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Coventry Health Care To Pay $3 Million To Avoid Prosecution In Medicare Case

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The Bethesda, Md., health insurer that Aetna is planning to acquire for $5.6 billion agreed to pay millions of dollars to avoid criminal prosecution.

The Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Rector reports:

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Travelers Asbestos Case Remains An Issue In U.S. Senate Race Between Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren

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One of Connecticut’s largest private employers continues to be a lightning rod in a high-profile U.S. Senate race that many in the nation are watching — the one in Massachusetts.

Television advertisements for both candidates, incumbent Republican Scott Brown and Democrat contender Elizabeth Warren, have focused on Warren’s work a few years ago for The Travelers Cos., which employs about 7,000 in Connecticut.

Brown has attacked Warren for months, saying she was paid by Travelers to limit how much the insurance company paid to victims of asbestos-related health problems such as mesothelioma.

The most recent development in the campaign were two new television advertisements by Warren’s campaign saying that Brown should be ashamed for distorting the truth, and that Warren was working to help victims get money after a decades-long legal battle.

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