, overpaid state government and union stiffs ARE THE CAUSE. But don’t worry….they will get their ridiculous pensions and retire…..TO FLORIDA!!!


  13. monkeybaby

    I work at MetLife. All of our jobs in CT, MA, RI, NJ, etc., are being sent to NC, we will have to reapply. Our jobs will be moved to NC between now and the end of 2015. There’s no guarantee we will get our jobs if we apply, and it’s likely we won’t, since our salary scales are 1-2 levels higher than NC’s. Plus, the NC governor promised the jobs to NC residents, so the majority of us would not get the jobs anyway (trust me, they want to hire new NC workers at 1/2 to 1/3 our salaries). They would not want to pay us our Northeast salaries as well so we would have to take a pay cut to go to NC. The majority of people in my office have 20-40 years (yes, not a typo) experience and that will all be gone in NC. A good number of our jobs were outsourced to India from 2007 to 2012 so this is the final blow. It’s a way for MetLife to not get the bad rap of outsourcing and keeping the jobs in the USA but they’re replacing experienced/valued employees with newbies. Many of us will also be required to go to NC to train our replacements. I do have some friends who are willing to relocate, but they also know it’s slim chance they will be chosen. The real estate is cheaper in NC but the schools are not as good, so that’s a consideration for many. Met is offering us a severance, but you must stay until your job moves, and it is a good amount for those of us with seniority. Many of my coworkers will be retiring as well.

    1. Breeze

      So sorry to hear this news…I was let go from MetLife in 2009 during the height of “Operation Excellance” initiative, but have friends still at Met, whose lives have been now put into limbo after the news this week. It doesnt surprise me that Mother Met has done this to many experienced and skilled workers…why even invest in a $50 million former Cigna building if your plan is to outsource to the hilt in India (which they did) and eventually move jobs out of state which Im sure was their plan all along…so glad I am away from a company who lies to its employees…I wish you luck…

  14. teddybear

    Will be more layoffs in May. With the sale of some business of major insurance company at year end’ the two buying companies said they would keep all the employees from the company they just bought. For space reasons these employees have stayed located where they are now. But by May they will move to the other companies locations. As you can imagine not all the employees are going. Indications are that there will be hundreds of layoffs.

  15. Connecticut Is Dying Too

    Let me add my congrats to the inept socialists in Hartford. Danny boy and his merry band of nitwits won’t rest until all business is gone, the entitlement state is thriving, illegals are protected, and state union workers drive Connecticut into bankruptcy.

    This is what you get with one party libtardian rule folks. Connecticut- the new California.

  16. alan

    if you try to explain this to a public sector worker, including teacher, they will say “it’s your fault for chasing the big bucks in the private sector..i hope you saved your big bonuses”. My heart goes out to these people when i see family members who are on govt payroll go along in life without a care in the world

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