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HealthyCT Is First Connecticut Insurer To File Rate Requests For Public Exchange

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The first Connecticut health insurer to file proposed rates for health plans that will be sold on a public exchange, HealthyCT Inc. is requesting monthly rates ranging from $156 to $1,501 per person for small-group plans, according to regulatory documents.

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Young People Shopping For Individual Health Plans Face Higher Prices In 2013

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Some young people are likely to experience sticker shock when shopping for health insurance next year, as new regulations take hold to reduce price variation based on age.

A limit on pricing by age is among the many new federal regulations that will apply to health plans sold in the fall of 2013 for the 2014 calendar year — all part of federal health care reform.

Most states allow insurance companies to vary the price of health insurance based on a customer’s age. Older customers could pay up to seven times what young people pay.

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Aetna Starts Reimbursement Program — Giving Workers Cash Back For Exercising

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In an ongoing effort by health insurers to get customers to live healthier lives, Aetna Inc. this week announced a new reimbursement program to reduce the price of gym memberships, exercise equipment and other health aids.

For example, a person could get cash back after buying a treadmill or signing up to go to the gym, provided that person has both Aetna as a health insurer and an employer that agrees to pay to reimburse a portion of exercise expenses. Aetna’s Fitness Reimbursement Program is a collaboration with GlobalFit, which owns gyms and exercise programs.

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Harvard Pilgrim Wants To Compete In Connecticut’s Health Insurance Market

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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc. wants to break into the Connecticut health insurance market, taking on five large health-insurers that dominate the market, which is home turf for four of them — Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut, Cigna and ConnectiCare.

The other is Minnetonka, Minn.,-based UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest health insurer, which has a major presence in Connecticut with about 4,200 workers.

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