Firearms Instructor Takes His Shot on Groupon

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Today’s Groupon email for Hartford County includes a jarring surprise along with the usual photos of pizza, jewelry and beautiful women in spas — a silver handgun in a holster.

No, the weapon isn’t for sale; Groupon won’t do that.  It’s an offer, launched Tuesday, for the 4-hour class that’s required for the holder to get a Utah concealed weapon permit.  The permit is recognized in 34 states, Connecticut not among them, so local buyers will still need a Connecticut license with a separate safety course.

Michael J. Capozziello of in Monroe is the second certified firearms trainer in the nation to post a Groupon ad for the Utah course.  Six months ago he asked Groupon if he could advertise the class, and the company refused, he told me. Then Groupon allowed a company in Seattle did it, and Capozziello had his shot.

The offer is $75 for a class he said normally goes for $155, including fingerprints and ID photo.

Some folks interviewed by a TV station in Seattle were bothered by the ad. “Lattes don’t kill people, guns do,” one person said in the report. But it sold 2,000 classes, and it’s hard to see how people taking a gun safety class make the world a less safe place — as long as strict gun-control laws are in force.

Capozziello, who borrowed the Seattle firm’s photo for his ad, would love to exceed that 2,000 sales figure. He sold 800 Connecticut permit classes through Groupon in August.  The exposure might have helped his business beyond the discount classes, he said.

“Maybe they were thinking about it but didn’t pull the trigger,” he said, winning The Haar Report’s metaphor of the month award.

Obama’s re-election should also be good for business, Capozziello said, since the president could tighten gun law enforcement even without Congress.

“The old saying is, he’s the best salesman for guns,” Capozziello said.

So, did he vote for Obama?  “I put my country ahead of money.”

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8 thoughts on “Firearms Instructor Takes His Shot on Groupon

  1. David

    If you already have a Connecticut permit, you should just apply for your Florida out of state permit. You end up with the same states as the Utah except for Minnesota and don’t have to take a special class.

  2. richard

    David, You should support your instate folks that support the 2nd amenment. Get
    the Florida permit, and get the Utah also.

    Support those who support the 2nd amendment.

    Are you a life member of the NRA ? I am.


  3. Steve B.

    I have had my CT permit for nearly 3 years now. How much of a challenge is it to obtain a FL permit? I am going to assume that FL recognizes CT, but CT does not reciprocate.

    1. richard

      Send a copy of your NRA Basic Handgun Safety Certificate, or a copy of your DD-214. It goes to the Fl. Dept. of State, Division of Licensing.

  4. Jimmy

    I heard this guy had his creds pulled by the NRA after his groupon stunt (having people shoot in his basement or something). May want to look into that.

    1. Johnny

      Jimmy it is trolls like you that hurt all gun owners in CT this man is selling a groupon for a Utah gun permit that allows gun owners to carry outside of CT what does this have to do with the NRA ? Get a life how sad your life must be.

  5. CT NRA Instructor

    This guy is not following the NRA lesson plans the require that every student get a handbook to keep, he is making his own certificates, copying tests and not shooting the required center-fire caliber handguns….all against NRA policy. Must be to cheap to spend the bucks per students for the required materials.

  6. Lawrence

    Michael doesn’t actually teach the class, I only met him briefly when my wife and I took the ct permit class a few weeks ago. A couple real nice young instructors taught us it was great, very well run. Would definitely recommend

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