Malloy Oversight: Safety Panel Locks Out Gun Industry

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There’s someone missing from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, a 16-member panel he named Tuesday with the charge of coming up with recommendations on school safety, mental health and violence prevention.

Not a single person is on the panel from the firearms industry, which has 2,900 people directly involved in making and selling firearms, according to a 2012 study.

This is a clear oversight that Malloy can easily address. It sends the wrong message that the industry is not part of the solution, and it also misses out on the considerable expertise that the industry has — all the more important, since Malloy is pointedly asking the commission to devise tighter gun laws.

For example, the AR-15 rifle, made by more than one company in Connecticut, has a long history here and is widely misunderstood.  Clearly there are lawmakers who want to see it banned outright, and that’s a worthy debate — if and only if everyone learns what, exactly, an AR-15 is, and what it is not.

“We would participate if we were asked,” said one industry official, who asked not to be named because his employer has not commented publicly about its position.

The panel includes one elected official, four psychiatric professionals, two educators, four from related service professions (including a recent public-officeholder), three public safety professionals, a criminal justice expert and a security industry executive.

There’s room for someone from one of the Colt companies, or Sturm, Ruger, or Stag Arms, or Hoffman’s Gun Center or the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry group, based in Newtown, that has orchestrated the handout of 35 million gun locks.

Leaving the industry off the panel was not intended as a message said Andrew Doba, Malloy spokesman.

“They will have a chance to participate in meetings and in forums,” Doba said

The panel membership, Doba said, is a representative sample of the people able to advance the goals outlined by the Governor when he announced the creation of the commission: “crafting gun policies that are as tight as they are reasonable; that our mental health system can reach all that need its help; and that our law enforcement has all the tools it needs to protect public safety, particularly in our schools.”

No, it’s not a cross-section.  I get it; the idea is to improve school safety and to improve the mental health system, but regulate, not improve the gun industry. Still, there should be a full and complete discussion including solutions that are uncomfortable for any and all groups.

The gun industry will oppose many of the proposed reforms. It will lobby hard, and it may end up on what some of us consider the wrong side of this issue. But excluding it from the table at the outset would be unwise policy even if this were not the state where the industry was born, and even if this were not the industry whose history did nothing short of defining Connecticut’s industrial heritage.

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63 thoughts on “Malloy Oversight: Safety Panel Locks Out Gun Industry

  1. Ryan

    Good lord Dan, what are you trying to get fired? You keep spouting common sense suggestions and a reasonable viewpoint and the powers that be on Broad St. are going to show you the door.

  2. Professor Poop

    Dan, shamo on you for wanting to include a member of the enemy on a state safety board.

    The solution is to begin the lengthily process of Repeal of the 2nd amendment. Yes, we also need smart technology to,invent thumb print ownership of a gun and other ways of restricting nefarious use of weapons.

    But they are ,the enemy. Let’s fight them and bury their disgusting propensity of gun ownership.

    1. Mike

      You anti gun morons are a waste of space that a lump of dog crap could be occupying. What I would like to see is Stag, Colt and Ruger Close down and move south to a RTW state and re open leave thousands un employed in this libtard state . Then we’ll see. What morons.
      It is good to see a sensible article and not the usual antigun crap from the same stupid assholes that are saying go Kill NRA members children.

      1. Professor Poop

        I don’t want anyone killed. On the contrary, I want gun violence to end and we all know that repeal is throwing the stake through the heart on this one.

        1. Lawrence Glifort

          Once the guns are taken from the honest citizen only the crimminlas will have guns, you will be no safer, there will be nothing to stop them during the 10 minutes or more that it takes for the officers to get to your house if you had made a call at all. You will be helpless watching your women raped in front of you, because you will be powerless, and never say this can not happen to you, it can.

          1. Professor Poop

            In time, Lawrence, no one will have guns. Besides, you and me may keep our single bolt action rifles at home for defense.

      2. Gary

        We already put Winchester out of business and forced Marlin out of the CT with high taxes. Colt is rumored to be moving to Florida and all Ruger has here anymore is the Corporate offices with factories in NH and AZ where people still support what the Constitution State wants to abolish. We know his objective is to abolish the 2nd Amendment, however I still cannot figure out how Obama won a second term. Everyone I ask tells me they didn’t vote for him. Guess I just hand out in the wrong circles. We should print up “I Voted For Obama in 2012″ bumper stickers and track how many get sold. Or even better count the cars with them. As far as publishing a list of CT pistol permits, I think that is great. It tells the burglars exactly what homes they can break into without being shot.

    2. Jimbo

      Professor Poop laid another one in his pants. The enemy? Seriously? You may be better suited to live in China or Cuba there professor.

  3. Mitch

    Finally .. some real well thought out and written prose with some true commonsense!!! Congrats Mr. Haar, I’m hopeful your colleagues at the Courant will follow your lead instead of demonizing anything and everything that has to do with guns. Of course, the industry should be involved. There’s no one in the industry that isn’t for safe use and ownership of firearms. Bravo on a well done column and we’ll hope Malloy will have some commonsense to rethink what he’s doing with this commission and include industry people.

  4. Sam

    If gun companies offered any other ideas for prevention of violence other than “go buy another gun”, then they’d be a valued addition.

    Beer companies run ads against drunk driving, casinos run ads against gambling addiction, and tobacco companies fund cancer research and run ads against encouraging kids to smoke.

    Still waiting for the gun industry to be a proactive part of the discussion…

    1. John

      As Mr H pointed NSSF (supported by the industry) has distributed over 35 Million Locks. they also run seminars on child safety. and do a lot of good work helping stores comply with the myriad of laws already on the books. The industry IS working to foster safe gun use.. The problem is the criminals,for some reason,don’t want to obey the law. DUH

  5. bob

    This is the anti-gunners moment in time they’ve waiting for. Why would they invite anyone who would leak out the battle plans which could be used to derail there agenda. They’ll pass felony laws for possession of high capacity magazines and assault rifles, driving gun owners underground. And as the courts and jails deal with these people what will we be nothing more than a Police State. But that’s too far ahead for them to think about.

  6. MrLogical

    Rest assured that Malloy and his minions will end up doing whatever they can to drive even more business from the state as they continue to prostrate themselves to the narrow interests of a shrill minority of opinion.

    Be wary for the inevitable unintended consequences: Fewer jobs and more businesses fleeing the state.

  7. MrLogical

    Will they advocate for a law to conduct detailed criminal and mental-health background checks on anyone who wants to see a violent movie, or purchase a violent video game?

  8. MrLogical

    I wonder why criminals don’t respect and obey the gun laws we have now?

    Could it be that…. they’re criminals?

  9. Charles

    I-am a gussin criminals will use chemicals, fuels, machines and anything thing else they can think of,in their sick minds, to kill people serially or all at one time. Then we can ban their next tool of choice.

  10. Joe K

    I for one will enjoy in a few months the outrage that will be expressed that AR-15’s will still be sold. True there may be a limit to magazine size or requirement for permit to own long guns but these semi automatic rifles will not be banned outright. They are to popular and generate a lot of revenue. This whole debate should be about criminals and what we will do about them not individual freedoms that are being taken away by people who don’t enjoy firearms.

  11. Gary

    This could have just as easily been at lunch time or on a crowded weekend full of parents and children. Its all about the person, not the device. Drunk drivers kill more people than guns. That being the case, every vehicle in CT should have a device installed, at the expense of the State, requiring the driver to blow alcohol free before the vehicle starts. A retinal scan device should also be installed so the scan and breath test insure it is the actual driver. This should all be funded by pay cuts for government officials who have enjoyed a cost of living increase every year. Even better by Congressmen & Congresswomen who serve one term and get $175,000 plus private medical for life. Government for the People by the People is a joke. Most politicians are in it for themselves either the money or ego. Were going to do what we think is best for you the subjects. I will say, that at least I won’t be executed by the government for voicing my opinion like in some other Socialist countries. Ours will just make it look like an accident.

    ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — A woman is under arrest after police she drove her truck through a McDonald’s.

    The truck drove into the restaurant all the way up to the counter. Mark Samson, Public Information for the St. Augustine Police, said the driver, identified as Jannette Houston, did not veer at all during the crash.

    Police said it appears she was in the parking lot, pressed down on the accelerator and went straight into the dining room.

    The crash happened after 2 a.m. Friday on North Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

    Police said no customers were inside at the time of the crash. The one employee inside at the time was not hurt.

  12. Gary

    May I ad, the State of CT requires all guns be locked, preferably in a safe. If you purchase a safe in CT it is tax free. If one of your firearms are stolen you have 48 hours to report it and if your cannot show evidence of forcible entry into a secured storage container (safe) and the perpetrator uses your weapon to commit a crime, your going to spend the next 5 years in prison. That is pretty tough gun law.

    The following is more evidence of a responsible government at work. Remember these people are mentally ill and more of a danger to themselves than anyone else. When!!! they take their medication they are just like the rest of us…yeah, right. When I don’t take my meds my cholesterol does up, I don’t kill people, a little different scenario. And yes, I think armed guards and bullet proof glass in our schools should be common place. I an also offended that our President’s children are more important than the “Subject’s” children. I am also offended that politicians can talk about more gun control when innocent little souls still lie on the floor but condemn the NRA for suggesting the very thing parents now want, protection in schools for their children, just like the President has for his. Remember this?

    Killer of Girl, 9, In Connecticut Is Ruled Insane
    Published: March 31, 1990

    Sign In to E-Mail

    A three-judge panel today acquitted a mental patient of murder and escape in the stabbing death of a 9-year-old girl last summer, finding him not guilty by reason of insanity.

    The defendant, David R. Peterson, was ordered committed to the custody of the State Department of Mental Health and is to be returned to the Whiting Forensic Institute here, the state’s only maximum-security psychiatric institution.

    Judges James M. Higgins, Barry R. Schaller and Salvatore F. Arena of Superior Court began deliberating Wednesday afternoon.

    Mr. Peterson, 38, picked Jessica Short, 9, of Wallingford, at random to attack at a downtown sidewalk sale after walking away from Connecticut Valley Hospital here on July 28.

    Acute Psychotic State

    The state argued that Mr. Peterson had attacked with the planning and deliberateness of a man who knew what he was doing. But the defense said he was in an acute psychotic state when he killed the girl.

    To be found not guilty by reason of insanity, a defendant must be shown, by a preponderance of evidence, to have ”lacked substantial capacity, as a result of mental disease or defect, either to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct or to control his conduct within the requirements of the law.”

  13. Dano 860

    Dannel is keeping the fact that he is funding a new business into Bridgeport with our State as a creditor (borrowing money to give them).
    He’s getting Bass Pro Shops to move in and they will have to sell firearms to make it worth their while. Banning their ability to make a profit will mean that they more than likely will stay away.
    On the same day as the Newtown tragedy nothing has been mentioned of the numbers of children murdered in Syria or the ones in their schools that were bombed in Afghanistan.
    behind all of these atrocities were sick people, mentally ill people.
    Fix the real problem, heck how many people have died because of the written word? The killers in those cases were probably a little off their rocker too!

  14. Veteran

    To Professor Poop;

    We can keep our bolt actions? YOu obviously have NOT read the Pelosi proposed laws which state that she wants to ban “all military based” weapons – what do you think the bolt action is? All modern bolt actions basically come from the Mauser which was designed specifically for the German army, and wasn’t even sold to individuals until almost 20 years after it started production!

    They want it all!!!

    1. Jimmy boggs

      Veteran: Sorry, I neber be into guns. But I thought I said “single action” so excuse me if I didn’t. Look, I happen to have a lot of influence with Nancy. I’ll talk to her so that you can keep your single action bolt rifle to protect the home front. I will also ask her to allow an exclusion for muskets in the new gun laws since that was the only rifle around during those heady days of the revolution. I’m sure the founders were referring to this rifle when they wrote the 2nd amendment. Can you make do with a musket and flint lock? It will take a little longer to load and hang fire but that is the nice feature built into the old musket.

      Oki dokie?

      1. Mopar

        “I will also ask her to allow an exclusion for muskets in the new gun laws since that was the only rifle around during those heady days of the revolution. I’m sure the founders were referring to this rifle when they wrote the 2nd amendment.”

        Well, as long as that is also the only thing our police and military are also allowed to use, I’ll think about it.
        To use your logic, we really should be allowed to have machine guns and armed drones, because when the Founders wrote the 2A muskets are all the military had as well. The Founders may or may not have envisioned AR-15s, but they DID envision “we the people” having access to the very same weapons as the government does.

        1. TC

          That is very clear if you understand the intent of our founding fathers. While violence is never the answer it is clear that our representatives in Washington have set themselves as the elite with pensions and medical insurance no working person could ever hope to have, they excuse themselves from laws on the books that apply to us and work about 100 days per year and spend the remainder of the time ensuring they get elected again and keep their goodies. They really only represent their own self intrest and the intrest of big money that pay to get them elected regardless of party. Time for ammendments for term limits, same laws that apply to us like pension, medical insurance, etc apply to them. All previous pensions being paid are ended now and congress can not create any law that do not equally apply to them. Would be a good job for a constitutuonal lawyer to figure a way to just throw them all out ASAP maybe a national referendum by popular vote.

          1. Dan Frain

            TC, sometimes violence IS the answer. I will make this personal, so as to keep it very real.

            If someone were beating you, your wife or your child on the street, would you only watch and ask that they please stop?

            I rather think you’d want to physically intervene with whatever tools you had at your disposal. If you had only your hands, you’d use your hands. If you had a rake or a shovel, you’d use that rake or shovel to defend yourself or your loved one.

            To go a step further, if you, your wife or child were facing a firearm, wouldn’t you want a firearm to be able to defend yourself as well as possible?

            Lets take another step. Your odor bell rings and you open the door to a woman in tears who wants to use your phone to call the police.

            As you open the door, three or four men with guns rush in and knock you down. Wouldn’t you then want a gun? Would you shoot someone, once, twice, until he stops shooting? How about the other guys? What if you only had a five shot revolver and you had to shoot more than once?

            A larger capacity firearm would be a good thing in that event, wouldn’t it?

          2. Professor Poop

            TC: So if I understand your response and intent, you will answer the door every time someone rings with a gun in your hand. it’s medicine time.

      2. littlemike

        Well the writers of the Connecticut State Constitution sure as HELL didn’t have muskets in mind when they said “Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state,” (Art. I, § 15) ratified in 1965, when the modern firearm designs that are common and typical today were already on the market. (the .45 ACP pistol was invented in 1911, and the “dreaded” Armalite design that has all of y’all’s panties in a knot was originally developed in the 1950s). By then, nobody but historic re-enactors was using muskets.

        1. TC

          Good article Dan and right to the point with regard to the CT Constitution littlemike. And shame on Gov. Malloy for not inviting individuals involved in gun sports and those involved in teaching self defense with firearms, in other words the people with the most knowledge of civilian use of firearms. First I invite all involved to buy Point Blank by Gary Kleck who has actually researched gun violence for years, if you take the time to read the book you will realize there is no relationship between gun laws and reduction of crime with firearms and never has been. People like to talk about England with very strict gun laws but starting when they required people turn in theirs pistols many years ago and the continued restrictions on firearms ownership the has been no statistical change crimes commited with firearms in England. Funny how Switzerland is never mentioned by the press where there murder rate is so small it is statistically neglegent and there is little restriction on it citizens ownership of firearms and this is not limited to Switzerland. Funny how te press never mentions that about 2 million armed US citizens annually prevent themselves from being robbed, murdered, raped etc,and how crime drops in states when they enact carry laws.
          Funny how the press didn’t publish the fact that in Australia one year after it citizens had to turn their pistols armed robberies went up 44 precent and those with guns went up 300 percent.

          We have very strict laws in this state especially with regard to storage of firearms and are held accountable for what happens if the guns get stolen. An AR15 is a semi automatic rifle like any other, the pistol grip etc only make it look different it still functions as does any other semi automatic rifle but because of how it looks it is called an assault weapon, strictly political. Here is the bottom line if the firearm was properly stored not allowing a young man with mental problems acces to it 26 deaths would not have occured. The proper laws are on the books more are not will do nothing. One added fact when the first assault weapon act was put in place the deaths from those firearms was about 1 or 2 percent in other words the act was strictky poliical and had nothing to do with violent crimes with guns. just look for the FBI ststistics in the NY Times at the time the law was put in place.

          1. TC

            A few corrections: should be “negligible” with regard statistics in Switzerland.
            The proper laws are on the books now, more will not do anything.

      3. J

        Sure, as long as all firearms other than muskets are destroyed and you can ensure it would be impossible for them to ever be manufactured again. That would put the people on the same level as the government, which is exactly the intent of the 2A.

        molon labe

  15. Chucky A

    Wow I am impressed.. The Courant does have employees who use their head and not the papers agenda. Good points Dan.

  16. willie wonka

    ”Leaving the industry off the panel was not intended as a message said Andrew Doba, Malloy spokesman.”

    “They will have a chance to participate in meetings and in forums,” Doba said”

    It was not intended as a messsage? It was INTENTIONAL that they were left off of the panel. They should have a chance to participate NOW, when the panel starts to meet. Malloy is an egomaniacal pupeteer trying to pad his resume for future political endeavors and his obedient puppets jump at his command.

  17. Gary

    Most modern scoped bolt action rifles can be effective beyond 1000 yards with Marine Corp snipers confirming 1500 yard hits. Also during Colonial America and through the Civil War, more amputations resulted from soft pure lead .58 and .69 diameter musket projectiles shattering bone than modern full metal jacket ball ammo in .308 or .223 that stand a better chance of passing through soft tissue without major trauma. You can also stuff nails, pebbles and broken glass down the bore of a musket in a pinch for close range encounters. There were also individuals during the Civil War that consistently hit targets beyond 1000 yards with 1863 Springfield Muskets. Muskets will do just fine. And one shot from a blunderbuss would put the 12 gauge street sweeper to shame. I should stop now or the 1863 Springfield musket will be added to the assault rifle list. Bottom line is anything is dangerous in the hands of a lunatic. We cannot eliminate cars, trucks, knives, baseball bats, bows and arrows, machetes, ice picks, screwdrivers, hammers, axes and so on from society. Nor can we depend on our government identifying those we think are lunatics or there will be witch hunts. In CT witch hunts are still practiced today as it only takes 2 neighbors to say someone is unstable and thereby to have authorities confiscate someones firearms and have the person incarcerated for psychological evaluation. Yes, two neighbors who are against firearms can conspire to report a firearms owner in CT regardless of whether it is true or not. The firearms will be confiscated, tied up in court for years and eventually destroyed. Once found to be stable, the former gun owner is free to purchase more firearms, but their confiscated firearms will in most cases never be returned and ultimately destroyed. Good gun laws, unless you legally own a firearm. So CT hunters should sneak their hunting rifle out to the truck in the dark of early morning and not return it to the house until after sunset to avoid their neighbors reporting them as unstable. It has happened many times since the law passed, does happen and will probably happen even more often in response to recent events. Responsible gun owners keep need to keep firearms locked up and out of the hands of bug eyed delusional offspring. Should the irresponsible parent survive the psychotic assault of the offspring that parent should be incarcerated for a period of no less than 5 years for improper storage of the firearm. The same should apply to the parent of a minor who steals the keys to the family car along with a bottle from the family liquor cabinet and ends up killing someone in an accident.

    1. Professor Poop

      Gary, you have just given mea brilliant idea. Thanks fort tip .My neighbor owns a couple of assault rifles is toast.

      1. Gary

        We will never know the truth about Sandy Hook. It seems coincidental that in most of these mass shootings the perpetrators are always photographed as bug eyed wackos with funky hair who nearly always they take their own life. But did they kill themselves or were they assassinated to avoid the possibility of exposing government involvement. We know the human mind can be broken with narcotics, sleep deprivation, physical torture and hypnosis (aka brain-washing). In most cases the rifle of choice is the AR15 semi-auto (requiring a deliberate pull of the trigger to fire each individual round) which also happens to be the favorite of Eric Holder during the Fast & Furious government gunrunning scheme, an event which was somehow swept under the carpet of Congress before the eyes of America. When you have the endorsement of the country’s highest office in an effort to abolish the 2nd Amendment, you are simply above the law. Yesterdays science fiction has always become tomorrows reality. This is only the opinion of this humble Subject of the New World Order residing in what is rapidly becoming the Peoples Republic of CT.

  18. dave

    Doing anything now is premature. We should wait for the State Police to release all the evidence they collect and make it public.

    E.g. – who was the killer in contact with prior to destroying his hard-drive? Who were those two guys filmed from a news ‘copter running away from the school through the woods? Why did one teacher report seeing two armed men outside the building while the killer was still in there? How did the coroner determine that all the victims were shot with the rifle, when there is footage available (again from a news copter) showing a police officer taking that rifle from the trunk of the killer’s car – and including news-caster statements that say that’s what we’re seeing?

    Until these questions and others like them are addressed, and legislative attempts will be – pardon the pun – just a shot in the dark.

  19. john

    I have a serious question. Does anyone know if the Tobacco Companies were on the panel to figure out how to reduce tobacco use?

  20. John McGuire

    Hey Professor Poop. The name of the orifice that poop comes from is a more appropriate moniker than Professor Poop.

    1. Professor Poop

      McGuire: But for some unknown reason, you were excited and interested enough to talk about that part of the anatomy. I’m not making accusations but… just sayin’…

  21. Citizen Kane 42

    The whole issue is a complex one and there is no one single action or law that will provide absolute safety and security. What most people here do not understand is that the ultimate goal of gun control is to remove them from the public and get them out of circulation. Most to all guns used in a crime were once legally purchased and owned guns. Because of these high profile atrocities, fear is poured into the hearts of the general public. In times of fear, crisis or uncertainty the people turns to the Government for a quick solution, just like a child runs to its parent for safety.In a society that wants liberty and freedom there must be great personal accountability, responsibility,moral restraint,self control, respect and commitment to the well being of his/her neighbor. Our society has become a society with out a moral compass that takes no personal responsibility and makes excuses for their lack of getting involved to help each other. Look at the violence and immorality that we now tolerate and shove down the throats of our children and people who are already on the edge.
    Kiss the second ammendment good bye and all your guns with it. The public surrended its freedom and liberty a long time ago and as soon as we have the house, senate, executive and judiciary stacked with a single party, we will bring about healthcare, peace, jobs, food, shelter just like North Korea the most peaceful society on earth. U R Going to luv it.

    1. TC

      And the people in the US are too self absorbed to see it comming and for the hard working individuals working two jobs to stay afloat and don’t have time to get ingolved, spend time with their kids you can be assured the tax burden will continue increase on you and the big guys like GE, Ford, J P Morgan, NASCAR who were included in the 11.2 billion in giveaways will pay no taxes and or continue getting tax breaks so the worker citizens will continue to pay a higher and highrt portion of the tax burden. So the bill the Congress and President just passed just took food out of your mouth and gave more to the big money guys that have no need for it but are essentially paying off our representatives. How do we help the economy, immediately remove 2% of the disposible income from the people that put it rigt back into the economy, right.

    2. Nokoolaid4me

      North Korea? I don’t think so.

      I think a baseball bat can be used to play baseball but if it is used to strike someone, I guess I could call it an assault weapon. Based on this a gun can be used for shooting sports or to hurt someone and then it would be an assault weapon. I perfer shooting sports. My guns are safely stored in a vault. Good luck trying to steal them for illegal use.

      Mabey we should get permits to buy baseball bats and have tighter baseball bat control laws. Bad idea?

      I don’t really trust the goverment so the more legal gun owners, the better. Tyranny is a scary thing.

  22. Gary

    Steppenwolf released Monster in 1969 and the lyrics seem like they were written for 2013. History repeats itself but each time the noose gets tighter.

    “And though the past has its share of injustice
    Kind was the spirit in many a way
    But its protectors and friends have been sleeping
    Now it’s a monster and will not obey

    The spirit was freedom and justice
    And its keepers seemed generous and kind
    Its leaders were supposed to serve the country
    But now they won’t pay it no mind
    Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
    Now their vote is a meaningless joke
    They babble about law and order
    But it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told

    The cities have turned into jungles
    And corruption is stranglin’ the land
    The police force is watching the people
    And the people just can’t understand
    We don’t know how to mind our own business
    ‘Cause the whole world’s got to be just like us
    Now we are fighting a war over there
    No matter who’s the winner we can’t pay the cost

    ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
    It’s got our heads into the noose
    And it just sits there watchin’

    1. Professor Poop

      “They’ll dose you up on liberty
      Patriotism and misery
      They’ll dose you up on liberty
      The drug of choice of industry”

      Professor Poop

  23. Gary

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
    William Pitt the Younger

    And so it is with our government today.

  24. Lordchamp

    The hand picking of people is only because it’s not about truly wanting input from everyone. Only the input they want that fits their agenda.

    It’s not about the children’s safety no matter how they bluster about it. Me thinks they doth protest to much.

    What law, ANY LAW would have prevented what happened? Please name one. That being said and looking at history shows that more laws will also not make a difference.

    It’s all about looks. They must “look” like they are doing something rather than just be honest. They must get reelected so they must look good.

    It’s disgusting.

  25. Jim

    I guess everyone doesn’t understand is Dannel’s purpose here. It is to put together a puppet panel that will spout Dannel’s wishes, the same as he does with everything. What’s best for Dannel is what’s best for everyone in the state because he said so. There is no real democracy or debate here in Connecticut any more. If you do criticize Dannel, you are demonized and ostracized. He learned from the best, Obama is a master of divide and conquer. Why do you think the nation is so divided and spouting hate speach on so many topics? The easiest way for the people to be controlled is if they are at each other so ferrociously, then we don’t pay attention to what really should be done. If you offer an opposing viewpoint, you are called names like right-wing nut job or teabagger. I am a registered Republican who votes on the issues regardless of what party is involved. I’m tired of Democrats tagging me with deragatory labels, it’s bullying plain and simple.

  26. Luap

    The only safety the Gun Industry is truly interesting in is the safety of their profits anything beyond that is very suspect. IF the Gun Industry and it’s puppet; the NRA were interested in being a part of the conversation then they would have been progressive about it a longggggg time ago. The Gun Industry could have voluntarily cut back on it’s sale of assault weapons/gun and high capacity magazine to the public. Instead, with each new fear of “Gun control” the Gun Industry RACKS the profits in, while the NRA goes on the offensive pushing the Gun Industries agenda.

    Yet you wonder why the Gun Industry was not invited?

    1. Nokoolaid4me

      Inviting someone with gun knowledge to be on the panel or not dose not concern me. To be sure, people with firearm knowledge will be present at all the meetings and the record will be set straight. Also, don’t be so ignorant as to believe that a mere inanimate object can be blamed for anyone’s death. It requires action. Our target should be those that would commit such a hannis crime as to take a life for no good reason. Legal firearm owners are not the problem. They’re guns should be the last ones you need to worry about.

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