For Connecticut Makers of Military-Style Rifles, Confusion, Disillusionment — and Possible Moves

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Stag Arms, the New Britain maker of military-style rifles, is scheduled to deliver 13 specially made firearms to a gun shop Friday for pick-up by Newtown police officers.

Will the sale be legal if the legislature adopts the gun control agreement that’s due for a vote Wednesday, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signs it into a law that takes effect immediately?

Mark Malkowski, owner and president of Stag, doesn’t know. Much of his business is selling AR-15-type rifles to law enforcement officers, not as government agencies exempt from gun laws but as individuals, to use the equipment on the job.

It appears that every rifle made by Malkowski and his 200 employees in four adjacent buildings will be illegal for sale in Connecticut — they are all of the AR-15 type. But Malkowski doesn’t know that either, for sure. This year alone, his company has sold $1 million worth of its guns in its home state.

“It’s very confusing,” Malkowski said Tuesday. “We have a lot of people asking a lot of questions. We can’t see this bill…Is the governor going to contact me on my cell phone at midnight tomorrow night and tell me what I can and can’t do?”

O.F. Mossberg & Sons in North Haven sells many AR-15-type rifles that use low-power bullets. Will they be exempt from the law? “We’re not going to get to see it until they vote on it,” said Joe Bartozzi, senior vice president and general counsel at Mossberg.

For Malkowski, Bartozzi and others at firms that make the AR-15 in Connecticut, short-term confusion is not just a tense annoyance — they’re still trying to influence legislation that they can’t see. The confusion will abate soon enough, however, and what’s left is disappointment and disillusionment at the agreement by Democrats and Republicans in the General Assembly, which would expand the definition of banned assault rifles to cover virtually all versions of the AR-15 rifle.

The manufacturers — Stag, Mossberg, Colt’s Manufacturing Co. of West Hartford and Ammunition Storage Components of New Britain, which makes magazines that would also be banned — have all, since the Newtown tragedy, made the point that their customers are law-abiding citizens, and that semiautomatic rifles, despite their wild popularity, are responsible for an minuscule fraction of gun deaths.

And so, as custodians of a storied local firearms industry that dates to Eli Whitney in 1797 and gave rise to Connecticut’s giant defense contractors,  they have a right to feel under siege as the vote nears — even after they struggle to figure out what, exactly, the legislature is doing.

With an estimated 5,000 direct and indirect jobs and a statewide economic impact of $1.8 billion, they’re all the more certain they will look elsewhere when it comes to their futures.

It’s pretty clear that any expansion efforts would likely not be in Connecticut,” said Bartozzi, whose company recently invested $4 million in lines to build the soon-to-be-banned rifles, and has a factory in Texas. “It becomes hard to justify. I love Connecticut. I don’t want to move from here. But I know this is the first bite at the apple.”

Mossberg will send a few dozen employees to the Capitol in Hartford Wednesday, in a last-ditch effort to derail support for the ban. The workers will hope to meet with state Rep. David Yaccarino, R-North Haven, who told Bartozzi he remained undecided on the bill, Bartozzi said. “Let them look him in the eye and ask him the touch questions,” he said.

With Malloy pushing hard and with Democrats in control of both the House and Senate, there’s been an air of inevitability that some form of ban would be part of the gun control package. Connecticut already is among the five strictest states before the latest legislation happens.

“I don’t think it’s a personal attack,” Malkowski said. “It might be an opportunity to push forward something that they couldn’t do before on the shoulders of the tragedy…I don’t see how this is anything more than adding more laws to the books that weren’t being enforced.”

He especially focuses on mental health issues and access to guns in general — some of which is addressed in the bill. “I was optimistic in the fact that I thought they would address mental health issues, and I thought that would be the focus,” Malkowski said. “I’m glad they were able to address that, that’s important, but the other stuff, is that satisfying an agenda.”
Malkowski blames what he called “Washington politics.”

“That’s where this is being pushed down from. This is what Biden wants, this is what Obama wants,” he said.
A fair argument can be made that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who’s unhappy that the agreement does not ban ownership of magazines holding more than 10 rounds, is among the national leaders in the post-Newtown round of gun control. Regardless, the compromise allowing rifle and magazine owners to continue to possess items that are banned for sale in Connecticut doesn’t help their business.

But for now, said Malkowski, a lifetime local resident who branched out of his father’s machine shop exactly ten years ago, there is too much shock to act quickly. He had thought he would have at least some time to adjust before a law took effect.

“I’m just so disappointed in what happened, I really thought that through education we would be able to have the legislature come up with good, sound choices that would have made a difference. Frankly, I don’t know exactly what to do at this point. We’re going to explore options, we’re going to see how it affects our business.”

At Mossberg, as much as half of the product line could be affected by the ban, Bartozzi said — but he can’t get answers on the eve of the vote. Clearly, lawmakers are allowed to limit gun ownership, but considering that they’re meddling with a Constitutionally protected right, they ought to at least write the law and look at the details before voting on it.  Bartozzi thinks that might be required under court rulings.

In the end, for all of these companies, including Colt’s — which developed the AR-15 design into the M-16 and M-4 military rifles and is one of the largest producers of civilian versions — the question isn’t only about lost business from the ban, but also the companies’ standing in a market that’s famous for punishing certain brands. Customers may abandon Colt’s just for staying in place in Connecticut, Colt’s CEO Dennis Veilleux fears.

And the manufacturers’ message is clear:  Limits on access to guns may be fine, but bans will not make the state safer because a determined mass murderer such as the Newtown killer will find a way to create hell.

“History will be the judge on this one,” Veilleux said.

Meanwhile, rank-and-file factory workers will lose their jobs.

“They’re the ones that are ultimately going to pay the price,” Bartozzi said. “It’s just awful to think about it, but that’s the way it is.”

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122 thoughts on “For Connecticut Makers of Military-Style Rifles, Confusion, Disillusionment — and Possible Moves

  1. Sean A

    Get real- this country has never been as blue state/red state since the American Civil War. Red states are going to BEG the last of Connecticut firearms manufacturers to relocate to them. It plays to their constituent voters and plays into their life philosophy (and kudos to that).

    I wonder if any other state representative voters actually know what a ‘midnight speacial’ is. It’s the cheap, abused, typically old handgun that most firearm deaths in America are used in. Look around the country- do you see the perps of everyday inner-city gun violence going out to their local gun shop and buying a new AR-15 (or anything new), registering it at time of sale, then going on that drive-by shooting? NO.

    So how does this bill do anything to stop gun violence in inner-cities? The 1900s Assualt Weapon Ban didn’t do anything to stop that violence.

    So gun manufacturers of CT- take those offers to relocate to other states. Leave this ridiculous, tax-laden, reactionary-politic state of CT behind.

    1. Freedom

      Exactly , the freedom loving states are waiting with open arms to welcome these companies and all the monies and jobs they generate. You wanted liberal schemes, you got them. Now its time to pay up….

      1. mikey

        Freedom loving states? you mean the states that what to regulate what a woman can do with her body. they states that want to limit who a person can marry. The states that are among the bottom in terms of education, health and environment.
        have fun.

        1. Fred D

          Connecticut should offer incentives for gay-owned businesses to move to here where they have the freedom to marry. Put a few ads in newspapers in states that are trying to lure away Connecticut gun businesses. Let’s trade guns for gays.

          1. YankeeI

            That’s a great idea. Take all the liberals from across the country too. You can start a collective society and just share everything. We can even put up a fence to keep you all in. Thanks for the idea.

        2. daryl

          yet you want to tell people they can’t protect themselves or their family, they have to buy health insurance, and they have to help out the losers of society. Sounds like libs have it all figured out.

          1. sj

            I will define it for you! All the assholes that come to this Country with no intent on ever working and be a member of a working community. Ones that will sit in there house collecting a check for doing nothing but making babies and getting more money for the babies. Then bitch about everything. Does that define it for you!

          2. Betrayed Democrat

            John: add to Daryl’s list any citizen of this country who, even though physically able, chooses to survive based on government handouts of our money.

            You can also add public sector employees who take advantage of their own power of government (they ARE a part of that government after all) to enrich themselves unfairly at the expense of their neighbors and taxpayers who work in the private sector.

            You can also add legislators and politicians who make laws exempting themselves from the laws they make the rest of us follow. Who enrich themselves because they know in advance what decisions are going to be made and what laws may be passed. It’s a form of ‘insider trading’ that they send private citizens to jail for

        3. Nick

          No one tells a woman what to do with her body. Ignorant morons such as yourself think murdering a baby is a woman’s right. And no one wants to limit who marries who…you are asking for SPECIAL rights and want to redefine marriage. You had civil unions but that wasnt enough, you want to redefine thousands of years old terminology to suit your agenda.

          As far as education, health and environment… only uneducated idiots blame the state when they have an influx of illegal immigrants which burden schools and the healthcare system with poor performing students and medical costs, respectively.

          You are a troll of the highest order.

        4. Libertarian Advocate

          Penumbras of privacy and LGBT marriage? So what are you, a reactionary two issue voter Mikey? Can’t you see that your progressive gods are nothing more than reactionary progressive wolves in urbane sheep’s clothing? Educate yourself on the origins of the progressive movement, then come back and comment.

        5. JPKirk

          Mikey, your comment smacks of being a little ‘troll-bait’, to take the conversation ‘off topic’.

          Murder is murder. Abortion ends a life! Albeit a dependent life, but life none-the-less. If the ‘woman’ does not want to have children ‘at this time’ or for whatever reason, she should take the proper precautions.

          Same Sex Marriage is not marriage. Marriage is an institution that was created and established by the churches. Government got involved in marriages to try and ‘control’ disastrous marriages involving cousins. Government has not right to try and ‘redefine’ marriage. They have the right to establish a legal relationship that protects both parties under the law, and that would be Civil Unions.

          These firearms companies have a choice. Stay where they are and see their business dwindle and ultimately die, because sportsmen and gun owners won’t send their hard earned money to a company that directly or indirectly supports an attack on the Constitution. Both the restrictive states and the firearms manufacturers will have to live with their decisions. A company that sits too long on the fence will be hurt by their customers as being a supporter of Tyranny.

          That is a fact that they will have to live with (or die on the withering vine) in these heated times.

    2. Fred D

      OK. I accept the rather small consequences. If every single company and employee moves we lose about $81 million in tax revenue per year. This is less than 0.5% of our $20 billion budget. We lose 7,340 jobs equaling about 0.45% of our 1,640,000 workers. In reality not every company and every employee will move so losses are actually less than above. Some gun suppliers serve other industries. People here will still buy guns and ammo, still shoot, so that part of the gun economy remains.

      The uproar over potential gun restrictions has generated a tremendous upswing in gun sales all across America. You might even say this was the best thing that has happened to gun makers in recent years. They should send contributions and Christmas cards to anti-gun legislators for the huge windfall profits. There are many more jobs in CT today because of this demand. So they can no longer sell to the tiny CT market, they are still making more money overall in the USA and around the world.

      1. Nick

        What an extremely myopic and ignorant viewpoint on your part. What you fail to figure into the cost that will be lost is property tax revenues as well…$1.4 billion in output (GDP basically), about $400 million in wages lost, which in turn is also lost in spending in the state for food, restaurants, fuel, etc… and not to mention those that dont move with the company now have to get paid unemployment benefits for the next 99 weeks.

        Their direct output was second in the entire country behind California. You see it as miniscule because you are ignorant. You also are ignoring the fact many citizens of CT are planning on moving out as well, my wife and I and both our salaries included. Im done with this BS state. Going to PA. Now you will lose at least 10,000 citizens out of the hundreds of thousand gun owners…more property taxes, spending, etc. Its going to be a snowball effect but you are too blind to see it.

        Im glad you dont care about our Constitutional Rights and would rather assault law abiding citizens than solve the real problem. 100 deaths total last year in the US from AR15’s….6,5000 from handguns, but you ignorant left wingers focused on the millions of AR15’s. You want to talk about miniscule statistics…less than .0001% of AR’s were involved in a shooting last year.

        1. Steve

          Good points Nick. Fred seems to be one of the much too many un-informed voters who’s rhetoric is thin and based on lack of knowledge in the areas they are discussing.

        2. Fred D

          The change in any index is less than 1.0% so it will be hard to notice. Property tax, GDP, wages, tax revenue, retail sales, consumer spending, sales tax, all less than 1.0% of Connecticut total. Go ahead and leave. We won’t miss you.

          Houses are not portable. Someone will buy them and pay the taxes. And in the cold grey light of dawn, some companies will weight their options and stay here. Connecticut has the best machinists in the world.

          1. Betrayed Democrat

            You’re right Fred, someone will buy the houses. The government will buy many of them and convert them into something for the recipients to live in, subsidized by the remaining taxpayers of course.

            CT has the best machinists in the world – what’s left of what USED to work here. The rest won’t be here long either, or, if they stay, the taxpayers will be supporting them as well.

            Enjoy the increase in deductions in your paycheck, if you are a taxpayer that is. History is full of example of the tipping points of socialism

          2. Libertarian Advocate

            And here I thought all you progressive demoncrats really cared about the emotional and psychological impact on the poor workers left unemployed by big greedy corporations who decide to dump them in a midnight deal. You stinking hypocrite! All the job losses and all the resulting pain that comes from that will be on YOUR hands you narcissistic progressive puke!

        3. Holdin

          I’m with you… I’m not in the firearms business but I told both my employees there getting laid off. I’m moving to WV.. So add that to the loss of taxes,food,fuel, and two more added to the unemployment list for 99 weeks each

          1. Fred D

            Don’t you pay half of their unemployment? I pay about 0.0000001 percent through the state.

        4. walls

          Hooray for you Nick. I’m planning on leaving, too. I was born here, but I won’t die here. Somebody else will have to make up for my tax payments. It’s time to head south where fiscal sanity, common sense, and personal liberty still prevails.

          1. Truth

            Walls: who would have throught that the South would be the bastion of freedom some day? I’m with you

        1. steve

          Sure let the gun companies leave ,it’s a step forward. Then what’s next? Oh better force those evil Wal-Mart stores to quit selling ammunition or leave, I see all the in-fighting typical divide and conquer plan Communism and Socialism is alive. All spread by Washington DC, My prayers are with the good people of CT. who are fighting for there jobs!

        1. Betrayed Democrat

          libertarian – using this type of language is an abuse of this blog and could result in a return of the unacceptable censorship that seems to have abated lately.

          Please, posters – don’t let our passion ruin our opportunity to speak freely when given the opportunity. Have some respect for those readers who are offended by profanity – it’s simple courtesy

  2. Jim

    Deeply disappointed in this short sighted legislation that does nothing to prevent another tragedy. Mental health is again left in the dust for the Obama priority of looking good, but doing nothing. Dannel Malloy, Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal were happy to take your tax dollars but they value camera time and fame more than protecting you as constituents. A horrible shame. A deep thanks to our gun manufacturing community that has helped build this once great state but now must leave. Why would you stay here when the state government obviously abandoned you to appease their democratic masters in Washington. Who will replace the 5,700 lost jobs? Who will make up the $1.7 Billion tax effect? I want a list of legislators who vote in this trash so I will be able to help organize my fellow CT constituents to vote them out next cycle.

    1. Betrayed Democrat

      I will not buy any products from gun manufacturers that remain in CT if this bill passes. They should have the morality and pride as a company, to deny any portion of their hard-earned money to CT government.

      Move to a freer state, and people like me will continue to buy your products. And you’ll get more in return from the lower taxes in your new location.

      1. Homer Simpson

        I will not buy anything from Cabela’s for allowing NRA buses to load there for rides to pro-gun events.

  3. Dave B

    I don’t get it. Washington got it right by not attacking the gun but going after background checks and mental health issues. CT screws it all up…
    No more sales of products built here in CT, cant support our own local manufacturers?
    All you gun control people out there, just remember you wanted this. Higher unemployment, higher taxes to make up for the lost revenue from the manufactures and all the gun right advocates who will most likely be moving out of the state.

    1. Jim

      This isn’t about what is good for Connecticut, it is about what is good for Dannel Malloy, Dick Blumenthal and Chris Murphy’s political career. The loss of jobs and the effect of $1.7 Billion in tax effect will hurt Connecticut. The federal government is dropping the fallacy of pursuing the smallest component of gun violence and taking up the root causes of mental health and keeping guns out of bad people’s hands. The state of Connecticut is more concerned with window dressing rather than fixing real problems. How any criminals and perspective murderers will pay attention to these new laws? None of them. What does this new legislation do? It punishes all law abiding gun owners, deep rooted Connecticut gun manufacturers, 5,700+ employees who will be soon jobless, and Connecticut taxpayers who will have to pony up for the lost $1.7 Billion in tax revenue lost when gun manufacturers leave CT for the act of one mentally ill person.

        1. Betrayed Democrat

          how many recipients does $81 million support, Fred? Will you pick up the slack when that money disappears, with as much glee as you are displaying here?

        2. Jim

          That report from the NSSF you quote only considers income tax from the companies. There is a property tax effect by the companies, paid income taxes and property taxes by the employees. Sales taxes by direct sales are also not considered by the NSSF report. The most recent figure is $1.7 Billion stated just the other day in a Hartford Courant article.

          1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

            Jim, My link shows the total wages paid to all gun worker in CT is $522 million per year. Sorry, they can not pay any more than this in property tax, income tax, sales tax, or any other tax. Your $1.7 billion number is ridiculous.

          2. Betrayed Democrat

            you obviously didn’t comprehend Jim’s message, ‘truth about…’. You might be a CT legislator, banking on readers’ ignorance to appear right

          3. The truth about the gun industry in CT

            Betrayed Democrat, I comprehend just fine. Let’s see if you understand. People throw that $1.7 billion “economic impact” around but it is not clear what this means. Since you are the smart one here, how much of that “economic impact” ends up in the CT State Treasury and the local town property taxes? The number is from the NSSF, the gun industry, so you can be sure it is as large as they can possible imagine. If the state were to grab 5.0% of this they still only get $85 million. This is a long long long way from a billion. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, are all fairly close to 5% so that number seems realistic to me.

            I think there is a lot of double bookkeeping in the number. They take their payroll and add their entire retail sales. But payroll is always paid from a portion of retail sales. Plus they include everyone and everything even remotely connected to guns. Ammo sales, for example, are no going to go away, people will still shoot. The entire gun economy will never go to zero. So quit tossing that goofy number around as if it were real.

          4. The Ignorant Masses

            All this talk of numbers confuses us. Please, just tell us what to do and think. We don’t need to vote – it’s a scam anyways.

            We want a constitutional amendment to do away with voting so government can decide everything for us, guided by a few people who the government decides to listen to. People du jour.

  4. JohnZ

    Thank you Dan for continuing to show both sides of the current gun control debate.

    I can’t imagine Stag and the others NOT leaving the state. Why would they remain in a place where their own employees can’t even own the guns that they produce on a daily basis?

    Look what’s happening in Colorado – MagPul, a manufacturer of magazines, is looking to leave the state after new legislation that limits magazine sizes. Many states are actively recruiting them to move, and all it’s going to take is the right incentives and an available talented workforce, and they’ll be gone.

    Our state WILL lose jobs over this – I already know of one small gun shop near me that specializes in soon-to-be-outlawed “assault weapons”. They may close up shop as early as Thursday if the proposed laws go into effect.

    So much for CT being the “Constitution State”….

    1. mikey

      It’s common knowledge in Boulder Colorado, that Magpul was planning a move before they passed their laws The logistics of a major move can take up to a year. They were looking for some concessions from the state/county where they are located and when they didn’t get them, they started looking elsewhere.
      Then Newtown and the laws and they didn’t want to let a political opportunity pass. They even used the laws in a marketing/sales campaign.

      1. Nick

        Thats false. They werent planning on moving until the bills were announced after Sandy Hook. At no point in time was Magpul planning on moving out of Colorado before the SH legislation.

  5. P-E-Z

    They should leave, and a gun owner in this state new law is the last straw for many of us. I will be leaving the only state I have know as home since mt birth in 1963. I am discussed.

      1. Nick

        Enjoy your ever increasing taxes, overpriced property and homes, less jobs and mroe “disability and welfare collectors” and growing illegal immigrant population. Im tired of carrying your sorry arse. Go find another sugar daddy slacker. Dont cry to me later when all of CT turns into Bridgeport.

  6. Reality_Broker

    I understand Colt was considering expanding into Florida anyway because its a right to work state…this could push them over completely especially if FLA gives them more of an incentive. It appears the “vast majority” of Conn voters don’t want any guns in their state and would probably be tickled pink if all the gun owners would leave or just lay down and die… who would want to make a product in a state that considers you and what you do an anthema?

    1. Nick

      Thats false to claim “vast majority”. Where do you get your stats from? Most people that are asked form polls dont know anything about the issues at hand… such as believing a fully auto rifle was used, no background checks are ever performed, a 16 yr old can walk into a gun store and buy an assault weapon, etc.

      Its like taking a poll of non doctors about medical procedures. The poll would be irrelevant and misleading.

      Regardless, I dont care if its 99% of the State doesnt want guns in their state. We have a Constitution. We are a Constitutional Republic…it prevents the minority from being oppressed by the majority.

      1. Reality_Broker

        I was being “sarcastic”…I probably need to work on that. Irrelevant and misleading polls are often inflated by legislators to convince the “mindless” zombies…the ones who don’t have their own opinion but follow the “trends”…only the next state elections will show how the citizens of the “Constitution State” will receive this spate of “unconstitutional” legislation.

    2. Paul Bartomioli

      Colt has already expanded in Florida. About 2 years ago. More than 100 shiny new jobs.
      Sanford area.

  7. MB

    Mikey – how would you feel if your 1st Amendment right to free speech was taken away and you could no longer spew your ignorant liberal nonsense? You have a right to free speech and we have an EQUAL right to bear arms. I recommend that you get educated on the topic and realize that NONE of the proposed laws would have prevented Newtown. Both Columbine & Virginia Tech happened with 10rd magazines. The movie theater shooting in CO happened with a shotgun. All four instances (and numerous others) have a common theme – a very deranged individual with access to guns. These new laws do next to NOTHING to stop 99% of the gun homicides, most of which occur with handguns in the hands of CRIMINALS with only a few shots fired. Good thing we went after 1% of the problem and left 99% of it untouched….

    1. Nick

      Mikey doesnt want to be educated, he would rather wallow in ignorance. Just another low information voter who thinks he will still have the 1st Amendment after they disarm him. CT has already forced an internet sales tax, next is a tax on posting on Facebook.

  8. Kevin Leitgeb

    Tell’em come to NE pennsylvania lots of skilled motivated workers and i’ll bet our governer will gladly give them tax breaks !!!

  9. Steve

    I hope the gun manufacturers in this state jump ship to another state. I hope they hold up to that threat. Screw Malloy. He’s only a one term Gov anyway.

  10. Betrayed Democrat

    Remember Obama’s quote: ‘We’re not going to take away your guns’.

    Hold Democrats feet to the fire in upcoming elections. Hold them responsible for their, and their party’s, actions against our freedoms and constitutional rights.

    1. Steve

      Remember all….registration leads to confiscation. Remember England?? They did that and although gun violence dropped, violent crimes rose i.e. baseball bats, knifes, etc. The criminal realized that no one had guns anymore so the pickings were easy. This may be the tipping point. Question? Who will they ask to go to us and take our guns? Not a cop I know would do that.

        1. Mrs Spann

          I am a Veteran and as I once put my life on the line for this country I would put it on the line again to defend the constitution. I stand for all the rights the constitution gives us as American Citizens. And I need to keep and bear my arms to defend my constitutional rights.

          Once they take our guns away who will stop the government from taking more of our rights away. The first American Army was a militia.

          1. Oath Keeper

            Thank you for your service and your dedication to freedom, Mrs. Spann.

            Unfortunately, CT is full of homer-simpson-types who never learned critical thinking. Playground taunting is their forte. They can’t see beyond their emotions to the results of their actions, until its’ too late at which point they’ll be the first to whine and beg for help

  11. America Is Dying

    Say goodbye to more jobs in CT. Say hello to higher taxes as they leave.
    United We Stand, Divided We Fall. America is falling.

  12. pz

    to the gun manufactures…. you made the decision to produce an item that mass Kills. Then act surprised when people dont want it any more. Take some responsablity for those poor babies. All for the buck. Ps

    1. rdp

      “you made the decision to produce an item that mass Kills”. you serious? that’s like saying that fork and spoon manufacturers should take responsibility because people are obese! no item “mass kills”. deranged and sick people “mass kill”. a gun is just the tool they CHOOSE to use. a gun is an INANIMATE OBJECT without a will of it’s own. the person responsible for those babies was lying dead on the floor of that school. he made his choices, not the gun manufacturer. i’m a responsible gun owner and while i don’t live in CT i refuse to be judged by the actions of mentally-ill individual who unfit to own a gun in the first place.

    2. Don from CT

      PZ – First, this stuff has been around for 50 years. Second, murders and murders with firearms are HALF of what they were in 1993. This is a totally emotional response.

  13. Anne

    Let them leave!!!!! They are not wanted or needed here! And all of the commenters who love assault weapons so much should go with them!

    1. Nelson B

      WOW- I worked for Colt Firearms for ten years never did I see a AR15 jump off the racks and shoot someone…People who want to ban, step on the Constitution, or let the gun company’s go are true MORONS.. You must have voted for Obamanation…….

  14. Truefacts

    Wow we can say to breweries thanks for making products that can mass kill and to car manufacturers the same thing. Thanks for being ignorant.

  15. Cliff Williams

    I think Stag should rescind the sale to Newtown seeing they don’t like those black guns in their community.

  16. LOST IN CT

    Things in this state are pretty bad. This could just be the tipping point. There are so many reasons to leave the state under this Legislature and Malloy, where do you begin.

    Connecticut used to a great state. The Libs we elect are destroying the (2) major industries that created jobs, defense and Insurance. with the Federal Budget Cuts, Electric Boat, Sikorsky, GE, PW etc. will all be hurt and of course Obamacare has driven the major Insurers out of the Healthcare Insurance business.

    In Connecticut we elect people that in turn destroy the industries that made this state great.

    It is over, I mean who in their right mind would want to move here?

    1. Truth

      those who live off the productivity of others want to live here. Recipients, public sector workers, etc are in heaven in CT. And the politicians are catering to them because, unfortunately, they represent an apparent majority at the polls.

      Romney was right about this issue

    2. Don from CT

      LostinCT – Don’t forget that we had 20+ years of Republican governors. Also, don’t forget that the vast majority of Republican legislators are going to vote in favor of this hideous piece of legislation.

      CT’s problems defy traditional party affiliation.
      I’ve moved my home to MA. Yes, its a terrible firearms rights state, but at least we have a vibrant economy with tremendous job growth and a State government on sound fiscal footing. Remember, CT is still working a ponzi scheme with respect to underfunded public pension liabilities. Its a freaking time bomb. Oh yeah. And CT went from having some of the most rational gun laws in the country to having the worst.


  17. Rumplestilskin

    I have been a law enforcement officer in Connecticut for the last 18 years, and I can honestly say that the new laws will do NOTHING to prevent another Sandy Hook. The State Police will be left holding the bag by having to register hundreds of thousands of magazines and rifles, and honest citizens will face felony charges for non-compliance. Meanwhile, criminals will continue to commit murder with cheap low capacity handguns. Someone intent on mass murder will simply purchase a 7 round pump-action shotgun, load it with 00 buck (15 pellets x 7 = 105 rounds before reloading), and simply walk into the nearest “gun free zone”. They would have at least 5 minutes to kill without resistance before the police arrive. Or they could drive out of state and purchase a rifle, 30 round magazines, and ammunition, then return to the state to commit mass murder. The people of Connecticut are deluded.

    1. LOST IN CT


      The people of Connecticut are deluded. The stupid want over simplified answers and solutions to complex problems.

      No one wants to think anymore.

  18. Mark

    The companies shouldnt budge. They should disregard any legilation hindering their right to manufacture and distribute firearms considering they have already paid for a license in which the government provided. They should stand their ground and say no to any legislation.

    1. NiN3

      No they should leave. I live in CO and I fully support Magpul’s decision to leave. I also own a great rifle from Stag Arms. I would be much less inclined to buy from them again if they stayed in CT, regardless of how great their product is.

      1. Truth

        I agree NiN3 – I won’t buy anything from any company that these laws affect, that stays in CT. CT doesn’t deserve their money or their jobs

    2. Truth

      I disagree Mark. The state of CT has virtually unlimited taxpayer funds to wage legal warfare. The companies should move and deprive CT of any of the results of their productivity. Politicians don’t understand much, but money hits home and educates even the most ignorant

    3. Don from CT

      CT gun companies are not affected. The legislation includes explicit carve-outs for licensed dealers and manufacturers.

      However, thats not the point. They should still leave because they should not support a state that does not support them.

      Colt recently has a significant expansion. They choose to do it in FL. Its more gun friendly and its a right to work state with rational labor laws.

      1. Truth

        Don: CT gun companies ARE affected in that they can’t sell their products in the state where they manufacture them

  19. redlady

    Rumple, thank you for stating the facts from a police officer’s perspective. Many of us live in rural areas where officers cannot reach us for up to a half hour, long past the time a bandit/killer would be finished with business.
    Unfortunately, CT legislators have completely lost their marbles and this fact does not concern them. Only re-election and impressing President Obama, VP Biden, and Sen. Blumenthal matters to them.
    When they are comfortable standing up on a podium and taking credit for saving children, while supporting abortion, pretty much says it all.

  20. e kuhn

    Rumplestilskin has the logic that the self serving politicians in CT should listen to. None of the proposed new laws would have prevented the school tragedy. I was born and raised in Meriden and still have relatives living there. I will visit but will never move back to CT. And all of the gun and gun parts makers should seriously consider relocating to a more friendly environment. Come out to Washington State.
    East of the Cascades

  21. Truth

    Here’s a wise quote from Thomas Sowell that we should all consider carefully – especially those who are in favor of more government control over our lives and less reliance on the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

    “The idea that “all people want freedom” is one of those feel-good phrases that some people indulge in. But you do not get a free country just because everybody wants freedom — for themselves. You can have a free country only when people are willing to let other people have freedom.”

    He reflects much more wisdom in this article:

  22. steve perkins

    what are the people of ct going to do when the firearms industry boycotts all the police and gov. agencys and stop selling firearms and ammunition to them it has already started in NY and CO. when you start banning where do you stop. most of the people are living in a dream world sooner or later and it looks like the sooner will be here befor you know it people will get fed up and stop paying taxes because they are tired of seeing there money wasted think about it people it is coming

    1. Truth

      steve: personally, I’m about ready for the tax revolt. I’m disgusted with what is stolen from me every time I get paid. More than half of what I earn is going to someone else – absolutely ridiculous. Now my freedoms are more imperiled than ever before.

      Time for another Boston Tea Party – can’t happen soon enough to suit me.

      while we’re at it we can make a ‘list’ of all those in favor of denying our constitutional rights and deprive them of the liberty to do something they feel entitled to and therefore deem inviolate. Religion is a good example. Free speech is another. Hobbies that they enjoy can be included. Let them taste tyranny a little more personally for a better understanding of freedom and the constitution.

      We have been far too complacent for far too long. Think ‘the tree of liberty’ quote from Jefferson

  23. Sarah

    It sickens me to reduce this issue to lives versus jobs, but why does nobody ever mention the public health costs of guns? They cost us 37 billion each year in direct medical costs alone. Meanwhile firearms company reap a profit of 1 billion each year. Hard to feel sorry for them.

    1. DonewithCT

      That is a stupid short sighted statement. The correct statement should be “Whats the public health cost of thugs, gangsters and psycopaths?”

      Based on that logic, what do think the medical costs of smoking are? let alone the death count?

      If it was really about saving lives or money, action would be directed at the real causes and no just a symbol of your fear: something that some think looks scary from too many movies.

      The simple truth is there is an irrational fear inyou and the SH incident is being exploited to make yourself feel better.

      But tomorrow, the same number of thugs are still going to shoot each other while law abiding citizens are discriminated against for thier hobby.

    2. Oath Keepers

      Sarah: Guns don’t cost anything beyond the cost of manufacturing and purchasing. Guns don’t do ANYTHING without a person behind the trigger.

      You know what we never seem to hear about? The health costs of public sector employees. We hear about their pensions, salaries and benefits but NEVER about what it costs to USE these benefits, especially in retirement.

      Hard to feel sorry for THEM as well.

  24. Justified

    Anyone else notice what a HUGE for head Murphy has ?
    It isn’t from a large brain me thinks.
    Time to leave CT .They can have this putrid cesspool .


    So as I understand it, Malloy is encouraging the gun manufacturers to remain in the state so long as they can sell in other states? What a hypocrite!!! So the if his conviction is for the safety and well being of children, then why is he encouraging “assault weapons” to be shipped off to kill children in other states?????

  26. Time for Change!

    The manufacturer’s concerns are legitimate as I would expect that a certain number of gun buyers in the rest of the country would boycott any gun made here in occupied Connecticut and would look for brands made in one of the remaining Free States of America.

    1. Truth

      Time: I, for one, will urge all I know to boycott in this manner. I have friends and acquaintences all over the country. If they MFG is in CT, don’t buy their products.

      Colt is a very popular brand. A nation-wide boycott of their products would make a serious dent

  27. R Lee

    The law won’t stop a thing.
    Just a grandstand by Malloy and company.
    How about laws outlawing illegal narcotics?
    Did that work?

  28. Truth

    Thomas Sowell:

    “The gun control crusade today is like the Prohibition crusade 100 years ago. It is a shared zealotry that binds the self-righteous know-it-alls in a warm fellowship of those who see themselves as fighting on the side of the angels against the forces of evil. It is a lofty role that they are not about to give up for anything so mundane as facts— or even the lives of other people.”

    Perfectly describes many of the posters here – including one with many names.

  29. John Callahan

    Can the gun factories still make and sell the AR style weapons to people that order them from out of state ?

    1. Betrayed Democrat

      John: the gun manufacturers and their spin off companies are being told by Malloy that they are welcome to stay, they just can’t sell their products to CT citizens.

      The question of whether they should relocate outside of CT as an ethical and moral point – or remain in CT and pay taxes to a state that won’t allow them to sell to their own neighbors – is one of the points being debated here.

      I and many others urge them to leave. In fact, we intend to boycott ALL of their products if they stay in CT under these conditions.

  30. John Callahan

    What happened at Sandy Hook School was a Horror beyond words.
    However, the “Shooter” shot and killed his mother (the gun buyer)and himself.
    So who is left to punish ?
    It is like (understandably)those directly affected by this horror need to punish someone or some thing.
    Take away the guns they said,… that will solve the problem. It will not.

    What if that EVIL THING had driven his mothers car into the schoolyard at recess and killed 26 people, would we make new DMV rules or ban certain types of cars ?

    There are plenty of gun laws,… you need to ENFORCE them.

    Want a strict law ? OK.

    If you commit a crime in the State of Connecticut using a firearm of any sort you will go to prison for life (NO PAROLE)

    What ? Is that too harsh ? Is it easier to go after people that do not, and did not commit a crime ?

    This new law will be more than interesting come January 1st, 2014 when (by law) any of these AR type weapons listed as now illegal and bought (ON) Wed. April 3,… will HAVE to be given up. Who comes and gets them ? The State Police ? The State Police have all the addresses for those people who bought the guns.

    1. Betrayed Democrat

      John: it’s a good bet that even though criminals who use guns are let off the hook and plea bargain away the gun charges, honest law abiding citizens who breach these new laws will be prosecuted TO THE FULLEST and their sentences will be extreme.

      An example must be made: not of the real criminals, but of the NEW criminals who until these laws were enacted were nothing more than honest citizens.

      This is the libertarian/socialist/tyrannical environment in which we now live and toward which this country that our forefathers sacrificed to create is now heading. Our complacency has led us to ignore history at our own peril.

      The politicians are treated as honorable, honest people – to be trusted and believed – and not those whom an alert, engaged citizenry should watch carefully and give power to very cautiously.

      “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  31. clay b

    Stricter gun laws like mandatory prison sentences and longer incarceration time never works. Liberals have a problem with the numbers. If not enough ‘whites’ are going off to prison then it’s a bad idea. It is not fair (in the liberal mindset) to only send minorities off to prison. You can’t win with these people (the libs) because most all suffer from mental disorder. Just look at this new crime bill is a perfect example. We all know criminals will still get their guns, that’s a fact. But we’ve just made is more difficult for the law abiding to obtain access. It seems anything that would make stealing from the rich to give to the poor easier is viewed as a positive. For every crime committed, 100 were prevented with firearms. Every time you make access to firearms limited, more crimes are committed and less are prevented. What these fools have accomplished was to now increase the crime/murder rate and reduce the number of those prevented. Now, the odds favor more people will die (along with children) for their knee-jerk emotional reactionary stupid agenda driven politics. Hey, I am offended by lies so take the motto off the license plate. I do not live in “The Constitution State”. Change the motto to “The Obamanation State” for it is more fitting.

    1. walls

      1. As you say, liberalism is a mental disease.

      2. It is NOT illegal to alter the motto on your license plate; there was a case about this in New Hampshire regarding their motto ‘Live Free or Die’. My license plate will soon say ‘UNConstitution State’.

  32. BonScott

    Fred’s been bit by the Zombies. He’s done. There’s just no hope for him other than to simply “put him down”.

  33. Frank

    My feeling is the gun manufacturers should leave this state. Connecticut dont deserve there tax money nor all the money there employees pay to live here. I live in Connecticut and think this gun ban is a joke that is meaningless. I am considering leaving this Joke of a state myself. Punish them, let them know we will not have our rights infringed upon and then support you.

  34. Torts dildos

    Let’s ban the sale and use of box knives also. They were the weapon of choice of the 911 hijackers. How many total dead besides the twin towers on that one day with that one style weapon…

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