New Haven Business Owner Fights Robber Who Appeared To Be Armed

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If you’re looking for heroes in downtown retail, here’s a good one from Paul Bass at the New Haven Independent. 

The owner of Nim’s jewelry shop on Chapel Street appeared to comply with a robber’s demand to empty the cash register into a sack. Then he went after the much bigger intruder, who appeared to be armed, and brawled until the cops showed up.

Bass edited the security video from the store owner, who wanted to remain anonymous — but is still a hero in our eyes.

It’s especially poignant since the next day, on Tuesday, a clerk in a New Haven market was shot to death by a robber.  The Independent reported that the clerk, Abdul L. Rawas, 55, had “tussled” with the robber. 

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4 thoughts on “New Haven Business Owner Fights Robber Who Appeared To Be Armed

  1. Bob Fortier

    Damn, that was fun to watch. Too many of us simply abide by the criminals demands…and the criminals know it. Stand up for your rights people. I am tired of hearing about banks simply handing over money to robbers. Their banks, for crying out loud! Get bullet proof glass, or have an armed security guard in the banks. time to fight back against the leeches of society.

  2. Professor Poop

    It just brought back an incident that happened to me in the mid 1970s in which a guy walked up to my car as I waited for the light to change in a bad part of town. My innate reaction ws to push his arm that was welding a knife away from me. I then jumped over to the passenger side door and got out to confront him. It then got a little Charly Chaplin and as I moved toward him, he turned around and began to come at me. I then ran back to my car, and remembering a club I had on the back seat, I took it out and began running after him again. Finally up the street, I realized my car was still running and if I went any further, someone would likely steal my car. So I ran back to my car and got the hell out of there.

    That did happen and I was told later by the friend who lived close by that I did the right thing. My friend had, shall we say, repect in the community and he later found out who the knife welder was and gave him a slap across his face. It was a right urban thang to do.

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