The Hartford Tech Workers Lose Jobs To Offshoring

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More than 40 contractors working at The Hartford on systems integration and other technology projects will qualify for extended unemployment benefits and tuition paid by the government because the company decided to have the work done by overseas workers.

The former employees learned that the U.S. government certified that their jobs were lost to foreign competition earlier this month; the state Department of Labor announced Monday it will reach out to the group with information about all the benefits, which can also include relocation subsidies, or even wage subsidies for older workers who find a new job at lower pay.

The workers were laid off in May, and came from Iconma, TCA Consulting, Kforce, Sagersoft, TEKsystems, Synergy Services, PDS Technical Services, Talus Partners, Corporate Systems Associates, COMSYS Information Technology Solutions and iTech Solutions.

Most of the workers were on site in Hartford or Windsor, but some worked in Florida.

It was the 13th time that Connecticut workers at The Hartford lost their jobs to overseas workers in the last two and a half years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.


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6 thoughts on “The Hartford Tech Workers Lose Jobs To Offshoring

  1. Lawrence

    Of course.

    That’s the way Republicans want to conduct business in CT and across America.

    And if you have a problem with US jobs going to overseas workers so the CEO can rake in yet another million dollars a year, you are “anti-business” and a “liberal.”

    1. Johnny 2 Dogs

      So we’ve had a Democrat President for 4+ years and most CT politicians are Democrats and yet you want to blame Republicans for offshored IT jobs? Sure, that makes sense. Seriously?

  2. alan

    I hate to say it but the only job worth having in Conn is with the Government or Public ed. These IT people or UTC engineers are far more educated than public sectors yet are cannon fodder for businesses and Conn govt who could care less. After spending the 4th with family members who are public school teachers, welfare workers, park rangers I can assure you that they read this like we may read about cannibilism in New Caledonia. The only subject is sport- will the “Yanks” beat the “Sox” or will “Geno” be able to utilize “Chong”. They will get paid, they wont get fired, they will get pensions and there is nothing you can do about it.

  3. pete

    WHAT A JOKE. The Republicans finally reigned in the 99 week UE GRAVY TRAIN so what does barry do – consider anyone who has been laid off a displaced worker because of offshoring. As Johnny 2 dogs stated we have a ‘RAT for a president a ‘RAT for a gov and ‘RATS controlling both houses of the CT legislature. So WHO IS TO BLAME THE ‘RATS

  4. Lawrence

    Thanks for proving my point, guys.

    Keep voting for Republicans, who represent the 1% and want you to lose your job!

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