Furloughed Federal Employees Can Apply For Unemployment

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About 800,000 people nationwide were designated as non-essential employees during the federal shutdown, and, unlike the 1.2 million federal employees working without pay, they may never be paid for the days or weeks during the shutdown.

Connecticut’s Labor Commissioner invited those who work in Connecticut to apply for unemployment benefits.

How many people might fall into this category is unknown. Employees at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration were still at work on Tuesday. The Coast Guard Academy did not say if anyone was furloughed there. Active duty military are being paid during the shutdown.

To initiate a claim for benefits, federal employees will need to call the applicable TeleBenefits phone number (numbers by location can be found on the Labor Department’s website at www.ct.gov/dol).

In order to begin getting checks, however, the state agency will need to get salary information and confirm with the federal agency that the person has been ordered to stay home.

“In light of the federal shutdowns, we anticipate that some federal agencies will not be available to respond to our request,” Commissioner Sharon Palmer said in a statement Tuesday.

If the government does not forward the information, the applicants can provide paystubs and W-2s to document their claims, the agency said.

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2 thoughts on “Furloughed Federal Employees Can Apply For Unemployment

  1. Kim

    Why no mention of the lack of a budget from the Democrat-controlled Senate, going on five years now? If we really want to save money we need to cut government in all forms way back, and pay those who remain with percs and salaries comparable to their private sector counterparts.

    The shrinking, tax-paying base will continue to shoulder the burden of excessive, bloated, pampered government workers and those on the public dole, while watching the value of their own labors decline steadily.

    One would hope that this ‘shutdown’ would provide an opportunity for taxpayer-supporter workers to get a glimpse of what life is like in the real world of private sector employment, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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