Malloy’s Zingers On Hardball with Chris Matthews; GOP Responds

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Republican state Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. issued a statement late Tuesday morning in response to this post, slamming Malloy for the remarks on Hardball.  As for Labriola’s charge that public policy is a distant third behind “media attention” and “hunger for high office,” Malloy couldn’t respond — he was scheduled to appear Tuesday afternoon at the Center for American Progress for a forum on gun violence.

“Governor Malloy’s appearance yesterday on ‘Hardball’ is more disgraceful proof that there is no issue – no matter how sensitive – that Malloy won’t politicize. Trapped between his unquenchable thirst for media attention and his insatiable hunger for high office, public policy finishes a distant third on the Governor’s priority list. Demonizing his opponents and rushing to beat his fellow Democrats on radical gun control measures are just two more ways for Malloy to advance his personal political ambition. Connecticut residents need more than “zingers” from their Governor. The fact is that the Governor’s tax, borrow and spend economic policies have failed Connecticut and no amount of distractions and no number of Washington forums and talk shows can change that unfortunate fact.”


Chris Matthews brought out some of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s best zingers on gun control late Monday, during an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball.  For Matthews, who shares Malloy’s disdain for Republicans in Congress trying to stop strict registration and assault weapons bans, it was more like ‘softball.’

And for Malloy, it was a colorful strut across the national stage, never bad for a governor with ambition.

On the NRA and other gun control opponents appealing directly to Republicans with their strategy: “These are real profiles in courage, aren’t they?”

On Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, having it out with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., over a weapons ban on Thursday: “They have no shame…It plays well for his constituency and I think he might even believe some of this.”

On a Washington Post/ABC News poll that shows only a bare majority of 57 percent of Americans favoring an assault weapons ban: “There’s a lot of people in Texas, I guess.”

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27 thoughts on “Malloy’s Zingers On Hardball with Chris Matthews; GOP Responds


    Gov Malloy is a disgrace. He is exploiting these poor dead kids to keep the publics mind off Connecticuts failed state, his failure as a govenor, our hign taxes, lack of jobs and stagnant economy.He will now chase away thousands of jobs at Colt, Mossberg , Stag ARms and others along with millions of tax dollars and income our state desperately needs. All to ban a gun used in less than 40 killings a year NATIONALLY out of a country of 330 million. He is a disgrace and an exploiter.

    1. Bill

      Isn’t it wonderful to avail oneself of a format post that allows an idiot such as you to partake of a public forum?

      Enjoy it. It makes for a good release of frustration.

      1. sue

        Is that you Bill Katz? Talk about idiots. I noticed you didnt dispute anything he said though did you? Because he was factual. And the only thing you have on your side is clueless emotion and no facts.The fact is that since the last assault weapons ban expired murders and murders with rifle have declined every year. In 2010 there was 373 murders with riles in the entire country. In 2011 there was 232. The number of murders with the ar 15 stays around 30 to 40 a year in the entire country every year even though millions more are produced every year. It is the most popular rifle in the country. So all you screaming is for drama. Just a smoke screan for your extreme agenda, to ban all guns. Go away Bill, stop exploiting the little children.

        1. And Justice for All


          Bill, a.k.a. Bill Katz, has the mind of a second-grader, or as I like to say, the typical Democrat. Bill fails to recognize that CT is a one-party state, yet he still wants to blame the GOP whenever anything goes south.

          Obama and Malloy could be handing out freshly made crap sandwiches, and Bill would be at the front of line wolfing them down asking for more, then telling everyone how delicious they were.
          I actually pity him and his childish rants.

        2. CT Liberals Are Exploiting Children

          Looks like Sue just knocked your little d**k in the dirt there Billy.

    2. Todd Zaino

      Great post truth. Don’t allow the haters here on this blog. Malloy is a total punk, the state is swimming in red ink, and he’s using this horrible day to keep the low-information voting crowd of of this one-party state busy. It reminds me of how OJ Simpson took Bill Clinton’s horrible economy off of the front pages.
      Stay classy Gov. Malloy.

  2. PaleAle

    Dan is a complete phony.
    I was surprised that Lazy-Boy Tom called him out on his exploitation of the dead in Newtown, but it needed to be said. Finally, a bit late though it might be, Tom is showing some spunk.
    Malloy is a self-important fool. He left behind a mess in Stamford and he will leave a bigger mess behind in Hartford.

  3. Paul

    Texas = a place with low taxes (no income tax), a fully funded government sector, a reasonable public sector retirement system, a growing economy, and a growing population that is getting younger.

    Conn = high taxes, a lagging lackluster economy, a shrinking population (growing less than nearly all states), unsustainable state government retirement system, and an aging population.

    Once upon a time we (Conn) were the low tax alternative to New York and we led New England. Then the income tax and unparalleled public sector growth (entitlements).

    Go get em’ Danno.

    1. kes

      Texas – oil money. think about what texas would be like without oil money. just a bunch of people wearing silly hats. so be it but many other states don’t have dumb luck access to “free” money.

  4. Cleanup CT

    Attention Gov Dan Malloy, this was a mental health issue, not gun control. If Malloy had invested more in mental health and less in tax breaks for rich businesses would this dreadful day in December still have happened?

    1. Bill

      Clean up: it was both. Try for a moment that events ate frequently more complex then the easy simplistic understanding tht one accepts. Yes, the shooter was screwed up and needed intensive help. In fact, we can now understand that when you mix the insecurity of adolescence and guns, you get a bomb waiting to explode.

      If the guns were not available, there would have been no Sandy Hook. So please don’t take the simplistic road.

      1. one little

        If guns were not available there are many other ways Lanza could have achieved the same, or worse, results.

      2. jschmidt

        With all the talk the children are no better protected now than in December except in those locations like Newtown that have either armed police or a resource officer present. The rest continue to rely on the gun free zone signs that make people feel good. Not having armed resource officer at each school and bullet resistant entrances, is now criminal. The state forces people to send their kids to school, they should be on the hook for protection. In CT an off duty officer cannot bring his off duty service revolver on school property to attend his child’s function, from what I understand. CT already had some of the strictest gun control in the country, and still 41 laws were broken in the act.

  5. Dr. Aki Bola, Esq.

    Malloy, or any democrat, won’t ever get a better reception than at Matthews “thrill up my leg” MSNBC. Talking about courage, how about granting an interview somewhere where they will ask real questions rather than softballs? Where are the state worker suggestion box idea savings we were promised? The state needs an independent audit.

  6. Common_Tator

    OF COURSE he rips toe “GOP” – If he hadn’t run on two parties THEY would control the Governorship ~ It was close LAST time and if he doesn’t find a BIG BAG of money where he found those BIG BAGS of votes, next time…well, the media may have trouble with their “Republican Demise!” story line…

  7. Joe Black

    Zingers? I kept reading, hoping to see some. Those aren’t zingers except to somebody who gets a thrill up his leg over Obama. The one part you did get right, is that it allowed Malloy to spend valuable time not governing, but burnishing his national apple by strutting around on stage with the likes of Chris Matthews. It’s nice our millionaire governor, who got it all on the backs of the poverty industry and the public teat, is working to get even more. When it’s all said and done, Malloy will be able to buy a house on Martha’s Vineyard and hang with Matthews there too.

  8. A.R. Malloy

    Gov Danny has cranked up the BS level because the fact is he can’t get his democrat’s, that have controled the legislature here nearly forever, to go for his gun control ideas. Nearly everything proposed we either already have or worse, we have and don’t enforce. Even members of his own party are fed up with him and its those in eastern CT especially that will not vote for this stuff. So dannyboy has to blame the GOP in order to get them to save his pompous behind.

  9. jschmidt

    Malloy is the worst gov ever. He spent 900 million more than he had in his first budget even though he was already faced with a deficit. He uses the gun issue as a political tool to go higher. I have little use for his taxing everyone to pay for his few companies that get money mostly in Stamford. He bypasses local officials with the Bridgewater deal and has little respect for the taxpayer. No wonder his rating as a governor is so low. And appearing on MSNBC just seals the left wing agenda.

  10. Jim

    Shouldn’t governors put the good of the many over their own political aspiration? I don’t see the sense in slaughtering one of the state’s longest standing, tax paying industries by using their own paid tax dollars to make their products illegal and demonize their product and industry on a national scale and pushing some 5,700 jobs out of state or out of existence. I guess when you are more concerned in how you look to the current administration and making a name for yourself, you fail to take into consideration the damage you are doing to your state and its tax payers. How will we make up the estimated $1.7 billion impact when the manufacturers leave the state? After all who would stay in a state that won’t permit you to legally own what you make?

  11. A Sad Day for Connecticut

    Thank you Democrats and your union bosses, we are the third highest taxed state in the land.

    No. 3 highest: Connecticut

    •Taxes paid by residents as percent of income: 12.3%
    •Total state and local taxes collected: $21.41 billion (19th highest)
    •Percent of total taxes paid by residents: 80.7% (4th highest)
    •Percent of total taxes paid by nonresidents: 19.3% (4th lowest)
    Though Connecticut retains its rank from the previous year as the state with the third-highest tax burden, the 12.3% of resident income paid in taxes was actually up from 12% in 2009. Connecticut residents paid less than $7,000 per person in 2010, the highest amount in the country. In 2011, the legislature enacted higher sales and cigarette taxes, as well as a corporate income surcharge; it also instituted a luxury goods tax. Though the effects aren’t yet clear, the changes are expected to bring in an additional $2.5 billion in a two-year time span. The cost of living in Connecticut was higher than in all but five other states, and property taxes were the second-highest in the country per person

  12. Paul

    Dannel Malloy on “The Idiot’s Wild” game show. “Idiot… Idiot…and a Triple. Good job Dannel!

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