Subway to N.Y. Post: A Foot-Long Sandwich is a Foot Long

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The Milford-based company that franchises Subway restaurants fired back Thursday after a New York Post story said the franchiser is shorting its famous foot-long sandwiches.

“It’s 12 inches if done correctly,” said Les Winograd, spokesman for Doctor’s Associates Inc., which has 38,609 Subway franchises worldwide, 25,618 in the United States.

The Post had a screaming page 1 headline in Thursday’s editions, “Honey, they shrunk the Footlong!” with a photo of a Subway sandwich and a tape measure showing it was 11 inches. Four of seven sandwiches the newspaper bought in the city were less than 12 inches, the Post reported.


Two Subway Footlongs bought in Hartford measured up fully.

The Post’s report followed a photo from Australia that was posted on Facebook, showing an 11-inch Footlong.

Sandwiches may have measured short, but the amount of bread — delivered in portions by the company — is the same for all footlongs, Winograd said, and there should not be shrinkage.

“Going by the picture we looked at, it kind of looks like it wasn’t baked correctly,” he said. “We tell them how do you do it with all the instructions….they should really have this down but there’s the human factor, I guess.”

Winograd also said a charge by an anonymous Manhattan franchisee in the Post story, who said meat portions have gotten smaller, is not true.

In Hartford, two footlong sandwiches bought Thursday evening at the Subway on Broad Street and Capitol Avenue — a cold-cut combo on honey-oat bread and a ham and cheese on whole wheat — measured a full 12 inches, slightly more for the whole wheat.

In a written statement, the company said, “We are committed to providing a consistent product delivering the same amount of bread to the customer with every order…We are reinforcing our policies and procedures in an effort to ensure our offerings are always consistent no matter which Subway restaurant you visit.”

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9 thoughts on “Subway to N.Y. Post: A Foot-Long Sandwich is a Foot Long

  1. Matt

    This has been going on for years, I love the BMT and that sandwich used to be made with 10 slices of salami, 10 slices of peperoni, 4 slices of ham and 3 slices of bologni. Now its made with 6 slices of salami, 6 slices of peperoni, 2 slices of ham and no bolongi. Subway just adds more lettuce to cover the fact that they are shorting you.

    1. myron302

      So true. Raise the price but decrease the product. Subway used to be ok and I stress ok because they were never nothing special. D’Angelo’s is the way to go nowadays.

    2. Someone

      Actually, if you’re looking at a footlong, it ought to be 4 slices of ham. At times, when employees cut corners, they double slices of meat so it may look like two when it is four.

  2. Trey Fischer

    I think the amount of meat you get is different depending on location. The subway in our town still provides the same amount of meat they have for 15+ years. I have been to other locations, most notably a subway located in Holyoke where there was a big difference!

  3. Edward

    With regards to the actual size, like in the lumber business it’s considered nominal when talking about a the actual size, so Subway could use that in it’s defense.Like other chains, everyone has cut back to try and keep the retail price the same as it has been for a long time. In Subways case they just keep telling their franchise owners what to do to keep the same margins and the hell to joe public. If they were really in the customer care business they would keep the same insides to make it the best Sub on the market and not worry about their competition. Anyway, just like Washington, we get it the short end of the stick, or in this case the short end of the “Footlong”.

  4. Professor Poop

    That is the way I used to measure my own foot-long grinder to my baby until she pulld out her own ruler and then I was called to task for the descripancy.

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