State to Borrow $4 Million For Carla’s Pasta Expansion: 98 New Jobs Planned

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A $4 million subsidized loan from the state is planned to help fund expansion at Carla’s Pasta, a South Windsor food manufacturer.

The loan will be converted to a grant if hiring targets are met.

Carla’s Pasta has 147 employees, 115 in Connecticut, and the company is in the process of hiring 98 workers as it builds a 27,000-square-foot addition to its factory and buys packaging and pasta-making machines. The company makes both pasta and sauces for commercial clients and for retail sale.

The company is investing $26 million in the project. The addition is expected to open in a month

The state, through the Department of Economic and Community Development, is offering the loan at 2 percent interest over 10 years. The State Bond Commission will have to approve the borrowing before the loan can be issued, and will consider it March 13.

Carla’s is using Kelly Services to recruit machine operators and packers, and is also hiring a shipping and receiving supervisor, a quality control manager, a machine mechanic and a controls engineer.

Sergio Squatrito, vice president of operations, said the company has had a hard time finding the last 10 machine operators and packers it needs for the first wave of expansion, and so it’s using Kelly Services to help it recruit.

The company will hire the employees directly, not as temp-to-hire, and plans to pay approximately $10 an hour for packers, and $14 an hour for machine operators who don’t have experience on the specific equipment Carla’s uses.

“If somebody has had extensive experience on packaging machines, that would go up,” he said.

“Carla’s Pasta is a great example of how Connecticut’s many economic development programs and services can help businesses expand and create jobs,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy in an announcement Tuesday. “I visited Carla’s Pasta just a few months ago to highlight the innovative steps they took to increase energy efficiency and reduce consumption. Working as a partner with our business community, we can make sure that Connecticut businesses can do what we need them to do — create good paying jobs with good benefits for our residents.”

Squatrito said, “The governor and all of his people at the DECD have been absolutely wonderful to our company. We really appreciate how they help manufacturers stay in the state and stay competitive.”

The company was founded in 1987 by Carla Squatrito.

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14 thoughts on “State to Borrow $4 Million For Carla’s Pasta Expansion: 98 New Jobs Planned

  1. Rich G

    So if this becomes a grant , guess what we bought it . And if this state is so deep in the hole , where do we manage to find 4 million.

  2. steve

    Where’s mine DANNY BOY. You steal MY money along with the other MIDDLE CLASS TAXPAYERS that you LIBERAL TAX AND SPENDERS like to suck up to and give it to greedy PIG businessmen. What happened to CAPITALISM. Oh yes I forgot. We now live in the UNITED SOCIALIST STATES OF AMERICA led my a lying non american muslim who calls himself president or is it dictator for life

    1. MCyr

      Oh please. Stop whining. The state of CT is doing exactly what your GOP heroes in Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, etc. are doing…the only difference for you is that your governor has a D after his name.

    2. Ann Theresa

      Really…..they can’t find enough people? Hard to believe! Who is going to forgive the State of Ct loans??? No one!!! Stop giving our money away! Businesses should have a business plan, and that should not include the State of Ct or Federal money that we don’t have….4 million give a way…Geez!

    3. MCyr

      You need a sedative pal. It’s your boys giving away the store in the South and they are not Liberals. You should save up some of your anger for the corporations that are stealing our money and shipping jobs out of this country, or, do you expect the government to force them to stop? You are one these that think oil companies would flood the markets with gasoline and the price would go back to $1 a gallon if the government got out of the way. “Capitalism”. Ha!

  3. MCyr

    Our governor in North Carolina just used tax dollars to steal MetLife jobs. It’s the game you have to play. Corporations rule this country. Not political parties and definitely not working class human beings.

  4. dwopus

    Our bully gov. sure likes to spend money that’s not his own. Yes, NC ‘stole’ Metlife with a $2M tax incentive, but for that $2M, they’re getting 2,600 jobs with avg. annual pay of $80K. CT ‘keeps’ a small co. and 100 new jobs for $4M (plus int. of borrowing the $$). Ugh… CT is very desperate to keep jobs….

    1. MCyr

      Sorry. Wrong. North Carolina’s GOP is giving MetLife $94 taxpayer millions. The cities of Charlotte and Cary are each tossing in another $4 million plus utility and road improvements.

  5. steve

    to Mcyr. I don’t care what other states are doing with their taxpayers money. I live in CT. Remember how the criminals who voted to ram the income tax down our throat promised how it would solve ALL our problems. Well guess what. It didn’t and won’t because the more money your give the ‘RATS AND RINOS YES RINOS AS WELL the more they spend. I condemned sleeping beauty and that loser McKinney just like I condemn DANNY BOY. Lets end all the giveways. If a company wants to leave leave.

    1. Jim

      You seem very angry. Maybe you should get away from your computer and take a walk. It might cheer you up.

      1. MCyr

        No kidding, right? Hopefully you guys get to keep him. We have enough angry Tea Partiers of our own.

  6. JD

    So the state is “buying” jobs for $41,000 each? How does a pasta packer make a year? Pay in taxes? This makes no sense. As soon as the pasta company gets a better out of state deal they’re packing up and leaving. This makes as much sense as a busway from NB to Hartford: you can get from no one wants to live where no one wants to work.

  7. Mac

    The question really should be: what right does the state government have to tax us and take our tax money and give it to private companies. Where in the state constitution does the Governor have that authority. Government is supposed to stick to public safety and public works, but it continues to borrow and lend money to private business. Nobody challenges it so it continues.

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