Slow Job Growth In State Continues: Unemployment Now At 9%

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The job market in Connecticut continues to just tread water as the national economy improves, according to the latest figures from the Department of Labor.

There were 1,200 jobs added in October, just one tenth of one percent. Monday’s report said last month’s estimate of 2,000 jobs added was overly positive, and that it was a loss of 400 jobs instead.

And the state’s unemployment rate is 9 percent — it was 8.5 percent a year ago — where the national unemployment rate is now 7.9 percent. A year ago the national unemployment rate was 8.9 percent.

There are fewer people in Connecticut working in government, construction, manufacturing, insurance, banking and real estate now than before the recession began, even as the state’s job market started ¬†recovering more than two and a half years ago.

The only bright spot in the report is the projection that the year-end review of payroll data, which is more accurate than these monthly samples, will show more job growth. This report says the state has only 1,400 more jobs than it started the year with, far behind the 12,000 positions that were added in the first 10 months of 2011. But Andy Condon, director of the office of research, said he expects it will be more like 10,000 once the final data comes in.

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39 thoughts on “Slow Job Growth In State Continues: Unemployment Now At 9%

  1. Mark

    Echo’s of pay a “liddle bit more” more from our LT. Governor. This proves unequivocally that higher taxes kill economic growth and crony capitalism hurts job growth.

  2. DaTroof

    You get the Government you deserve. No matter what Danny boy and his fellow village idiots tell you, we can’t tax and spend ourselves into prosperity. People and businesses are voting with their feet to escape the liberal “utopia” we’ve become.

    Keep voting these liberal fools into office at your peril. Last one turn out the lights.

    1. walls

      As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”. So Dannel and Obama think they have a mandate to tax and spend? The smart ones will vote with their feet and wallets … so who’s gonna be left to pay for all the free stuff?

    2. Bill

      Unfortunately, this type of new means nothing to a good percentage of democrats – all they care about is getting their checks each month.

    1. Mara Lee Post author

      So, the U6 number, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is the combination of the unemployed (someone who has looked for a job in the last month) plus people who have given up looking because they think the job market is so bad, plus people who have given up looking but don’t say it’s because the market is bad, plus people who are working part-time but want to be working full time.

      The U6 data is not available every month at the state level, because the survey sample size is so small, but it is available once a quarter, reflecting an average of the answers to the survey over the previous year.

      So, in September, Connecticut’s U6 number, with an average from October 2011 through September 2012, was 14.7 percent. That was slightly better than the national U6 number over that year, which was 15 percent.

      The place where Connecticut outperformed was people working part-time for economic reasons. Just 4.9 percent of Connecticut’s labor force were part-time workers who’d rather be full-time. Nationally, it was 5.3 percent.

      1. OlderWiser

        Perhaps the reason there are fewer part-time workers is that it is so expensive and potentially punitive for CT employers to hire workers, even part-time. This hurts both our youth and those trying to piece a few P-T jobs together. It’s really a problem, but we keep getting more of the same from the Dems in Hartford.

        1. Mara Lee Post author

          The data doesn’t show that there are fewer part-time workers, what that data shows is that fewer people work part-time who want to be working full-time, as it’s called ‘part-time for economic reasons.’
          Of all people who are employed, 13 percent work part-time. So some people want to be only part-time.

  3. L

    If the cost of living keeps rising, nothings going to get fixed. People who can afford to are leaving the state because rent, taxes, gas, etc are just plain overpriced with nothing to justify it.

  4. Ralphie

    Thats ok…we have compassionate poiticians who “care” about the middle class….after all successful business people like Linda M. only care about themselves.

  5. Feather Merchant

    The unemployment rate in Central Virginia is under 6 percent. Jobs in Sales, Engineering, IT, etc. Houses with 3 acres or more under 200,000. No Polution checks of your vehicles (NONE). Property taxes (on my 450,000 dollar home I pay 1750 per year) . I lived in Connecticut (born in Waterbury) for 30 years–moved, weather better, no conjestion like 95/84, nice people. Great American Legion and VFW and DAV groups and these guys are as American as you can get. The winters with the 2 plus ft of snow a dozen times a year–and that was enough. Forget the criminal element in the Ct Governments and find a nicer,easier, less taxes, more room type of life (I’m with in 4 miles of 2 universities )..

        1. Engineer

          They don’t call Virginia God’s country for nothing. Here in Maryland I got regular unleaded for $3.17 and we have ZERO property taxes on cars. Maryland does have a lot of government workers who are there for no other reason than social equalization. It also has a governor much like Malloy. But the people are far more nicer than those around the northern Jersey to Boston.

  6. Feather Merchant

    Lots of Conn folks in Central Va–New Hartland, Granby, Tolland, Terryville, Watertown, Waterbury. They are in many of the organizations and are leaders. They too got fed up with the taxes and no jobs, and “liberal” taxation. You need to give this life a look. But I’m sure much of the South is the same way—the old South as you have read about and seen in movies no longer exists. We had the mother of a soldier who died in combat in Afghanistan (who was white) hug and kiss her dead sons friend who was crying at the memorial for her boy. I’t not your great grandfathers south. They both were in the 10th Mountain Div.

  7. Geoffy

    Ironic that CT, bluest of the blue states, has suffered MORE from Barack Obama than any other. 9% unemployment isn’t surprising, when the President has CRUSADED for four years AGAINST two of the biggest employers in CT: Insurance (northern CT) and Financial Services (Fairfield County). The good news: things are getting bad enough that EVEN THE LIBERALS will be calling for a truce !

  8. joe867

    No surprise here. Been in Manufacturing for many years, which supported many blue collar families throughout CT. Now all they want is Insurance, Medical and Pharmaceuticals. Well that’s not everyone. Bottom will come when Pratt and UTC finally says enough.

  9. Larry

    They have been saying, “as the national economy improves” for the last 4 years. The truth is it doesn’t and the way it is now it never will! Yes, there is a very, very slight difference, “not improvement” as the fast-food restaurants hire and fire noon time order takers and the landscapers lay off the summer help…

  10. Vernon

    Now that CT voters happily and obediently voted the same clowns, like the ultra liberal Martin Looney and John Williams,and other strong pro-labor union supporters in to run the state for the next few years, expect legalization of marijuana, higher taxes, more government spending, more career criminals released from prison to prey on the public, more unemployment,and forced unionization of more workers among other disasters.

  11. DaTroof

    We just finished our 4th summer of recovery. How’s that hopey changey thing workin’ out for ya Connecticut?

    Its a ship of fools with Captain Danny at the helm.

  12. Fred Hogaboom

    Well, it figures, candidates laid off their minions. Just lawyers out of work and political groupies!

  13. brian cooper

    The bolsheviks continue to drive the productive people away from CT. I’m planning my escape now. In a couple of years the majority of the population will be government employees, old folks and welfare basket cases. Much like the current state of Maine.

  14. alan

    I think this state blew up with the Ed Enhancement Act of 86 and bill/nikki o’neill. They bought the teachers vote forever with the fake real estate boom of 86(remember colonial realty)and they had to make it up with an income tax. The peak in jobs was 89. Funny thing is that we have never adjusted public sector pay to the new reality- I see many teachers in my town at 90K with a pension(with a SCSU degree?) and yet engineers with patents from PBowes etc are struggling. I see retired park rangers getting 63K at age 52-but electrical engineers working at Radio Shack. I see restaurants closing left and right, but a relative in the State DMV just got a promotion. It does not seem right

  15. Ed Gallagher

    Remind me again why Connecticut voted to re-elect Obama. When his “Forward” slogan was brought out they forgot to add on the words “into oblivion”

  16. America Is Dying

    Just take a look at how much State of CT Employees are earning a year not to mention pensions and lifetime benefits!

  17. chris ryan

    Everyone is overreacting! Let us not forget about the mice lab. We are all set. Wait and hear Malloy’s take on this tomorrow.
    As much as I think Dan is in way over his head I think Rell was a do nothing! No, I don’t think it because she was a do nothing!
    By the way DM put himself in such a corner there is no way he can raise taxes without putting his job in serious jeopardy! Law of diminishing returns! Don’t forget DM sees being governor as a job. He is no leader.

  18. charlie connelly

    I lived in ct for 40 yrs and got the hell out. Your state budget is approaching 21 billion for 3.5 million. NV state budget is 3 billion for 2.75 million. Cal state budget is 92.5 billion for 36 million. Cal is 16 billion in the hole/ If they spent the sqame money as CT they would need a budget of 200 billion. Remember the budget determines how much you spend an what your taxes will be.

    1. DaTroof

      Hope you’re happy when the Government collapses under the weight of unsustainable entitlements. Until then, let the freebies roll, eh? Grow a brain.

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