Factory Closing, Displacing 256 Workers

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German industrial giant Siemens will close a factory with 256 employees in Brookfield, with the first layoffs coming in November 2014. The company will continue to wind down operations through September 2016.

The plant makes diagnostic instruments for Siemens’ Healthcare Diagnostics division.

The company notified the state Labor Department of the closing late last week, and the state made the layoff notice public Monday.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics spokeswoman Susan Drew confirmed that the company will consolidate its Brookfield diagnostic instrument manufacturing operations into the company’s facility in Flanders, N.J., to “further strengthen our processes, increase productivity and better serve our customers.”

The Brookfield site will be closed once the consolidation is complete in 2016, she said.

“Brookfield employees will be offered separation and outplacement benefits, as well the opportunity to apply for other positions within the Siemens organization, including positions in Flanders,” she said.

Siemens acquired the factory when it bought Illinois-headquartered Dade Behring in 2007. Former Gov. M. Jodi Rell spoke at the factory’s grand opening in July 1999.

Siemens announced Sunday it would cut 15,000 jobs over the next year, a third of them in Germany, in order to save $8.1 billion in costs

That’s 4 percent of its 370,000 workers worldwide.

Siemens’ last CEO was ousted as investors were dissatisfied with Siemens’ 9.5 percent profits in 2012. General Electric, a similar industrial conglomerate, had 15 percent profits that year.

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19 thoughts on “Factory Closing, Displacing 256 Workers

  1. Bourqueman

    Ct is brutal on businesses. Please be wise next year when we vote for a Gov. Malloy is not what we need.

  2. J2D

    Don’t worry, Capn Dannel will find jobs for those 256 folks, uh, in the, er, uh, new, uh, by means of um, new job, uh, growth in the, er, sector of, uh, well what I’m trying, uh, to say, is CT is, er, growing and we’ll , uh, help them find jobs, uh, sometime soon.

  3. alan

    It is incredible to me that these engineers and IT people walk the plank every day , yet there is a no layoff policy in the state so that DMV, DSS, and other dept people get to go in every day without a care in the world. I have neighbors and relatives making 70K with commnity college degrees who are home at 5 every day because of longevity- yet they are only 45 yrs old. It does not seem fair.

    1. Mara Lee Post author

      Only 10 of these jobs are engineers, and none are IT — most are assemblers, quality control, materials procurement, not jobs that require much education. Except for the administrative assistants, these jobs don’t exist in the public sector.
      But yes, obviously state workers have more job security than those in the private sector.

  4. Tom Paine

    Of course they fail to mention that as of today there is a new tax on medical devices that will decrease sales. These 256 job losses are really due to Obamacare.

  5. pete

    How can THIS BE. DANNY BOY and the ‘RATS have made CT a great place to do business. Haven’t you drank HIS KOOL AID yet. This must be a LIE. Just asked the idiot DANNY BOY. Guess his judgship can’t come soon enough can it DANNY BOY

    1. Zappa

      Pete, it is apparent you don’t have any formal education. When you use the term “Danny Boy”, it is an ethnic slur that insults Americans of Irish descent. Perhaps, you should drink some Kool-Aid that will give you a much-needed brain.

      1. Zappa's-a-fool

        Zappa “When you use the term “Danny Boy”, it is an ethnic slur that insults Americans of Irish descent.”

        What a joker… to most Irish the song Danny Boy is a show of pride and reverence. But an idiot Obama dolt like Zappa is too stupid to know any better. Zappa you are a Classic Moron liberal who finds offense from everyone who you don’t agree with!

  6. Lawrence

    Unfortunately, as usual, most of these comments are based on ignorance, not facts.

    Here are some facts:

    NJ corporate tax rate: 9%
    CT ciorporate tax rate: 7.5%

    NJ top income tax rate ($500k+): 8.97%
    CT top income tax rate ($500k+): 6.7%

    NJ electricity prices, per KWh: 10.5-11.5 cents
    CT electrcity prices, per KWh: 6.85-8 cents

    Forbes 2013 business climate rankings: NJ 32, CT 33. Both are tied for business costs, regulatory environment and quality of life. Ct has a better skilled labor supply

    New Jersey also just gave Siemens $36.6 million to stay in mt. Olive and add a few hundred jobs — about $70,000 per job:

    “MOUNT OLIVE TWP. – An aggressive offer by the Christie administration of $36.6 million in tax credits has proven enough to convince a multi-national health care company to nearly double its Flanders facility rather than close the plant and expand another company facility in Indiana.
    The planned expansion by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics would be a major boost to the local economy and could mean as much as $500,000 in added property taxes.
    The property at 62 Flanders-Bartley Road is assessed at $17,500,000 and last year paid $524,825 in property taxes.
    The company plans to renovate its existing 160,000-square-foot building, and build a new, 140,000-square-foot-plant on adjacent land. It would also mean creation of 525 new jobs, boosting its workforce from 450 to 975, according to a statement from the N.J. Economic Development Authority (EDA)…”

    1. You are clueless

      Why stop and cherry pick Larry?
      Give us the gasoline tax comparison. Does NJ levy a personal property tax on Autos?
      Please make us all a little less ignorant.

  7. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Maybe some of these laid off folks can wait another 9 years and land one of the $1M/job Jackson Lab jobs.

    Connecticut is open for business.

  8. Peter

    More high paying jobs exiting this awful state. Being on the conservative side, 256 x $400 / week unemployment = 102K /week and lets says they’re out of work for six months = 2.6M. Not to mention all those income taxes that wouldn’t be collected. The state of the state here is laughable in it’s feeble attempts to create or hold onto jobs.

  9. Lawrence

    clueless, do you mean to tell me that paying $900 in auto taxes is worse than another 2% income tax on my $100k salary? then you are, in fact, clueless. this is not an example of CT being bad for business, which it is not — this is another example of corporate blackmail of taxpayers.

    1. Peter

      Larry the facts speak for themselves, CT is losing high paying jobs at a faster rate than new lower wage ones are being created. I think you’re clueless.

    2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Lawrence is the Bagdad Bob of the Malloy administration. He might in fact dwell in the administration somewhere. Lawrence will continue to polish the turd called Connecticut’s economy until it shines.

    3. You are clueless

      Not that NJ is any businessman’s paradise, but keep counting Larry, next add the gasoline tax differential.

  10. Recipient

    Apparently Mara Lee has jumped on the censorship bandwagon. She (or her mentor, Rick Green?), arbitrarily declined to show my post yesterday. And it was an innocuous post at that, much milder than some here.

    When will the Courant editors learn that blocking paying customers from posting on their blogs for purely subjective reasons, when no policies have been violated, will result in loss of business. I’m betting that many of the posts that ARE

  11. Recipient

    CONTINUED: ….that ARE allowed, are from non-paying customers.

    So be it – I have no problem sending yet another email to the editors of the Courant complaining about such subjectivity.

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