State Police Receive First Registrations For Assault Weapons; Click Here for Forms

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The state police have received their first applications from Connecticut residents seeking to register assault weapons under the controversial gun control law that went into effect April 4 — and some people are even bringing in their guns, which isn’t necessary.

Residents have until Jan. 1 to register assault weapons, as defined under the law.  But the system is up and running and the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection is now processing the requests.

Click here for the pdf of the assault weapons certificate application

“They’re just trickling in so far,” said Capt. Thomas Garbedian.

Applicants must show proof that they owned the firearms as of April 4, must submit a right thumbprint and must have the form notarized. The don’t need to show up in person, and they certainly don’t need to bring their guns, Garbedian said.

The state police “received a couple of calls up here from the local departments saying people are walking in with guns,” he said.

Local police are not processing the applications, which can be dropped off or mailed to the state police headquarters at 1111 Country Club Rd., Middletown.

Click here for the information page of the special licensing and firearms unit on the Connecticut gun control law.

The registrations apply to a broad class of firearms that are defined as assault weapons under the law because they have semiautomatic action and at least one military characteristic, typically a pistil grip. The law applies to, among others, the AR-15 type of rifles that are the same platform as the M-16 and M-4 military rifles.

People in the gun industry don’t consider civilian AR-15’s to be assault weapons because they are not fully automatic, meaning they require a pull of the trigger to fire each round. But that’s what they’re called under the law.

Owners of magazines that carry more than 10 rounds must also declare those items by Jan. 1 — which is trickier, since magazines don’t have serial numbers.

Click here for the magazine declaration form

But before you get the idea of registering for magazines that you don’t yet own, giving you the ability to bring them into the state in the future, be aware: Falsely claiming to own magazines is a Class A misdemeanor.

The law is being challenged in court by three lawsuits, the latest of which was filed Monday by the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation, which represents retailers, manufacturers and gun clubs. The NSSF lawsuit, filed in federal district court, charges that the law was adopted improperly as an emergency certification, not requiring a public hearing, and that it violates the state and federal constitutional rights of gun owners and industry firms.

Separately, the department is receiving thousands of requests for pistol permits. Starting next Oct. 1, anyone seeking to buy ammunition will need a certificate, and starting April 14, anyone seeking to buy a rifle will need a license — but the existing pistol permit allows both of those permits, so that’s what many residents are seeking.

The department is ahead of the schedule promised by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who had said the registration forms would be ready by Aug. 1.

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81 thoughts on “State Police Receive First Registrations For Assault Weapons; Click Here for Forms

      1. CantFindMyGuns

        He won’t be a felon until 1/1/2014. The unconstitutional and illegally passed SB 1160 doesn’t punish criminals. It creates them – out of law abiding citizens. It’s almost the definition of tyranny. Going to bed one night 12/31/13 as a law abiding citizen, and waking up on 1/1/14 as a felon. The great kicker is that these laws will do NOTHING to prevent violence at any level. Street violence will continue to rise – likely at an exponential rate, just like the other states with unconstitutional gun control laws. Look at the rate of violent in crime in MA since they passed their laws. It’s nearly doubled. Chicago & DC are hotbeds of crime & murder, as is California. So, now it’s our turn here in CT.

        As well, CT is using their illegal new firearms laws to generate new revenue. To quote Thomas Jefferson:

        “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

        “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

      2. JB

        Why should he give a shit about that? Your a felon as well, in fact we all have committed felonys on a daily basis.

      3. KUFFAR

        It was the law that all Jews must register in Hitler’s Germany. Was that right, was that lawful, was that what you would do, Yogi?

    1. oath keeper

      I think its time we all ban together and take back our beloved country and states. I say if its a war they want then it’s a war that they’ll get grab your guns brothers and sisters and let’s show these communist lug nuts what the American people are made of. The constitution and the rights of the people god guns and liberty must live on . I am an oath keeper an I too choose not to register

  1. susan

    Once we know who you are and what you own, we’ll then pass new laws to begin collection of these evil, wicked things. We’ll continue the fight until all assault guns are taken away, AWAY.

    1. scott

      Wow, its a good thing mine were lost in that tragic boating accident off long island. Sorry to disappoint you Susan…

      1. Yogi Bear

        Sorry to tell you but your name has already been turned in. You will be investigated.

          1. Steve M.

            Yogi Bear is not an idiot. He’s just part of the problem. He’s been brain washed to the point of not caring about his Constitutional rights and to help remove OUR Constitutional rights. He ‘s EXACTLY what’s wrong with America today. In other words………he’ll fit right in with the “new America” of the future. Pathetic…….

          2. freedom lover

            Steve, you are incorrect about one thing: Yogi IS an idiot – he’s been proving it for years under various names here including billy boggs, jimmy boggs, billy, susan, tao, wildbill, etc. You can recognize his posts by their attacks, name-calling and NOTHING of substance.

            He’s also one of the biggest problems facing this country and it’s foundation of freedom and individual responsibility.

        1. Lt. Greyman, 21Bell (The BlackJacks), NVA

          Fight…You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means…

        2. freedom lover

          and there’s that ‘snitch’ aspect of billy boggs that I’ve pointed out many times. He’ll pretend he’s kidding, but he has actually run to the police department in W. Hartford on occassions because he ‘felt’ threatened. And even though he cusses like a sailor on these pages, he complains to the editors of the Courant when others do. Hypocrisy, ignorance, you name it, he’ll prove he’s king of it

      2. CantFindMyGuns


        I thought I was the only one! All of my ‘assault weapons’ also disappeared, so I guess I don’t have to register?


        1. treestump

          Just once i’d like to see the politicians who write these bills actually try to enforce them themselves. Keep passing laws like this. You’ll run out of police before we run out of ammo.

      3. freedom lover

        I just checked and found that mine are missing as well – time to file a report, just don’t know when they disappeared or how. I’m so ashamed, but I guess making them illegal makes them valuable to criminals

    2. Oktavian

      Susan: 10 dead 55 wounded including kids in Chicago just this past July 4th Holiday and they do NOT allow “assault weapons” or really anything period because they have THE strictest gun control laws in the US so what happened? Get a clue maybe a brain so you can see guns are not the problem stupid people are weather in office or allowed to vote or even breed!

    3. RLAGO

      Dear, sweet Susan – when they come to take my guns away then they will find out why I needed reasonable-capacity magazines!

      And if I ever cross your path while you’re being mugged or raped then I will toss you my cell phone so you can call 911 because it’s obvious that you’d rather wait on hold with 911 or wait 20 minutes for a cop than have an evil, wicked man like me, who is *legally* carrying a concealed pistol, save your life.

      And YES, I have been put in a hold queue when I called 911 with a legitimate emergency.

      1. CantFindMyGuns

        Quite generous of you to offer your cellphone, RLAGO. I would just tell her to use her own phone & get Malloy on the line and ask him what to do about the mugger/rapist. He’ll probably suggest that the police let the mugger/rapist walk free. Malloy is a big fan of catch & release. The police catch criminals, and Malloy puts them back on the streets via ‘early release’ programs. Malloy’s own SON was arrested for a drug related, ARMED HOME INVASION back when Malloy was running for office. Malloy used his political clout to keep his son Ben out of jail.

        1. freedom lover

          ‘Can’t': I believe the official federal government position is to fire two shotgun blasts off the porch (see: Joe Biden). That is, if you own a shotgun and if you can get to it while being mugged. And if it hasn’t been confiscated or rendered illegal by the NEXT law coming down the pike.

          RLAGO: I wouldn’t give her a phone – I’d encourage her to fight harder, while standing at a safe distance, of course)

    4. Tom RKBA

      I agree, Susan, that they should take away all the evil guns! They took away narcotics and solved drug crime in the process! It’s great to know that America is drug free and will soon be rid of evil guns.

      1. freedom lover

        The experts agree that Susan is right. Experts polled include Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Ghaddafi, etc, etc

    5. Bwen Franklin

      That’s ok susan, gun owners will slowly but surely move OUT of your democrat blue states. Meanwhile, yougo ahead and defend yourself with a rolling pin or whatever you think will work. Iif some rapist or thief breaks in your house with you in it then you have voluntarily delegated your own defense to the police. Thus we will not worry about your fate as we are determined to be in charge of our own.

      We will become TWO Americas in less then 20 years: And I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. The crime ridden, over taxed blue states and the economically succesful “red” states where all the skilled, and gun-owning blue collar workers have fled to. Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and the other Republican states will boom and the democrat states will wither.

      1. fred

        Bwen Franklin, Connecticut is a “maker” state. Our taxpayers send $22 billion more to the federal government than we receive back. The poor southern states are all “taker” states that get more from the feds than they pay. Connecticut will be very happy when it can stop paying the bills of poor southern “taker” states.

        1. luagha

          Except that Connecticut has way way way more federal employees whose salaries and benefits aren’t on that chart you give. It’s a pathetic piece of propaganda.

          1. fred

            You are wrong. Federal salaries are included. The data I show in the link above says this:

            “Spending includes all federal outlays consisting of retirement, disability, and other direct payments; grants; procurement; and salaries and wages.”

            I don’t understand why you think CT has more federal employees than most states. We are not near Washington and we don’t have large military bases.

    6. CDP

      Susan, you are gulag bound. Why do you think the political class wants the weapons of a free people? What does history teach us? You won’t find the answers in your liberal, lets call it by its true name, Marxist revisionist history books. Those books serve but one purpose that is to fool and deceive. The facts expose your Marxist agenda. You, nor any other Marxist, is concerned about safety. The dead children at Sandy Hook are nothing but fodder for more propaganda.

      To all Patriots now behind enemy lines in the Communist Republic of Commienecticut, move with all possible haste.

    7. H. Nelson

      I have two words for you sister- Good Luck!

      When the nazis no longer fear the people and they come for you, don’t beg and cry. You’re simply repeating history. Can’t happen here you say? Talk with with the oldsters that have serial numbers tattooed on their arms or someone that lived in the USSR. Perhaps you’ll get a reality check.

  2. kev

    PISTOL: a handheld firearm.

    PISTIL: part of the male reproductive apparatus of a plant.

  3. Dee

    A thumb print? Don’t they already have all 10 on file? A bunch more paperwork to make things difficult . Also a sales receipt?

  4. Andy

    How are you supposed to provide proof of ownership on a firearm that did not previously require paperwork? I guess if you paid cash the state won’t allow you to keep it.

    1. Andy

      Directly from the state website…

      “Sales of long arms between non-licensed dealers, commonly referred to as second hand sales, require no paperwork or notification, however, it is strongly recommended that all firearms be voluntarily registered.”

  5. Craig

    I don’t get why they need us to register the firearms that they consider assault weapons. DPS has all this information from the time of purchase, including the serial number, where and when it was purchased. I am hoping for a federal injunction that puts this on hold. For those of us who remember studying WWII, the Nazi regime did the very same thing in the 1930s. Is this really what this country is coming to?

    1. walls

      Yes, the country is coming to that. Most American voters are extremely stupid … especially the low info’s. Who cares about liberty when we have this cool black President and free Obamaphones? I’m not being politically correct … just correct.

  6. Gun Owner

    Proof of ownership? Already on record from original purchase. Thumbprint? Already printed from original permit request. Registration? Registered at the FFL dealer upon purchase using already obtained permit. This new “law” is beyond unconstitutional; it shows how lazy the government is. They already have all the information, yet they want to intimidate people into making their jobs easier. Not going to happen. 3 lawsuits will show CT and the rest of the country how one-dimensional our government really is. This is all about senators getting their name recognized as the one who brought down the mighty NRA, nothing more.

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  8. Green3nergy

    Just wait… The state will be receiving hundreds of thousands, if not millions of falsified documents in an act of civil disobedience to protest the totalitarian behaviors of our state and federal government.

    1. fred

      Green3nergy, if you do that you may slow the system down so that people can not get paperwork and then can not get guns. Good plan there!

      1. CantFindMyGuns


        CT law prevents people from buying the type of guns that have been classified as ‘assault weapons’ post 4/4/13. So I fail to see how the flood of registration paperwork will have ANY effect, whatsoever, on people being able to buy guns that can legally be sold in CT? Please feel free to elaborate as your statement fails the basic test of logic.

        1. fred

          CantFindMyGuns, Don’t people who actually own these guns need the paperwork from the state? You think there is a special department for each type of gun paperwork? It’s probably the same people. Go ahead, give the government another excuse to delay handgun permits.

  9. Jack

    Does anyone really KNOW what the Legislature was thinking when they passed this ? What is it supposed to prove ? If “straw purchase” tracking is the goal, doesn’t the State already have this info from when it was originally purchased by the “straw” original purchaser ?

    1. RLAGO

      Lots of us really know what the legislature was thinking. “If we pass this now then after the next incident involving a gun we’ll pass a new law to round up all the registered guns and magazines.”

  10. Jack

    is it me …. or does the second link take you to the same thing as the first link ??

  11. Liberals are liars

    We have illegal aliens everywhere in Connecticut that the State and local Police do nothing about. But this Captain Garabedian expects gun owners to comply with unconstitutional laws or be charged with a felony. Talk about selective and politically directed enforcement! Clowns like this Garabedian who violate their Constitutional oaths and do the bidding of ultra liberal politicians like Malloy and Murphy make me sick to my stomach. Disgusting!

    1. Yogi Bear

      If you are sick to your stomach, stay near your toilet so you can vomit inside.

        1. RLAGO

          Yes! Actually it’s open season on sociopaths all year. I hear there’s even a bounty on them…

  12. RLAGO

    If some guns and magazines aren’t registered then it will be me not registering them… This entire law is immoral, let alone unconstitutional.

    Fair warning for anyone stupid enough to register their not-an-assault weapon or reasonable-capacity magazines: the next step will be an armed thug coming to your house to confiscate it. And that’s exactly what depraved sociopaths like Susan and Yogi Bear want.

    1. CantFindMyGuns

      Well said, RLAGO.

      The phrase that gun owners in CT need to start practicing as their mantra:


    2. freedom lover

      I agree RLAGO. If they’re going to confiscate and criminalize anyway, why make it easy for them by providing the information they’re demanding? Might as well toss the dice and hope common sense prevails (or freedom-loving donations in the right hands)

  13. Skeptic

    I did not realize that it was up to individual citizens to make determinations as to what is constitutional. Do we not have institutions to determine that? Sounds like anarchy to me if everyone just gets to decide what the constitution says. Should we not just allow a court to determine this before we all make our own individual determinations? Sure it may be unconstitutional under both of the SC’s decisions on Chicago or Washington DC, but those were not the same laws. Before someone screams that the Supreme Court is a bunch of libearl weanies, let me state, we have a process, let it do its job.

    1. CantFindMyGuns


      Actually, we do. It’s called the SCOTUS. And while they have ruled that 2A rights aren’t unlimited, they HAVE recently ruled (Heller v DC) that citizens have the right to own and bear arms that “are in common use”. Frankly, there is NO more ‘common’ rifle than the AR15. It’s one of, if not THE most common rifle in this country.

      So, no – individuals don’t get to provide their own interpretation of the Constitution – the courts do that. Which is why it is bewildering that Malloy thinks that HIS interpretation of the Constitution trumps the interpretation provided by the Supreme Court of the United States.

      So we’ve let the process ‘do it’s job’ yet Malloy and other ‘progressive’ politicians in CT have decided to disregard BOTH the US & CT Constitutions.

      1. Brian C. Duffy

        “Common use” in the Heller decision referred to handguns vs long guns, not specific models. The AR-15 (along with many semi auto handguns) is still banned in D.C. post Heller.

    2. Meister

      You’re absolutely right. The SCOTUS is responsible to ensuring the liberty of the people when tyrannical laws are passed. If it was functioning in it’s appropriate manner, the patriot act, afforadble care act, the recent government security bill and many other blatantly unconstitutional bills would have been struck down. They weren’t, which means the SCOTUS is no longer operating under it’s intended mandate. It’s become a second arm of the legislative and executive branches. Instead of giving a digital response to new or challenged laws, they will legislate from the bench and cherry pick their personal mandates. This is occurring more and more with the current court make up. The executive branch is also choosing which laws to obey or enforce, which also creates a quandary for the citizens who don’t have the same option. How do we, as the ultimate controllers of our government, get to choose what laws to obey? The government gets to investigate their own crimes, what about us? When do we choose to stop being subjects and start being citizen patriots?

      Think about it people, vote with your feet! Leave and bastions of crime and deep seeded tyranny. Find a free state and go there, the liberals will rot on the vine without your dollars to support their socialist and communist beliefs!

      Anyone here who stated that they are for confiscation, you are pro gun nuts too. You want armed thugs to enter the homes of law abiding citizens and take their property. Guess what, you will be next! Then the real fun begins. The patriots will start playing cowboys and liberals! Your bumper stickers will help us identify who is the enemy. We all know that these liberals will never get off the couch and do anything but protest. It goes against their lazy attitudes to actually do what it is they demand that armed officers do to us. They make demands that they be protected without considering themselves as a source of that protection. Please bring your unarmed selves over to my house and disarm me by protesting, holding your breath til you turn red and stomping your feet while holding a sign. Never gonna happen, you will need armed thugs to do your dirty work for your lazy asses.

      Who will win? The unarmed panty waist liberals or the armed and prepared patriots? History dictates that the patriots will win, again!

    3. freedom lover

      Skeptic: We also have a process for passing laws – which wasn’t followed in this case. Your thoughts?


    Look it up…first civilized nation with gun registration…Germany…Adolf Hitler…registration leads to confiscation leads to government tyranny…

    Join NRA..Found a link for 10 bucks off

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  19. Brian Stag

    A single comment here, serve your time in jury duty. Everytime, all the time and remove the name from the 2 years exemption period. Serve jury duty. Jury’s are the final interpretation of laws.

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  21. Gunny G

    I see that it is high time to secede from idiotic states like CT that don’t know the Constitution from a hole in the ground. I DO wish that the New England Nazified States, i.e., New York, would STOP passing stupid laws and raising taxes as you are driving liberals OUT of your states and into others, causing the liberal stupidity virus to spread., i.e., NYers moving to Florida and destroying the state, etc. Please. Stop it.

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