Good Riddance To Hostess

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You won’t see an economics writer with this opinion very often, but good riddance to Hostess – even with 18,000 jobs down the drain.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is right: We have to start taking account of the full social costs of junk food. The damage that Hostess products have done to Americans’ health is not worth the jobs that would be saved, especially since the mass production food industry is hard to offshore to Asia.

The former Hostess employees, including 200 in Connecticut, should be offered special benefits under an extension of the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which is normally aimed at people whose jobs are lost because of foreign competition.  All of us should share in the cost of a transition to a healthier food system.

Besides, Twinkies will be with us for a long time.  Put one in your kitchen cabinet today and open it in ten years — it will be as fresh as the day you bought it, thanks to the company’s double-secret recipe: strip food of all fiber and nutrition, then load it up with preservatives.

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15 thoughts on “Good Riddance To Hostess

  1. old capitalist

    Maybe so Dan, but non the less, I seriously doubt any one of those 18,000 who are now unemployed will agree with you. What most likely will happen is that those buying Twinkies will buy Ring Dings instead. Using your logic all liquor, fast food, tobacco, soft drink makers, meat processors, and most snack producers should go out of business also. Maybe all those displaced workers can then be hired by the Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Bureau and we can borrow the money from China to pay them. Hey, we can then all add another ten years on to our golden years and further burden the Social Security system. Meanwhile speaking of social costs, the state government continues to promote gambling -lottery/lotto (whom a wiser economics writer described as a tax on idiots) & casinos.

    Don’t you just love the nanny state?

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      While we are looking at things that contribute to “social costs”, we better throw in couches, motorized vehicles, television, newspapers, all entitlement policies that finically encourage single motherhood, living in areas of diminished sunlight and most aspects of liberalism.

      1. Da Troof

        Hey John, what did you decide to do after we got the bad news about doubling down on the failure that is Obama? Hope all is well otherwise.

        1. johngaltwhereru


          I bought a small house in Costa Rica and I am moving there January 2nd. I’ll be about 30 minutes from the Pacific Coast in the Guanacaste Region. I will be joining a group that only accepts patients using private insurance or self paying.

          I will not retain any property or investments in the US. I will retain my license and citizenship, just in case the morons no longer believe it was Bush’s fault 8 years after his departure and 10 years after he had any control over the budget.

          However, I don’t think most Obama voters care about the economy, and I know most of them don’t care about the debt. These things don’t hurt them yet, and they have such an infantile view of economics they have no concept that it will eventually hurt them.

          I think we will have to hit rock-bottom before anythig changes, and I don’t want my child to pay for the ignorance of our current “adults”.

          I will have internet access though, so I will continue to expose The Courant’s Lefty Lies for my own pleasure and that of like minded individuals.

          1. Da Troof


            Can’t say I blame you at all. I am not in a position now to join you but in a few more years I will depart this liberal “utopia” for greener pastures in a state that respects its taxpaying citizens. The idiots in Hartford don’t get that their ponzi scheme of taxing an ever shrinking pool of taxpayers will blow up at some point.

            Please keep in touch with those who fight the good fight against the liberal agenda which is taking down this once great country. JN

  2. Gerry

    Dan, I hope you have the same opinion when the changing economy puts the Courant out of business and you don’t have a job. You have a typical liberal response of someone who has a job and doesn’t understand that the government cannot solve every problem. Nothing wrong with Hostess products when people learn to enjoy them in moderation like so many other vices. By your analysis why not close down the liquor stores and pizza joints and force all businesses to serve only salads. The concept of the nanny state is foolish, people need to learn how to enjoy things in moderation. I worry for the poor souls at Hostess as they will likely not ever recover from this loss and find a job as good. I have been out of work and I know the turmoil that will happen to all the “bread winners” who lost their jobs at Hostess, their families will be suffer, they will be unable to pay mortgage payments, and they will be added to the Obama food stamp army. No economist would ever wish for 18,000 people to lose their jobs because they would know the opportunity cost will never be recovered.

  3. Chech the facts

    The urban myth that Twinkees stay good for 10 years or more is completely false. They have a shelf life of 30 days, at most. Would it have been that hard to check the facts so all those people hoarding Twinkees now don’t think they will last forever?

  4. MrLogical

    So glad to hear that Dan never drinks wine, beer or soda, or never eats burgers, French fries, pizza, fois gras, hot dogs, steaks, cereal, bacon … I’m sure he and Nanny Bloomberg must have fun sharing recipes for healthy living.

    Can’t wait until the Courant turns off the lights and throws out the cat. That day can’t come soon enough.

  5. quinte west

    Poor Dan–he writes an an opinion piece because he can’t write anything informative, maybe a few dozen people read it, and all 10 of us who care to comment view his work negatively.
    Dan says ” you won’t see an economics writer with this opinion…”
    You are corect Dan–when we see your work we don’t see an “economics writer”– just drivel.

  6. Da Troof

    Wow Dan- you outdid yourself this time. Instead of commenting on how unions ate their young before they would concede a nickel to the bankruptcy court, you go all Bloomberg on us about the product.

    Sure, twinkies suck. Who in their right mind would eat one? But, last I checked (and I now check often in the age of Obama), this is a free country and its a choice whether to manufacture or eat them. Maybe in your state-run industry utopia you can fix that.

    Gotta love liberals. They tell us everyone needs free healthcare and then tell us what we can or can’t put in our mouths. How are they going to lock in future Democrat votes when they put restrictions on all the free stuff they hand out with money we don’t have? Its a head scratcher.

  7. NexTop

    Hey Dan: there are more journalists out of work than bakers! Although I won’t lower myself to your level by gloating over the loss of anybody’s job, I would not be able to suppress a smile if your position went away and the only replacement gig you could land was working the graveyard deep-fryer line at Dunkin or McDonalds…

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