Bridgeport Among 10 Dirtiest Regions, And So Is New Haven

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You might guess that metro Bridgeport was one of the most polluted areas in the country, but New Haven too?

On Forbes’ list of the 20 dirtiest cities in America, Bridgeport comes in at No. 4 and New Haven isn’t far behind, at No. 7.   The ranking, compiled with the help of demographic list kingpin Bert Sperling (of, focuses on air and water pollution from industry and vehicles.

California is far and away the dominant dirty destination, with the top two metro areas (Fresno and Bakersfield), six of the top nine and eight of 20, including San Jose (No. 8) and Los Angeles (No. 20).

New York escapes the Top 10 at No 11.  Hartford is safely off the list, perhaps because aerospace is cleaner than automotive, oil and chemicals. Cleveland, the butt of jokes in the ’70s, has cleaned up its act all the way to No. 19, though some unemployed workers may wish the Cuyahoga River still had factories on its shores.

On Bridgeport: “Despite being in one of the nation’s richest states, much of Bridgeport remains blighted. For decades the Raymark Industries site manufactured car parts and asbestos and filled in wetlands by dumping toxic waste on them. The EPA has been removing lead, asbestos, arsenic and dioxins for 20 years.”

For the record, the Raymark/Raybestos Superund site is in neighboring Stratford, highlighting the fact that while Forbes claims to list the dirtiest “cities” in America, it’s actually looking at entire metro areas. So don’t breathe easy just because you live in the ‘burbs.
Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch and other local leaders told FOX CT’s Ayana Harry that the ranking is focusing on the old, not the new. “I don’t think national business magazines ever walk the streets with me and to see what’s going on, so we don’t take it very seriously,” Finch said.

On New Haven: “The 850,000 residents of the New Haven-Milford metro area may enjoy having a top flight school in Yale University, but due to their location at the intersection of I-95 and I-91, their lungs pay the price.”

And what about Elizabeth, New Jersey? Don’t these people take the turnpike?


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11 thoughts on “Bridgeport Among 10 Dirtiest Regions, And So Is New Haven

  1. Da Troof

    The awards for our state are just piling up: most taxed state, highest gas tax, most debt/capita; worst state to retire to, etc, etc.

    Lets all continue to work hard to make our state the worst of the worst. Well done.

    1. Da Troof

      PS. Its nice to know we’re urinating away millions we don’t have on a busway between two major Connecticut cities that aren’t named as environmentally dirty. Bravo.

        1. Da Troof

          Try again Jimmy. While preliminary investigations on the busway have been going on for years, it was our current Governor and legislature that approved the expenditure of $500M toward this white elephant. Lets at least be honest about this.

      1. Dan Haar Post author

        No, the Busway is almost all federal dollars. That’s why Connecticut supported it. It may be pork, but it’s our pork.

        1. Da Troof

          The funding is comprised of $400M in federal tax dollars that we don’t have and nearly $200M in state tax dollars we don’t have.

          Lets also not forget the $10M per year in annual operating costs we have to cough up each year to operate the completed busway.

          This is wrong on so many levels its laughable and indefensible.

  2. Marilyn L Kaye

    It is difficult to compare cities like Bridgeport with others particularly when it is the biggest city in Connecticut. New York City had some of the dirtiest streets
    and a very high crime rate but that changed as new ideas and concerned citizens came into its own…with the beautiful 22 miles of waterfront and huge colonial classic houses, Bridgeport will have its day in the future…something to think about! Marilyn H Kaye Pres. Mlbkaye International Realty

  3. old capitalist

    We all hope it happens in our lifetime Marilyn, and isn’t it amazing, New York City came into its own after it elected one of those regressive Republicans. Will wonders ever cease?
    Of course jimmy will argue that he hurt the economy by putting all those squee-ge wipers out of business.
    Can you imagine how many more cities in California would be on the list if the voters in the cities had dare elect those regressive anti-environment conservatives?

    Apologies for my sarcasm, and best of luck and success in your business.

    1. Jimmy Boggs

      Old capitalist: we all welcome each others sarcasm here. No problem.

      A friend of mine, a former political insider, keep arguing with me with each issue that I presented to him. Finally he ended it by expressing that the monies were mostly federal and anyways already dedicated.

      Poor excuse for a very ignorant project. I still can’t believe it.

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