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Aerospace Factory in Manchester Closing

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The TurboCare Group is closing its Manchester airfoil factory, which has 88 workers who make  turbine blades, buckets and vanes. TurboCare Airfoil, which operates in both Winston-Salem and Manchester,  is the world’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket turbomachinery airfoils, according to the company website.

The TurboCare Group is a subsidiary of German giant Siemens Energy. No one at the factory would comment, saying someone at Siemens had to speak about the closure. The spokeswoman there did return calls for comment.

The factory will close December 31.

The move will put 43 machinists out of work, five tool specialists, five engineers,  three inspectors, two cutter/grinders, two programmers and two program/tooling specialists, in addition to managers, office workers, procurement and materials professionals and others.

The network of businesses, which has its Americas  headquarters in Chicopee, Mass., has 2,500 workers around the world in 16 countries. It also has a factory in East Hartford.

The letter to the state Department of Labor informing officials there of the closure did not say that the workers would have any opportunities to move to openings in Chicopee or East Hartford.

TurboCare Airfoil  has had several different corporate owners over the decades since it opened.

The group does maintenance support for rotating equipment, such as industrial gas and steam turbines, electric motors and compressors.