Walmart To Expand Hartford Store Into Supercenter

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Walmart will begin an expansion later this year at its Charter Oak Marketplace store in Hartford that will allow the retailing giant to add groceries to its offerings.

The expansion will convert the general merchandise store, opened in 2005, into a “supercenter” that also would have a full array of groceries, according to Walmart spokesman Bill Wertz.

The expanded store is expected to open next year, Walmart said.

At 150,000 square feet, the Walmart at Charter Oak Marketplace is the largest store in the Flatbush Avenue shopping center. Wertz said Walmart will add another 30,000 square feet.

It was expected that the store would eventually expand into a supercenter.

Walmart has supercenters in Wallingford, New Haven, Naugatuck, North Windham, Waterford and Lisbon. In addition to Hartford, others are planned in Cromwell, Bristol, East Windsor and Putnam.

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24 thoughts on “Walmart To Expand Hartford Store Into Supercenter

  1. Al

    I’ll never go there. I live in Hartford and I think that whole store is one big attitude. I stopped going there because every time I left that store I would want to punch someone in the face and I’m not like that.

  2. Mr. John A. Wyatt

    I shop at Central Market in the West End on Farmington Avenue; the customer service at the small family owned business is excellent and the selection of merchandise is good. I shall never shop at Walmart again due to several reasons: lousy customer service and the outsourcing of American jobs to China chief among them.

    1. Lisa J

      Buy made in China whenever you can. The sooner they realize how much they are overworked and underpaid the sooner they’ll go on strike and the jobs will come back to the USA. It’s just a matter of time.

  3. Olga Vasquez

    I will never go, I have had so many bad experiences in that store, I have sent several emails and nothing gets done about it, I guess they dont care, I rather spend the extra buck at Target

  4. italian10

    I have shopped at several of the Wal Marts in this area (Hartford, Newington, Rocky Hill and Cromwell). Hartford by far has the most annoying customer services — not nice. On the other hand I have found that the Rocky Hill location has the best customer service most of the employees are very helpful. When you can’t find something most of their employees stop what they are doing and help you find it or will find another employee that can help you locate what you need.

  5. S Williams

    That is the worst Walmart ever. I absolutely despise going there. The Customer Service Sucks (multiplied by 100). At any given time you go there to shop, there are never more than five registers open with hundreds of people in the store. I hope they expand the Customer Service and there number of Employees with this new transition.

  6. Luke

    Its funny because amongst my family and close friends everybody agrees the customer service at this store is atrocious. It’s not fair to put a label on every employee, but by and large the people don’t care and take little pride in how they work. Pretty much a microcosm of the entire city of Hartford. Worst schools (because parents don’t care/or don’t know how) Worst Crime (Police and citizens don’t care) Worst Neighborhoods (Residents don’t keep it clean and take pride in where they live)

    1. iheartsushi

      Luke, you can’t really generalize and lump the residents into one “microcosm” not all parents or neighborhoods in here behave the same dude.

      1. Luke

        iheartsushi, I agree you cannot lump all residents into one “microcosm”. But you can lump a solid majority in one, and in this country majority rules.

  7. shannon

    I cannot stand this store either. It is a pit inside and out because people are slobs and too lazy to use garbage cans for their own trash. People walk in the middle of the parking lot as though no one should have anywhere to go and just wait for them to move. I often leave here after getting into an argument with someone over what should be basic courtesy. It doesn’t happen anywhere else. This is obama land-gotta love it.

  8. ed

    i agree with everyone. this store blows big time. that’s why I now make the effort to drive to avon from west hartford. the atmosphere in the avon store is a world of difference.

  9. skyler

    Absolutely right just plain ghetto, i,ve been there twice not by choice ,never again , looks like a basement,everything is messy, plus was build in a land that was promised to be housing/apt back in the days,just my opinion,

  10. Unhealthy Jim

    Maybe all that will change with the renovations. Lets keep things positive and maybe, just maybe, it will surprise you. Wait… I really hate all wal-marts they are one of the major reasons our country is stuck in China’s poop shoot.

    1. Phil

      I believe you get back what you put out, so Walmart puts out crap(in bad customer service, employee training, business ethics, etc) so that is what they get back from their customers. People know Walmart(Walton family) doesn’t give a crap about anything other than $, so why would their customers care about the store or anything related to it.

      I haven’t been to a walmart in years and have no desire to go back there in my lifetime. Also, with sales at other stores Walmart isn’t really cheaper than people think it is. The sale price at Target, Stop & Shop, etc mostly always beats Walmarts regular price.

      1. Jimmy

        I don’t go to Walmart unless its an emergency for something. Target is a so much better and it is the same price as good old Walmart Plus I like helping out our local business.

  11. a patriot

    Hope the Walmart Big Wigs in Bentonville read these comments. Hope the Courant passes them along to Bentonville Yeah, the inner city is the inner city but what this failed store needs is a new manager and good well trained employees.

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