PTR In Bristol Is First Rifle Maker To Declare It’s Exiting Connecticut

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During the three-month debate over gun control in Connecticut, the name PTR Industries Inc. barely came up, but the Bristol manufacturer with 50 employees has become the first maker of military-style rifles to announce its exit from Connecticut since the state adopted a strict ban on sales last week.

“Although PTR has not decided upon a specific relocation site at this time, over the coming weeks the company will be actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry. We hope to have a site identified within the next six weeks, and hope to have our move completed by the end of this year,” the company said in an announcement on its web site and in a press release.

A majority of the company’s employees, “which includes ALL of our management personnel, engineering staff and skilled gunsmiths,” has agreed to move, the statement said, even though the location has not been determined.

PTR said its employees had “a heavy heart but a clear mind” in reaching the decision — and the company is now inviting other manufacturers and suppliers to join it in departing Connecticut. It’s unclear how many people at different supplier companies work on PTR rifles, but all of the components are made in Connecticut, said John McNamara, the PTR vice president of sales.

The company’s statement echoes comments made by others in the industry — who are upset that no one saw the language of the law until the day before it was adopted by the state House of Representatives, without a public hearing.

“The disregard for public input…and the haphazard production of the legislation should be insulting to any citizen or business in CT,” the statement said. “It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification.”

McNamara said the company had representatives at the Capitol this year but, he added, “We’re a little bit under the radar.”

PTR, which stands for Precision Target Rifles, was started in 2002 when a predecessor company bought tooling and designs for the HK-91 rifle from a Portuguese firm, Fabrica Militar, according to the PTR web site. The company at first made copies of the semi-automatic HK-91 using surplus parts, then branched out into its own line. It reorganized in 2010, the web site said, and has beefed up its manufacturing, customer service and support.

PTR is not likely to be the only Connecticut firearms firm to move or expand out of state as a result of the law.  Even before the Newtown tragedy on Dec. 14, and the threat and April 4 enactment of a ban on most military-style rifles, firms received many relocation offers from states in the South, West and Midwest. After Newtown, offers from other states became a flood and some companies have said they are considering a move.

Under the new Connecticut law, signed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy last Thursday, most military-style rifles are banned outright for retail sale in Connecticut. Firms are allowed to make and ship firearms that are banned. Still, the owners of manufacturers including Stag Arms in New Britain, with 200 employees, and magazine-maker Ammunition Storage Components, which has 100 people in New Britain, say they may be forced to leave by a backlash from customers in other states who refuse to buy from companies that remain here.

PTR, which has “1776” as the last four digits of its phone number, focuses its statement on rights and freedoms in Connecticut, where ten of the 34 “master dealers” of PTR guns are located.

“The rights of the citizens of CT have been trampled upon. The safety of its children is at best questionably improved from the day of the tragedy that triggered the events that lead (sic) us here. Finally, due to an improperly drafted bill, manufacturing of modern sporting rifles in the State of CT has been effectively outlawed. With a heavy heart but a clear mind, we have been forced to decide that our business can no longer survive in Connecticut – the former Constitution state.”

PTR’s chief executive, Josh Fiorini, said in a Bristol Press story on March 2, “I was born and raised in Bristol and most of my employees are from Bristol. We’d like to stay here, but we are certainly aware of the fallout from the Sandy Hook shooting.”

PTR moved from Farmington to Bristol in early 2012 and changed its name from PTR-91 to PTR Industries, reflecting a broader product line that was — and remains — part of a hot trend in the gun industry. The 10,600-square-foot building that the company occupies is valued at $595,300 by the city of Bristol, and the company has equipment assessed at $1.2 million, almost all of which is exempt from local property taxes under state rules.

McNamara declined to give details about PTR’s 2010 reorganization. There is no record of a bankruptcy filing by the company but in November, 2010, a German parts-maker, SiTec GMBH, sued PTR in U.S. District Court, seeking $117,000 in damages resulting from unpaid bills. The case settled ten weeks later.

The PTR Facebook page, with more than 400 comments about the announcement by midday Wednesday, included dozens from people around the country urging the company to move to their states.  In Connecticut, some dealers praised the PTR product line, including the models based on the HK-91.

“It’s better than the original gun,” said Mark Byers, an employee at the Newington Gun Exchange. For Connecticut, he said, “that’s going to be a huge loss.”

Critics of the ban, in and out of the industry, say Malloy should have realized the state would lose good employers such as PTR. Andrew Doba, Malloy’s spokesman, said in response, “The governor thinks about job creation 24 hours a day, however on this particular issue he thinks public safety must be a priority and the bill he signed into law increases public safety.”

The added background checks and stricter access and registration rules could well improve safety but it’s debatable whether the ban will do so, considering that military-style rifles are responsible for only a tiny fraction of gun deaths, and are widely available — with an estimated 8 million in circulation and no national ban in place.

What’s not debatable is that the firearms industry has been a linchpin in the Connecticut economy for more than 200 years, and is now threatened. A 2012 study by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry group based in Newtown, estimated 2,900 people directly employed by firearms manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, and another 1,900 employees at suppliers. We will have to wait and see how deeply that cluster of firms unravels.

“We feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce and manufacture its wealth,” PTR said in its statement.  “We are making a call to all involved in our industry to leave this state, close your doors and show our politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformed actions. We encourage those in our industry to abandon this state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom.”


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186 thoughts on “PTR In Bristol Is First Rifle Maker To Declare It’s Exiting Connecticut

  1. pete

    Tell all those workers to call up DANNY BOY and the ‘RATS and RINOS who voted to restrict OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS for thier lost jobs. But not to worry they can get a nice minimum wage job at one of the hundred of companies DANNY BOY has given OUR tax money to. You know the deli in WH. What a CLOWN. It would be sad if not so sickening. CT is in a death spiral. Leave while you can.

    1. Sal Monella

      And I say take your piece of sh_ _ as_es out of here and don’t come back.


      Take your wife or husband, kid(s), mother, father, in-laws, out-laws – take the Sunday reverend who gives you stupid arses some kind of twisted moral authority to own weapons of murder…take the gun range owner where you go to feel so aroused when firing. Dig the very earth that you walk on and dump truck it out of state. Please publicize your address so that we may tear down your house and salt the grounds.

      Oh my… those 50 votes are going to screw up chances for a Malloy defeat. Maybe you had better stay.

      1. Mr. Boo

        OK Sal you really told them. You sound like a total moron… but hey all you liberal idiots do!

        1. MarineGunner

          Sal is actually a Brit poser, not a citizen of CT. He has not dog in this fight so he is free to spout off without consequence.

      2. Justin

        oh man, I actually read the rest of your comment and I felt obligated to reply again.

        “take the Sunday reverend who gives you stupid arses some kind of twisted moral authority to own weapons of murder”

        The Constituion of the United States of America PROTECTS our natural right to self defense through firearms ownership and also serves to provide the final portion of the system of “checks and balances” that we have, the people.

        This right and interpretation has been re-affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States.

        Please tell me how you’re denying a) the Constitution of the United States, and b) a ruling from the SCOTUS?

        You are a fool as is anyone else who thinks like you.

      3. james martin

        Dear Sal Monella,

        I hope you realize one day that your hateful retoric is towards a peace loving people. From your actions you don’t seem to be a Christian either. Am I wrong? Your words don’t lift up anyone, especially gun violence victims hurt by criminals minded who do evil. The gun owners who are fed up are the LAW ABIDING HARD WORKING MOTHERS AND FATHERS! Perhaps if a monster was raping you or your kids or killing them a good standing citizen with a legally carried gun might step in and risk his life…Altenatively, the cops could come fill out the report when they are through. Cheers!

      4. Rob

        Sal, just so I’m clear; it’s your position that if you want to protect yourself and your family, it’s because you’ve been granted “some kind of twisted moral authority to own a weapon of murder”. You obviously have some serious critical thinking challenges. Please lift your hands from the keyboard and back away from the computer. Then put your helmet back on. You’ve gone “full retard”.

        1. Sal Monella

          The message I most heard on these posts after the legislature passed the new gun control act was how gun owners were not going to comply with the law. Which makes those “law-abiding” gun owners criminals.

          So how does that grab you? In addition, the 2nd amendment (yawn) has distinct limitations and the difference in perspective becomes a philosophical discourse. The democrats will keep the presidency for 8 more years after the 3 1/2 years are up. Which means that the Court will most definitely tack to the liberal side and you guys will suck on dry ice when they day comes to decide the bans.

          Time for being Mr Nice Guy is over. This is an all out fight and the side of gun control will win.

          PS: Keep your shotguns for home protection. Your 2nd amendment is protected. But I am fed up one your continued need for bigger and badder arms.

          1. Richard

            As a microbiologist I do most of my work with Salmonella. It both stinks and is toxic. Pretty dumb, too, with only one chromosome.

          2. Mike

            You and you lefty morons should do some research before splatting crap like this! You should be very proud that you have the 49th worst governor in the country, push jobs out the door because of high taxes and the cost of doing business is absurd. I work in manufacturing and am working primarily on firearms and aerospace. Once the firearms and aerospace manufacturers leave the state and then push thousands of subcontract manufacturers out of business what will you have? We will still have colleges which in the end is the only place people get as smart as you! LOL Im sorry to tell you that these bans will not pass federally and manufacturing will only move down south where the cost of doing business is much better. They will produce the same guns which will still get to the hands of criminals and in the end the ban will be 125% completely useless. I just hope for your sake a criminal doesn’t break into your home and have their way with you because you will be the first person on the news crying about how you were unarmed!I really don’t know what planet you people come from?

      5. rosewater49

        You are a scum bag if ever there was one. Who are the ‘we’ that are going to tear down the houses of gun owners? What a pathetic laughable jerk you are.

      6. raul duke

        my oh my.Perfect example of an intolerant liberal.
        when the ods are against you you revert to name caliing and petty verbal assaults.
        you certainly dont have the nuts to id yourself which is a classic liberal mode.
        do yourself afavor and google “liberalism a disease” and you will realize you have a serious case

        1. Rob

          10 bucks says “Sal” is actually a Malloy staffer whose job is to troll CT blogs looking to evoke violent responses. Attempted entrapment perhaps, but these jabs are the most fun I’ve had all month. :)

          1. Richard

            This is where I get a lot of my entertainment. BTW – Salmonella resides in feces. That is where is grows best and it is happy, happy, happy – in feces.

        2. Sal Monella

          Oh really, Raul Duke. Did your mommy give you that name or did you pull it out of an overused porn magazine in order to hide your identity?

          You all are so selfish you refuse to understand the detrimental effect of this run away American diseased gun culture.

          I have no respect for. Any of you. And read my words in a previous post. The law-abiding becomes non compliant which makes that person a criminal.

          Please tell me, freaks, are you going to comply with the law?

          1. raul d

            Your response proves my point.I would have bet on it.

            My name,Nope I pulled it out of Hunter Thompsons ass(you remind me of him,nuts)

      7. roz

        Sal, You are the POS! Really? You obviously think that all gun owners are evil… well you are wrong!!! Gun owners are law abiding hard working citizens…not all are evil. What if your daughter or son came home with a pistol? What would you do… tell them to “Take your piece of sh_ _ as_es out of here and don’t come back”. What if a family member of yours was in danger and a good citizen who was legally carrying a gun stepped in to protect your family…. what would you say then? “Take your piece of sh_ _ as_es out of here and don’t come back”…Probably not…you moron!!! You and Danny fall into one category… you can guess what that is! Sure he has your vote!!!

      8. MarineGunner

        Hey! All you guys who are arguing with this moron should understand that he’s not an American … He’s a Brit sticking his commie nose into our business. He lives in a country where they have forgotten what it’s like to be a free man. The Queen has collected all the balls in UK and is holding them in the Tower of London. Maybe after she kicks off, one of her grandsons will become King and liberate British balls from the Tower and give them back to their owners and England will once again become relevant. Actually, I’m hoping that Prince Harry will somehow become King because I think he’s the only man in England today.

        1. Rob

          Hey MarineGunner, I agree with everything you just said. I’m just here for cheap entertainment. I can’t afford anything else after taxes you see.

          Sal, the tread is too long and framented, but in response to “Let’s go, punk”, you should know, it’s already on. Litigation is pending. Injunctions are in the pipe. See you in court :)

  2. Steven Rosenbaum

    This is an example of the free market at work. A profit making entity will do what it must not only to survive, but thrive. Alas, the only folks who did not see this coming have no experience in the free market. They are, by and large, our legislative class. Only time will tell if PTR is the first of many such entities to depart our state for more friendly environs. One wonders who shall carry the torch for PTR and other such companies. My guess is no one.

  3. Jim

    Your headline is wrong. PTR does not make AR15’s. Hope all the other gun manufactures move out of this POS state. Why should they pay taxes to a state that bans their product. Malloy wants to save children with this new bill. Why not start with abortion? What a hypocrite. VOTE EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THIS BILL OUT!!!

    1. Dan Haar Post author

      Thanks for the correction. I changed the headline. The story didn’t say AR-15. Looks like one at first glance to someone who never heard of the firearm before Dec. 14 but I now see lots of differences including the “roller lock” action and the upper receiver.

    2. America Is Dying

      Senate Gun Vote Tally.

      Sen. Andres Ayala (D) YES.

      Sen. Dante Bartolomeo (D) YES.

      Sen. Toni Boucher (R) YES.

      Sen. Beth Bye (D) YES.

      Sen. Steve Cassano (D) YES.

      Sen. Clark Chapin (R) NO.

      Sen. Eric Coleman (D) YES.

      Sen. Joseph Crisco (D) YES.

      Sen. Paul Doyle (D) YES.

      Sen. Bob Duff (D) YES.

      Sen. Len Fasano (R) YES.

      Sen. John Fonfara (D) YES.

      Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R) YES.

      Sen. Terry Gerratana (D) YES.

      Sen. Tony Guglielmo (R) NO.

      Sen. Toni Harp (D) YES.

      Sen. Joan Hartley (D) YES.

      Sen. Rob Kane (R) NO.

      Sen. Kevin Kelly (R) YES.

      Sen. John Kissel (R) NO.

      Sen. Gary LeBeau (D) YES.

      Sen. Carlo Leone (D) YES.

      Sen. Art Linares (R) NO.

      Sen. Martin Looney (D) YES.

      Sen. Joe Markley (R) NO.

      Sen. Andrew Maynard (D) NO.

      Sen. John McKinney (R) YES.

      Sen. Michael McLachlan (R) YES.

      Sen. Edward Meyer (D) YES.

      Sen. Anthony Musto (D) YES.

      Sen. Cathy Osten (D) NO.

      Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D) YES.

      Sen. Andrea Stillman (D) YES.

      Sen. Jason Welch (R) NO.

      Sen. Donald Williams (D) YES.

      Sen. Kevin Witkos (R) NO.

  4. Joshua

    Sayonara! Take your killing machines and gun zealot employees with you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. Jim

      Yea, no need to worry about the CT economy. Business are dying to move here. If not we can always bribe them like Malloy does.

      1. Jake

        Citation please on your bribe charge, Jim. Blazing trails takes a willingness to absorb the “slings and arrows.” PTR is making their exit a political statement (and that’s their right, but it sure doesn’t make me want them to stay) but first and foremost there is obviously a lot of money being dangled for them to want to leave and for their employees to be willing to move. Good for them. Business is business, but I’m happy to live a state that makes “modern sporting rifle” manufacturers feel unwelcome.

          1. Larry

            Jim, your outlandish comments have no basis in reality. First, please buy a dictionary. “Bribe” implies illegality, Jake asked you for evidence of this and you failed to provide it.
            Second, what Malloy DOES do is what every other state in this country does, particularly those in the south; use tax incentives and loans to attract new business. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but regardless its an economically smart decision to keep trying. And you want an example of stupidity? How about the Republican legislature in North Carolina that voted to give MetLife subsidies to move jobs to the state AFTER the company had already committed to the move. THAT is idiodic spending of taxpayer money.

            Third, thanks for bringing up that CT taxes are minimal, I’m glad someone recognizes that. Our sales tax is neither high nor low (you want high? go ahead and move to Mississippi or Arizona, 6.6% and 7% respectively ON TOP OF local sales tax). Our spending equates to about 7.3% of Connecticut GDP. Of 50 states that puts us 47th on the list. Which states are the biggest hogs? West Virginia, New Mexico, Mississippi, and South Carolina. All spending more than 10% their respective GDPs. “Connecticut is the king of big government though, everyone and their grandma works for the state”. Oh, really? thats interesting because CT employs 537.4 persons per 10,000 state residents. That puts us 33rd on the list of 50 states. Wyoming has 918.3 state government employees per 10,000 residents.

            And while we’re at it, quit your whining about our gas tax rate. WE HAVE NO TOLLS in the state. If we put tolls back in place on our major highways we could deflect some of our road expenses onto the interstate “freeriders” who drive through our state every day and reduce the burdon imposed on us as residents. But no, tolls, never, the numbskulls who troll these message boards would never stand for that!

          2. The truth about the gun industry in CT

            Larry, thanks for the great tax summary. People like to whine about CT taxes but they never seem to look at the actual numbers. CT has the highest per capita income in the USA. If you move to another state over time your income will drift down towards the norms for that state. Your competition will be working for less and that situation cannot persist. Some of the states held up as desirable are dirt poor with very low incomes.

        1. Libertarian Advocate

          So I guess you didn’t see the news story about Malloy trying to coax Freedom Group to move its HQ to Stamford by dangling out a super low interest loan for $1.2 Mill on or about December 10th, right Jake?

      2. Time4Change

        Jim, Joshua doesn’t care abou the economy. He just wants the entitlements Malloy and his democratic buddies provide.

    2. jschmidt

      Joshua- what a moronic statement. Obviously you are a low information voter who knows nothing about the economy. Jobs are important to employee people so an economy can survive and grow. Democrats policies are killing jobs in this state and in the country. But I guess you just love paying higher taxes.

      1. Time for Change!

        You make a big assumption to assume that any of these liberal loons who are happy to see an employer flee this socialist hell hole are actually taxpayers and not among the 47% of Americans that don’t pay one dime in taxes ever and live free off the rest of us who actually do work and pay taxes to support their free ride through life.

        1. Guy

          Wait. People are still using that 47% statistic even when it’s clear that it includes veterans and Medicare populations? And that the gun-humping states that these companies seem to love have far, FAR more welfare and disability recipients per capita than CT?

          My wife and I make well above CT’s household average and you know what? I’m quite comfortable with this teabagging company with 50 employees leaving the state.

          As it seems you, like everyone in your camp, please go look up what “socialism” means. For you are mistaken.

    3. smoke fire

      Thats right Joshua. Don’t forget that when your taxes have to go up, because of the loss of over 1.2 billion dollars of revenue is gone. Maybe you can float Malloy a loan.

      1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

        Incorrect. Connecticut state tax revenue from the firearms industry is only about $81 million per year. You ridiculous billion number is “economic impact” and not state tax revenue. Here, let the pro-gun group NSSF tell you the story:

        “Jake McGuigan, (NSSF) director of government relations, told state lawmakers last year that the firearms industry has a $1.3 billion impact on Connecticut, including 5,400 jobs and $81 million in tax revenue.”

    4. Ant

      Abortion kills millions of kids every year in the United States and now your democrats want teens to be able to get plan b without any parental concent or medical exam. Kids killing kids. That’s your democrat idea of society. Makes me puke .

    5. jack

      Larry –
      Your stats are grossly misleading. In Wyoming (your example) school teachers are state employees. This fact alone skews your stat. CT has the highest per capita indebtedness in the country by a long shot. Our government is bloated beyond belief. And yes, providing nearly $100 million to CIGNA to change their letterhead is nothing more than a bribe for political purposes.

      1. Mr. Boo

        Forget it Jack, most of these idiots support these ridiculous gun laws are government leeches or union dickweeds.

        Soon they’ll be the only ones left here paying for the education of illegals, and padding the pockets of Democratic cronies.

        1. Carter Sperry

          I am a local government employee in a 911 center, a union member, a hunter, and I couldn’t disagree more with the new gun controls enacted. You should be careful about painting everyone with the same brush lest you sound like the very type of person you seem to oppose. You do nothing to help your cause when you alienate people who are in agreement with you.

          1. Noesis

            Carter, Not all Muslims are terrorist but the the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim. Not all democrats oppose gun control but the vast majority of those who do are government/union people.

    6. MarineGunner

      Instead of expecting someone else (a cop with a gun) to risk his life to come to your rescue when a bad guy with a gun is ready to kill you, why don’t you do your fair share to protect yourself? What gives you the right to expect a cop to risk his life and his family’s welfare in order to protect you from a violent criminal attack? Take responsibility for the burden on society that your cowardly self represents. Protect your OWN worthless butt. Buy a gun, learn how to use it, and carry it.

  5. A Sad Day for Connecticut

    Dan Malloy could care less what these gun mfg companies do, whether they stay or go. He is not a dumb man, he is a hard working man, and did an excellent job as a weather crisis manager. But as a politician in Connecticut, he is finished, he has done a terrible job as Governor, and has offended far too many to ever hope of being relected. He is fully aware of this. That is why he bows down to King Obama, a job in Washington awaits Mr. Malloy. He will not be missed in Connecticut.

    1. smoke fire

      sad day, I would not hold my breath on Molloy not getting reelected. Remember we are dealing with the Connecticut electorate. Most of them have no idea, worse yet, they will elect ANYONE with a D next to their name, regardless of their record.

  6. I

    “The disregard for public input…and the haphazard production of the legislation should be insulting to any citizen or business in CT,” the statement said. “It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification.”

    Just like Obama Care – sign it, then you can read it…..

    The new Democrat method – the lords & ladies write it, tell their court to approve it, for then it can be dropped on the serfs & indentured servants to live with…

  7. Happy Camper

    Sad to see another company leave the state but if the Sandy Hook classroom doors where closed and locked at all times the tragic killings would have been severely limited. The gunman simply walked into the classrooms. These gun laws do nothing but make political points for politicians.

      1. jschmidt

        Bullet resistant glass doors and windows, plus an armed trained resource officer may have made the difference. The gun free zone signs did not work.

        1. jschmidt

          the only part of the law is the one where they put a security committee together to discuss security measures in school. Enforcement of the gun laws will cost 25 million but of course no one said how they;ll fund that.

    1. Ribidit

      Happy Camper – he shot his way in with a weapon designed for war…..bye bye to the gun zealots!

      1. Jim

        Having ANY company pickup and leave is less tax revenue for CT. So if your simple little mind can do math, that means more the taxpayers will have to fork over. Have fun paying more taxes Ribidit! Also, it does nothing to gun owners. They will get guns if the company is in state or not.

        1. Time for Change!

          You also make a big assumption to assume that any of these liberal loons who are happy to see an employer flee this socialist hell hole are actually taxpayers and not among the 47% of Americans that don’t pay one dime in taxes ever and live free off the rest of us who actually do work and pay taxes to support their free ride through life.

        2. Guy

          This company was “re-organized” 3 years ago. Something tells me they aren’t the Randian company you think they are.

    1. CW

      Since you feel so strongly jackass, why don’t you go burn down Armsmear? After all, Samuel Colt built it!

  8. Mitch

    Bravo for PTR. Here is wishing them the best of luck. Hopefully more will follow. No one should have to deal with such an unfriendly to business state as Connecticut is. Of course, the more companies that move, the more the residents will have to pay in taxes, but the message was clear when this new series of laws was rammed down the throats of Connecticut residents. Just like Obamacare and we haven’t even seen the true damage of Obamacare yet. Good luck PTR.

  9. raul duke

    Malloy stated he is not proud of the fact that there are so many gun mfg’s in the state.

    These firearm helped the US win many wars and protect many citezens in may countries.

    This statement by the governor is pathetic as is he

  10. CTwasteland

    The gun industries leaving along with cutbacks to the defense sector of CT(Pratt,General Dynamics, and Secorski) is going to create a complete free fall for the CT economy. What is left?

      1. Ant

        Companies cause death? Talk to ur democrats about abortions . U want death? Look up how many babies died this year . It’s well over thousands

        1. dAVE

          Tania – You keep bringing up Alcohol, which is not a real good comparison for your argument. The Alcohol Industry is highly regulated. You can’t just sell any kind at any proof. And as for consumption, also regulated – age restrictions, time/date of sales restrictions, must show IDs when purchasing, can’t purchase if ther is evidence you are under the influence, etc. And severe penalties if you misue it, ask any bar or store caught selling to minors. So are you arguing to support stiff regulations?

          1. anuddaCTresident

            Where are the restrictions on High Capacity Alcohol Magazines???? Who really needs a 12 pack to get drunk. If you need more than 6 beers to get drunk, you need to stop drinking.

            Sounds stupid, right? Same analogy Biden made about guns.

            She brings up alcohol becauase that one substance is responsible for ruining more children’s lives in this country than any other single thing. Alcohol abuse (by adults) contributes to physical abuse of children, mental abuse of children, sexual abuse of children, neglect of children, deaths of children (ie by drunk drivers or by neglect, etc), birth defects….on and on…its actually a much more compelling issue than banning AR-15’s to protect our children.

            How about childhood hunger…has long lasting impacts that ruin lives. How about shitty schools that stunt kids mental growth and economic futures?

            Where are all the righteous crusades for these issues?

  11. Bill

    Hey Joshua, you would make a good target! I wish PTR well and can only hope that other manufacturer’s and suppliers follow suit. Then all the Liberals can figure out where to get all their funding for their Socialist policies and programs!

    1. jschmidt

      well Obama has already taxed breathing by including taxes on medical device manufacturers such as oxygen concentrators in Obamacare. Maybe waking up in the morning can be taxed.

    2. Joshua

      I would make a good target? You are advocating murder for people who don’t adhere to your own agenda? I am extremly troubled by that callous remark. You are exactly why we need gun reform. Because unhinged,reckless

      Connecticut’s economy is concentrated on tertiary and quarternary sectors. Manufacturing is of small fraction of Connecticut’s overall economy and a couple gun makers leaving will barely cause a ripple. Connecticut’s economy is doing just fine and will continue to do so. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is improved public policy necessary to keep Connecticut’s economic climate healthy and competitive. Absolutely.

      You know what is by far the most important factor for businesses? People. And Connecticut has extremly bright and productive workers that companies would be dying to have. So thanks for your concern, but we’ll be fine.

      1. henry hotlove

        Joshua, the bright people are not coming back to CT after college. But since losing a few companies and their suppliers is no big deal to you that won’t concern you either.

        1. Guy

          Your point about the “brain drain” is valid, but if you think they are the same people drilling holes in metal all day long, I’m afraid you are mistaken.

          Although, if some engineering geniuses (like Same Colt) stuck around, maybe they’d help these firms out in adapting to a world in where they could retrofit their production lines to makes something not meant to eviscerate children as quickly as possible.

          1. Noesis

            It appears that you have a serious “brain drain” when you make such a stupid statement “… meant to eviscerate children as quickly as possible.”

            What, you find a secret film where gun companies practiced shooting at kids corpses or… being a liberal, do you just make stuff up?

  12. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    Connecticut is open for business when the business is state government, protection for illegals in sanctuary cities, and handouts for urban entitlement zones. The rest of you taxpaying mules can eat cake and get your wallets out to feed the libtardian beast.

    Keep electing liberals and watch this state circle the drain.

  13. peter

    The liberals can have their utopia with high taxes, unfunded state pensions, lifetime medical, no jobs and hand-outs for the ever growing welfare recipients. Let’s face it, all they’re good at is spending other people’s money. Conservatives have the financial backing, create new opportunities and jobs for the economy, not liberals. And when all the conservatives relocate out this communist state, the liberals will have another Detroit. Created and controlled by Democrats, with no one else’s money to feed their habits. Be careful what you wish for.

  14. America Is Dying

    Senate Gun Vote Tally.

    Sen. Andres Ayala (D) YES.

    Sen. Dante Bartolomeo (D) YES.

    Sen. Toni Boucher (R) YES.

    Sen. Beth Bye (D) YES.

    Sen. Steve Cassano (D) YES.

    Sen. Clark Chapin (R) NO.

    Sen. Eric Coleman (D) YES.

    Sen. Joseph Crisco (D) YES.

    Sen. Paul Doyle (D) YES.

    Sen. Bob Duff (D) YES.

    Sen. Len Fasano (R) YES.

    Sen. John Fonfara (D) YES.

    Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R) YES.

    Sen. Terry Gerratana (D) YES.

    Sen. Tony Guglielmo (R) NO.

    Sen. Toni Harp (D) YES.

    Sen. Joan Hartley (D) YES.

    Sen. Rob Kane (R) NO.

    Sen. Kevin Kelly (R) YES.

    Sen. John Kissel (R) NO.

    Sen. Gary LeBeau (D) YES.

    Sen. Carlo Leone (D) YES.

    Sen. Art Linares (R) NO.

    Sen. Martin Looney (D) YES.

    Sen. Joe Markley (R) NO.

    Sen. Andrew Maynard (D) NO.

    Sen. John McKinney (R) YES.

    Sen. Michael McLachlan (R) YES.

    Sen. Edward Meyer (D) YES.

    Sen. Anthony Musto (D) YES.

    Sen. Cathy Osten (D) NO.

    Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D) YES.

    Sen. Andrea Stillman (D) YES.

    Sen. Jason Welch (R) NO.

    Sen. Donald Williams (D) YES.

    Sen. Kevin Witkos (R) NO.

  15. jschmidt

    as the head of UTC said a couple of years ago, anyplace is better to do business than CT. Malloy and the Dems have destroyed this state.

    1. al

      Too bad Governor Rell (R), and Rowland (r) right before her, was in charge when UTC declared that. And to think, she offered 100 million in incentives not to close cheshire pratt and was declined.

  16. Mac

    I’m leaving CT. I will not live in a state that abolished the death penalty for home-invasion killers and then abolished the constitutional rights of its la-abiding citizens. There are so many states that respect the second amendment and the rights of gun owners. Why live in liberal la la land, where criminals have more power now over the citizenry?

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      I’m leaving too when I am able. I’m moving to a state that respects its citizen taxpayers.

      These liberals can kiss my arse.

    2. JC

      Mac, you will certainly not regret leaving CT. My family and I picked up and moved 5 years ago, and we have not regretted it. We cut our property tax bill significantly (over 60%)for a much larger home, and have a much better quality of life now.

    3. Guy

      Perhaps you’ll fit in better in a state with lower literacy standards. For some of us staying here, we understand the Cheshire monsters are still on death row and that the death penalty still very much applies to them.

      Of course, going forward, you enjoy your new state that is on par with the likes of China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the like who are the few remaining hellholes that like killing their citizenry.

  17. IreneC

    No question about it, the democrats are in control and are busy destroying the state with their high taxation, reckless spending, pro-criminal sentiments, and contempt for the rights of its people. Elections matter and the last election was a disaster for the state.

  18. Gary

    During an April 7 appearance on CNN, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said gun companies “don’t care” who buys their guns. He claimed these companies would sell to the “deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background.”
    This comment should piss off every gun manufacturer, at least in Connecticut. I think they should all thake PTR’s lead and disappear from our gun unfriendly, unconstitution state

  19. Max

    The comments about the Constitution being crushed or rights being trampled are just nonsense. The reality is that the Second Amendment allows people to bear arms, but not ALL arms, in the same way that the First Amendment allows free speech, but not hateful, threatening or dangerous speech.

    I’m frankly sorry that this company is using the political situation to move and wish them well. Connecticut is an expensive place to do business, however moving operations and employees is expensive as well.

    Lynchburg TN is dry and they still make Jack Daniels even though it cannot be sold there. The point is that PTR can still make their products without our market. Fare Well!

    1. jschmidt

      If you wish to interpret the second ammendment that way then the Freedom of the Press can also be limited to the communication devices of 1780- namely quill pens and manual presses. The First Amendment says nothing about which arms are guaranteed and neither does the Freedom of the Press indicate which forms of communication are allowed. You want to start limiting the scope of ammendments, it is a slippery slope.
      The reason why so many people buy guns is because they fear the government and they wish to continue with the Constitutional right to own a firearm. Obama has done nothing to ease the fears of the people of their government with his overreach of power and violating the Constitution until the Supreme Court knocks him down as they have done.

    2. mc

      Now I know why bb guns and pellet guns are listed as firearms. They will be the last guns standing.

    3. jz

      “I’m frankly sorry that this company is using the political situation to move… ”

      Are you as sorry that the legislature and the governor used Sandy Hook as a political situation to ram through their agenda?

      ‘Cause that’s WAY worse than what this company is doing. This company is standing on principle, while Malloy and his band of merry Marxists are standing on the backs of dead children.

      1. Mikey The

        Better than the NPR using 26 deaths to sell more guns and ammo. Is it okay to stand on the backs of dead children to make $$?

        The NRA and the gun nuts are the real problem in America. If you don’t play their way, they threaten you, or silence you.

  20. Why

    My heart goes out to all the parents and their families that have lost a child in Newtown or any other city in this country from gun violance or any kind of violance…. When I was five I felt safe in my home and in my school. I felt protected. I felt loved. My parents were always there. I was taught morals and principles. My dad retired from a gun manufacture and served in WWII.

    I do know why the industry is being judge unjustly I was employed by a arms manufacturer and I don’t even own a firearm nor do I choose too. I have worked and meet the most upstanding citizens in this industry. The is no respect for the product nor is it being taught these are not toys. Yet if you go to some gun shops they do not even lock up the firearm but if you go to a clothing store there are alarms on all the clothing.

    It is a sad situation and has been in our inner cities for three decades. I agree with gun control and also gun safety. Although, I would not want to be in a foxhole with out one. Let us face that this state is worried about law suits and us as citizens will pay for a child who had no one to talk to, no one to trust, no one to call a friend. They are looking for someone to blame and it is not the firearm industry but the adults that were around this child and turned there backs. Hug your child today and listen to them they are people too! No bill that a politican signs because he feels ashamed is going to do what needs to be done. Respect a child. LISTEN.

  21. mc

    Lucky employees! They get to move out of Connecticut to a nice warm place like maybe, Texas, and they already have jobs! Congratulations! Good luck!

  22. Anne

    Horray!!!! You can’t leave fast enough PTR. Hopefully the others will follow suit, along with their customers.

    1. jschmidt

      I guess you don’t work for a living. Must be a taker that the rest of us taxpayers have o support.

    2. mc

      Anne, your husband may have a nice cushy insurance or finance job (by the way, both of which are pretty scummy industries) so that you can stay home and drive the kids to soccer class, but some people make a living off of the legal manufacture and sale of firearms. Connecticut happens to be a leader in the industry. Many firearms were invented here. This is just plain old bad business practice. We have some of the largest casinos in the country here. Is that OK with you? What about alcohol? That kills more people every year. Maybe Onyx or Diageo should leave the state? What about the white collar criminals in the finance industry that almost destroyed their own institution and lost peoples life savings. Should they leave too?

  23. James

    When will these gun hating idiots get it straight. Guns don’t kill – people kill.
    Guns are inanimate objects just like a pencil. It’s the mind behind it that causes the violence.
    Watch out someone does not stab you with a pencil. Then we’ll have to tie up legislaters with designing pencil control laws.

    1. Libertarian Advocate

      James: They get it, they just hate guns in the hands of anyone other than their servants because private ownership of firearms are the last barrier to them seizing total control. So, it’s not really about the guns, it’s about absolute power. The history of the last century proves my point over and over.

      1. walls

        I especially loathe Obama, Bloomberg, Hollywood celebrities, and all the other elites with 24-hour security to protect them …. but the common masses are supposed to fend off attackers with spitballs or whatever. Such hypocrisy.

  24. walls

    I applaud PTR for leaving, and I’m sure this is the first of many arms-related companies to leave. The new gun laws won’t do anything to curtail gun use among criminals; it will only harm law-abiding citizens.

    The solution is to enact tougher laws for criminal use of firearms, such as: If you use a gun in the commission of a crime, the death penalty awaits you.

    Of course we no longer have the death penalty, Danny Boy would rather spend $$$$$ keeping a loser in prison for decades. I’d rather be done with the criminal. We are seeing the ‘pussification’ of CT.

    If Danny Boy really wanted to make life safer for CT residents, he’d do something about the mounting illegal problem … but that doesn’t fit his liberal, democratic agenda.

    1. jschmidt

      Dan could do something. He could resign and take his Democrat legislature with him. As we see, elections have consequences. Voters need to remember how the Democrats have destroyed the state when they vote.


    Adios lunatics! Maybe all of you inbred conservative hicks can create your own country with guns, bigotry, gay bashing, and slaves. Hell, it’d probably be a utopia for you ass-backward morons. ‘MURICA!

    1. jz

      Nah, we don’t do that. It’s more fun to bash ignorant offensive asswagons like you.

      Because nothing says “I’m an ignorant, offensive asswagon” like your quote up there.

      You don’t even KNOW who owns guns in this state, and drawing a stereotype like that is the most bigoted asswagonry ever.


    2. walls

      MURICA? There was once a president who pronounced it MURICA. His name was LBJ. He was a Democrat. He had this crazy idea about ‘The Great Society’. He once said “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Google it. Yup, LBJ …. the great, Democratic savior. ROFLMAO!!!

    3. Ant

      Everything u just mentioned was the basis for the 13 colonies which is why millions of them flourished and produced this great nation. I wish we could go back to them days! Work on a farm produce your food and everything you need for your family. Instead I work now to help out those people who are too lazy dumb and incompetent to help Themselves . Not to mention low taxes. We started a war for a tax on tea and now I have to pay a tax on my dog! What a great country the democrats are creating

      1. walls

        History books have lied to us all along. What really happened?

        What the first group of Pilgrims did upon landing was to build a big city hall where they set up offices for food stamps, Section 8 housing, AFDC, etc. All others arriving after them just went to city hall and said, “gimme my food stamps, gimme my Section 8 housing”. They also asked if they could marry within the same sex.

        Obamaphones hadn’t been invented yet, but this is how the country started.

    4. anuddaCTresident

      Conservatives are hicks who believe in slavery. LOL. The Republican party (to which I would assume a majority of the hicks you speak of would belong) was the home of the antislavery movement, did you know that?

      We conservatives also strongly believe in your right to spew your nonsense.

      1. Ant

        There’s no difference between slave owners then and the democratic legislature. A slave owner gave u food a house and a minimal education . All he ask in return was loyalty. DEMOCRATS give people food shelter health care phones and a minor education. All they ask for is LOYALTY at the polls! Check mate !

  26. Progun

    Good riddance. Just another souless company with no allegiance to anything but profit and politics.

    1. jz

      Right, because profit is baaad. Companies that make money are eeevilll.

      So you would stay married to a spouse that belittles you and publicly embarasses you at every opportunity? You would stay loyal to her and supportive of her, and love and cherish and honor her?

      You, progun, are a special kind of stupid.

    2. jschmidt

      Well be ready to pay more in taxes for a Democrat solution that doesn’t do anything to protect the children. The schools still rely on gun free zone signs.

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      Enjoy your libtardian Shan-gri-la Joanie. You turds deserve each other.

  27. den

    In terms of killing it is legal in CT for an underage teen girl to leave school without her parents knowledge for the purpose of having an abortion. Yet, a principal cannot give an asprin without parent’s permission. This is the law. The annual number of abortions in the US is now approx. 1,300,000. This includes estimates for Cal. consistent with the past as they no longer furnish statistics. These statistics come from the Guttenmacher Institute which is affiliated with Planned Parenthood; otherwise known as Murder Inc.
    Don’t believe it? Dare you to check it out.

    1. America Is Dying

      Are you willing to support those 1,300,000 born into poverty with Welfare?
      Just saying.

    1. Doug

      More like the Whiskey Rebellion but instead of untaxed booze you guys will fight for your guns.I predict the same result as the Whiskey Rebellion.

  28. More Jobs Gone!

    Mac you are right on. Imagine if Lanza was still alive. He couldn’t even be put to death. The law wouldn’t allow it! I wonder if Malloy would reverse his decision then?

  29. Henry Hotlove

    Governor Dan swimming pools kill. When are you going to outlaw swimming pools for the safety of the citizens of CT?

  30. henry hotlove

    The companies are leaving CT – not just the gun companies. Our children will not return to CT after college and the responsible/productive earners will leave. The only thing left in CT will be government and irresponsible takers. This is what you get with one-party Democrat rule, just look at Detroit for CT’s future. Very sad.

    1. walls

      Very true. This is not a business-friendly state with hostile policies, high taxes, high costs, etc. For small business start-ups, Entrepreneur Magazine rates CT as ‘C’ on an A+ to F scale; Forbes Magazine ranks CT as 39 of 50 [with 1 being the best].

    1. henry hotlove

      Be careful what you wish for – as soon as I make less than $100,000 a year, we can’t afford to live here and will be gone. All that will remain is a democrat ruling class and their voters. Please stay and enjoy the utopia you are creating.

  31. Alan

    Guns are not the issue, but the liberals used media frenzy to railroad this unconstitutional bill through. It’s only the beginning. Do you honestly think that if there were no guns, that the little evil demon wouldn’t have used a bomb or poison, or a fire to achieve his ends? He was ruthless and methodical in planning this, and would have done it in some other way. If they can take away ANY constitutional rights, then you will have to believe that “It CAN happen here”.

  32. vic

    I will also be leaving this communist state! Malloy is the biggect moron in politics, and yet he will get reelected. what does that say for the fine citizens of this state.

    1. Sal Monella

      vic: If you change your mind about leaving, I will insure they take your mangy ass and dump you over the closest state border.

  33. Nicky

    I’m glad PTR is leaving Connecticut. Connecticut under the Dems have been a disaster and businesses are avoiding Connecticut lie a plauge. It’s why I can’t wait to finish my College degree and Leave this state. Their are no jobs and the prospect for college graduates is slim to none. Which is why when I get my bachelors degree in 2016, I am outta here and planing to go to Graduate school somewhere else.

  34. MrCow

    It’s very simple. If you believe it’s ok to punish success and reward failure, vote Democrat. If you are willing to sell your liberty for free stuff, vote Democrat. If you want to leave your home and family completely defenseless, vote Democrat. If you want your children and grandchildren to become part of the “collective”, vote Democrat! We’re leaving ASAP. We’ll spend our retirement funds in a state that respects traditional conservative values.

      1. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        Mr. McCow nailed it Mikey. That’s why you libtards will preside over the demise of this state. You just don’t get how liberalism is destroying America. Good luck with that.

    1. Time for Change!

      I am impressed by MrCow’s comments. I didn’t think there was even one person left in this state that understands what Margaret Thatcher spent a lifetime teaching: To quote her: The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money to spend.”

  35. Bob W

    I hope all the manufactures move. Then take it one step further and refuse to sell any of their product to CT law enforcement.

  36. will

    why all the gun lovers always talking about the second ammendment and their rights to bear arms and bring up hypothetical if someone was attacking you if you had a gun you could protect yourself, did you know that must people who get killed by a gun had a gun when they got shot, so take your gun manufactories, gun lovers,second ammendment and keep on moving!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Deep Time

    Good riddance to these death peddlers. And I hope all of these gun fundamentalists commenting here follow them. We don’t need or want your myopic, narrow minded knuckle-dragging opinions and attitudes. Go to a gun-friendly state where you can shoot up your neighbor’s houses at will.

    1. walls

      Law abiding gun owners do not shoot up their neighbors house at will; rather, they shoot criminals coming onto their property and into their house to do them harm. It’s called self-defense.

      If someone tried to harm me or my wife, I would shoot back. If you have a problem with *that*, so be it.

      1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

        walls, I like to imagine all the “responsible law-abiding” gun owners out there every time I drive by a deer crossing sign shot full of bullet holes.

      2. Deep Time

        Yes, I hear on a daily basis tons of people talking about how their homes are regularly invaded by gun-wielding psychopaths looking to do harm to the occupants.

        In fact, Mad Max was telling me about it yesterday before he headed out to the Thunderdome.

          1. Deep Time

            Clearly humor is not your strong suit.

            How many criminals have you shot, and how many times have criminals invaded your property? And do you need a military-style assault rifle with 30 round clips to accomplish your objective? Are you that bad of a shot?

            I have no issue with firearm possession; I own several guns myself. What I find particularly irritating is the absolutist nature of gun zealots in their demand that there be absolutely no restrictions on the second amendment.

            Do you have an issue with restrictions on the first amendment? You know, you can’t yell “fire” in a theater so using your second amendment logic your liberties are clearly being threatened.

            Sensible people can negotiate and find compromises that make sense. Unfortunately I know far too many “gundamentalists” that aren’t very sensible.

        1. Diamond Jim

          Deep Time: I got a good chuckle out of it. And no, most dull wits like the monkey troop leaders here don’t have much sense of humor unless it is slap stick. Three stooges stuff.

  38. The truth about the gun industry in CT

    “Although PTR has not decided upon a specific relocation site at this time, over the coming weeks the company will be actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry. We hope to have a site identified within the next six weeks, and hope to have our move completed by the end of this year,”

    That’s a lot of planning and hoping. We will see what really happens in the end. They don’t even know what the deal will be, but somehow sure they will move. That sounds angry to me. The state will not feel anything, but the lives of all their employees will be very affected. Maybe cutting off their nose to spite their face. Kind of odd when a business entity gets emotional.

    You will also notice they are taking ALL their employees with them and not relying on the “talent” in their target state. Over time the pay of their employees will drift down towards the lower average pay in their target state. There will be people lining up to do their jobs for less money. Good luck guys. Please post the addresses of the homes you are leaving so we know where the good buys will be.

    1. Takashi Sheffiled

      I see you’ve never been passionate about your work…or your freedom.

      Go on fantasizing about how miserable they’ll be living elsewhere because they might have to take a pay cut.

  39. Time4Change

    Larry, not sure where you get your tax information, perhaps it’s just selective. But, Connecticut ranks 3rd out of all states in overall tax burden.
    > Taxes paid by residents as pct. of income: 12.3%
    > Total state and local taxes collected: $21.41 billion (19th highest)
    > Pct. of total taxes paid by residents: 80.7% (4th highest)
    > Pct. of total taxes paid by non-residents: 19.3% (4th lowest)

    The 12.3% of resident income paid in taxes was up from 12% in 2009, although Connecticut was ranked the third highest in both years. Connecticut residents paid just under $7,000 per person in 2010, the highest amount in the country. However, in 2011 the legislature enacted a higher sales tax, cigarette tax and corporate income surcharge, and instituted a luxury goods tax. Although the effects aren’t yet clear, the changes are expected to bring in an additional $2.5 billion in a two-year time span. The cost of living in Connecticut was higher than in all but five states and property taxes were the second- highest in the country per person.

    1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

      Time4Change, you say it yourself:

      Total state and local taxes collected: $21.41 billion (19th highest)

      CT is right in the middle. Your tax summary numbers include federal tax that you pay everywhere and fed taxes are 3 or 4 times larger than the small component of state tax. CT also has the largest income per capita to pay those taxes.

  40. John Szczesiul

    Democrats doing all they can to drive out all Businesses and Workers Killing the taxpayers who fund the democrats agenda.Only Millionaires and people living off government checks wilbe left like their model city Detroit.

  41. Richard

    Just went to PTR Industries website. Wow – had not heard of this company. They make 3 different versions of assault rifles in .308 caliber for only $1,245. Compare this to a Colt assault rifle in the same caliber that runs around $3,000. Best deal out there since sliced bread. When I get one of these I will dedicate its purchase to Sal Monella. Thanks to all for the heads-up on this story about this particular company. So, Colt is pulling out and moving to Texas. Hmmmmm – isn’t Ruger also in your state?

    1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

      Good deal. The gun industry never seems to mention that the “gun scare” is the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry. They should thank the State of Connecticut for the increased business.

      1. Sal Monella

        But the industry is secretly enjoying the deaths of 20 children. How many millions have they made after Sandy Hook?

        Then they love dead babies.

        1. Rob

          Sal, can you substantiate that, or are you just continuing to troll? Mmmm…didn’t think so.

          1. Diamond Jim

            Is that about $50 million per dead baby? Rough estimate. It is just collateral damage.

  42. MrCow

    Mikey is a liberal. You can tell by his tolerant and inclusive response. They love everyone who thinks like them and fear everyone who doesn’t. Fear leads to anger and then they think up an original insult like “idiot”. Enjoy The Peoples Republic of CT Mikey!

  43. roz

    Ummmmm… who wants ummmm Malloy to be re-elected? He will never have my vote….the biggest moron in politics!!!

  44. More Jobs Gone!

    He won’t even run in the next election. He just got himself a nice promotion! All he had to do was sign on the dotted line! He cares though, about himself. It only will end up costing the state 1.2 billion in tax revenue. He accepted the job on Monday. His new boss was in town to fill him in on all the details.

    1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

      Incorrect. Connecticut state tax revenue from the firearms industry is only about $81 million per year. You ridiculous billion number is “economic impact” and not state tax revenue. Here, let the pro-gun group NSSF tell you the story:

      “Jake McGuigan, (NSSF) director of government relations, told state lawmakers last year that the firearms industry has a $1.3 billion impact on Connecticut, including 5,400 jobs and $81 million in tax revenue.”

  45. Dr. Aki Bola, Esq.

    A quite predictable outcome. Your home state says we don’t want your kind here, it makes sense to leave. The second my kids are through school, I am out of this state too.

    Our overlords know what’s best for us, and are so sure, they will ram it down our throats and you had better be grateful.

  46. More Jobs Gone!

    I stand corrected. An 81 million dollar promotion! We don’t need that money in this state though, we have enough.

    1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

      Your number was 15 times too large. Furthermore, even the 81 million is too large. If every single company leaves, and every single supplier leaves, and every induced employee leaves, and nobody ever buys a gun or ammo or accessory, or goes to a range, or ships a gun or part, or takes a class, or goes hunting – then you get the entire $81 million loss.

  47. bahmi

    Malloy was ECSTATIC when he concocted the trifling job future of Jackson Labs. The company stays on OUR land with their guaranteed walk-away loan if they “fail”. Dannie Boy was so happy that a handful of jobs would miraculously accrue from Jackson. Now, far more jobs can be lost here and Danny does NOT care a lick. He’s your typical lying dirtbag politician, bought and paid for. Please, Obama, give this big mouthed hack a job and get him outta here!

  48. ccbeachcomber

    The legislation itself is questionable legally and a failure as a solution. Really it is just feel good kneejerk posturing by a miserable governor, shady legislature and nutty senators. But two things are lost in all the bickering comments: 1) the shady manner, closed to the public secret negotiation and the rush vote to get it passed. With plenty of grandstanding by camera hungry politicians, it was rammed through in time for the miserable president to make yet another grand appearance. All done while exploiting the poor families of victims. No shame. 2) the lax enforcement of existing legislation that may or may not have prevented this tragic event but puts the state in a questionable position, in not culpability. Parents should be asking this question as, sadly, this was not the first tragedy to take place at a school. Instead of encouraging the grandstanding politicians, people should be asking them why weren’t they working. The hysterical reaction by politicians seems more like old fashioned covering ones backside than anything of quality or effectiveness.

  49. shade101

    Well Sal, now that your happy about OUR 2nd Amendment being infringe upon, you 1st Amendment is next! SO BIG MOUTH what you gonna do then? You won’t be able to mouth off with your stupid comments, otherwise your “GOBER MALLOY” will have you thrown in jail! Your as dumb as the Politicians! Come next election, the Patriots of Connecticut and the U.S. of A. are going to take back our Constitution and Rights. This law is unconstitutional and was presented unconstitutionally, They need to CHANGE the Constitution in order to pass laws like this! LET FREEDOM RING, using your head as the “dinger” in the bell! That’s about all your good for!

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